Local Council Finance for Councillors – An Introduction Suitable Audience This session is for councillors only. This training is delivered both face to face and online. When being delivered online, attendees will need a device with a reasonable screen size such as a PC, laptop, or tablet to be able to participate fully. Session Overview This session is designed to give councillors an introduction to their duties with regard to the council’s finances. Topics include roles and responsibilities, setting a budget and precept, financial control, the Annual Governance & Accountability Return, and internal and external audit. Session Benefits By the end of ‘Local Council Finance for Councillors’ you will: • Understand the council's and the RFO's duties regarding financial management • Be aware of relevant legislation and sources of guidance • Understand how the council's accounts are prepared and audited • Recognise the importance of internal controls All current prices for these courses can be found on the Hampshire ALC website. Submission of a booking will amount to your acceptance of the LCPD Training & Events Terms & Conditions. You might also be interested in • Finance: Budget and Precept Setting for Councillors • Finance: Internal Controls • Finance: VAT • Finance: Year-End Accounts and Audit Back to Training/Events list Training & Events Directory Page 27 of 41 August 2023

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