Manual Handling Suitable Audience Members of staff and council members likely to incur manual handling within their roles. Session Overview This 75 minute* interactive online session allows the delegate to work at their own pace. The course is broken down into modules consisting of short videos followed by multiple choice questions. This course outlines exactly what constitutes manual handling and covers the regulations the regulations and legislation that apply to manual handling tasks. It then goes on to cover safe handling techniques and how to develop good habits in relation to manual handling. It finishes off by introducing some practical solutions and use of mechanical aids. Please note that this is an awareness course only, if your duties include manual handling you will also need further practical training. *The duration of the course is based on video content and does not allow for thinking time. Course Modules The modules for the Manual Handling are: 1. What is Manual Handling 2. Manual Handling Regulations 3. Safe Handling 4. Learning Safe Handling Habits 5. Practical Manual Handling Solutions 6. Use of Mechanical Aids 7. Final Test All current prices for these courses can be found on the Hampshire ALC website. Submission of a booking will amount to your acceptance of the LCPD Training & Events Terms & Conditions. You might also be interested in • Health and Safety: Introduction to Risk Assessment • Health and Safety: Workplace Health and Safety Back to Training/Events list Training & Events Directory Page 37 of 41 August 2023

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