Handling Challenging Individuals Suitable Audience Officers and councillors responsible for managing people and performance, or those who wish to develop their knowledge in this area. This training will be held at a venue. Session Overview The aim of this course is to give participants the tools and confidence to deal with difficult and or challenging behaviour in their council. We will look at ways of trying to understand why the other person (or people) may be being challenging, ways of assessing the issues and considering techniques to resolve these situations. There will also be an opportunity to share ideas with other course participants through applying the skills of real-life scenarios. Session Benefits By the end of Handling Challenging Individuals, you will: • Understand why some people may be ‘difficult’ • Be able to identify types of ‘difficult’ behaviour • Understand their own communication style and how that might contribute to challenging situations • Be able to identify ways to defuse or deal with situations where people are being difficult • Be able to state your own position in an assertive, non-confrontational way • Have identified coping mechanisms for yourself All current prices for these courses can be found on the Hampshire ALC website. Submission of a booking will amount to your acceptance of the LCPD Training & Events Terms & Conditions. You might also be interested in • People Management: Managing Employees in Local Councils • People Management: Managing Absence • People Management: Appraisals Back to Training/Events list Training & Events Directory Page 20 of 41 August 2023

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