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The Secret to Understanding Male Attraction Triggers She was one of my favorite clients, and her words kept echoing through my mind... "He doesn't see the point, James. That's what he said to me. So I don't see the point either. If I can't win his heart with your help, I must not be cut out for love." And that was it. She ended our Skype session. And because she lived on the other side of the world, I couldn't even tell her it was me who had failed. I had taken too big of a risk. Something my gut warned me against before I even gave her the advice. But I ignored my gut. I went for the "big win." Because I wanted to satisfy my own ego. I wanted her to be amazed at how fast I could turn the tide of her relationship. I was young, and naive. And I was practicing the complicated art of relationship coaching. I felt like giving up. So I went to my mentor for advice. I had come to trust her words of wisdom whenever things seemed to fall apart. This was one of those days. And I needed to see her. I sat across from her with my face in my hands, trying not to feel the sadness and bitter frustration. I was lost in my thoughts. Lost in my self-pity. But she looked past the pathetic man sitting across from her. And she called out to the man she had agreed to mentor. "James," she said, "though you might want to believe otherwise, you are destined to fail as a relationship coach. It's just part of the learning process. You will make mistakes. "And sometimes it's going to hurt. But let me remind you of something you told me long ago. "You told me you are on a mission to find the secrets of relationship success. And every time you fail, you refine your ability to guide others toward success." She had a special ability. The ability to call out the strength and resilience in others. The ability to reignite the fire that drives a person's core motivation. My core motivation? I wanted to be the best. Not just the best around, but the best there ever was. And for a long time, that blinded me. It slowed my progress. Until one day I realized I could never be the solution to someone else's relationship. You see, beauty sometimes erupts spontaneously in relationships between a man and woman. I wanted to understand why. So I got out of my own way. I started to search for patterns. I searched, and I searched. Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession

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