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That's where I can help. Pattern recognition can be learned. It's a skill you can keep getting better at for the rest of your life. A great place to start is by learning to spot the patterns other people have already identified. This stretches your mind in a good way. It causes your mind to start recognizing other patterns that are more subtle and unique to your relationship. Let's take a look at three relationship patterns. I've specifically selected these patterns for women who want to get more romantic investment from a man. Think of these patterns as male attraction triggers. The 3 Patterns That Unlock His Passion and Romantic Desire I'm going to show you three patterns that affect how people think and feel. As you'll see for yourself, each of these patterns is very simple. There's no rocket science here. In fact, the first one applies to both men and women. So you'll probably recognize this first pattern from your personal experience. But the second two patterns have to do with the way men experience relationships and emotion differently. All three of the following patterns build on each other. They become something that is greater than the sum of their parts. Stick with me and you'll develop a very useful insight about the way the man in your life thinks and feels. The Happiness Pattern People are happiest when making progress. And it doesn't matter how tiny or incremental your progress is. As long as you feel like you're making progress, your brain is designed to release feelings of happiness. It's like a built-in reward system designed to keep you interested when something seems to be working. And the funny thing is, progress is more important than goal attainment. In other words, people are happier when they are making progress toward a goal than they are after having achieved the goal. Yes, there's always a little feeling of celebration after you reach a goal. And that glow of positivity can stick with you for a few hours or a few days, depending on how important the milestone. But in the end, that positive feeling fades. Because you get used to your new circumstance. But happy feelings will return as soon as you set a new goal and start making progress again. Have you noticed this pattern in your own moods? Many people don't notice it. But numerous psychological studies have proven this to be a very reliable pattern for predicting human happiness. If you want to be happy, set a goal, and make it a very small goal. Go for incremental progress. Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession

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