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And this is what I found. With the right triggers, both men and women are designed to fall in love. We are literally hardwired to fall in love. We are not meant to be alone. Did you know it's illegal to own just one guinea pig in Switzerland? I'm not making this up. In 2008, they passed several new laws about pet ownership. The one about guinea pigs recognizes the fact that they are genetically hardwired to thrive with companionship. While loneliness takes a serious toll on their health. Of course, psychologists have been telling us the same thing about humans for years. Our physical and emotional health is largely dependent on companionship. In fact, if you were stranded on a deserted island with a man, everything that's feminine about you would call to him. Without competing distractions, the two of you would be destined to become a couple. But here's the question I became fascinated with: How can you amplify the natural triggers that cause romantic attraction? As I watched for clues, I began to see universal patterns. Relationship patterns that seemed to show up over and over again just before something beautiful emerged in a relationship. Then I began to discover ways to trigger those patterns. These triggers could cause a couple to leap forward to deeper levels of intimacy and commitment. Sparking a new level of intimacy that could only be called "true love." A selfless way of loving that was absolutely beautiful. You can probably imagine my excitement. Studying patterns in relationships became my new obsession. That was long ago. But I never stopped searching. And I've discovered a few relationship patterns you might like to know about. The Strangest Thing Men Desire It's okay if you want an amazing relationship with a man. It's okay if you refuse to settle for a lukewarm relationship. But if you're going to go all out, and really build a beautiful relationship, you need to share that dream with the man you invite into your life. And to do a good job of inviting him, you have to understand what's enticing about a relationship from a man's perspective. In fact, you'll want to interact with him in a way that feels almost like a proposal. And here's what you're proposing: Visit our Free Presentation on His Secret Obsession

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