CiLCA Qualification - Training & Mentoring Programme (4 session course) Suitable Audience This course is for anyone who wants to be supported whilst completing the Certificate in Local Council administration (CiLCA) qualification. If you would like to enrol on to this course, you must have attended the Hampshire ALC Introduction to the CiLCA Qualification first, unless you have completed the Introduction to Local Council Administration (ILCA) qualification. The CiLCA qualification is administered by the Society of Local Council Clerks (SLCC) as part of the framework of qualifications it offers for local council officers. Hampshire ALC recommends that you do not register, including payment of the £410 (non- vatable) registration fee, with the SLCC to take the qualification until you have attended the Hampshire ALC Introduction to the CiLCA Qualification first and have all that you need to make an informed decision. This training is delivered online; therefore, attendees will need a device with a reasonable screen size such as a PC, laptop, or tablet to be able to participate fully. Course Overview The CiLCA qualification is a Level 3 foundation qualification that provides officers with a broad knowledge of all the aspects of their work including roles and responsibilities, the law, procedures, finance planning and community involvement. This qualification will take approximately 12 months to complete. This course has 4 sessions, each lasting 3.5 hours. The sessions are held throughout the 12 months that you are registered to take the CiLCA and supports you with the completion of your portfolio and the requirement to upload evidence and work to an online portfolio system. Please look at the SLCC website to find out more. All current prices for these courses can be found on the Hampshire ALC website. In addition to the price of the Hampshire ALC CiLCA Training & Mentoring Programme, you must register directly with the SLCC for the administration and awarding of your qualification through the SLCC website, advising them that you have a training programme in place with Hampshire ALC. The cost of this registration is £410 (non-vatable) and payable to SLCC directly after your first training session. Submission of a booking will amount to your acceptance of the LCPD Training & Events Terms & Conditions. You might also be interested in • Skills Development: CiLCA Qualification – An Introduction Back to Training/Events list Training & Events Directory Page 14 of 41 August 2023

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