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Address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps

Address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps Overview - Since Zoho CRM is so popular, the number of users is constantly increasing. People are using this for various reasons. Being a great Customer Relationship Management tool, it offers a significant number of features. But it is certainly not enough and there are many scopes for improvement. For instance, you can save your customers’ details or addresses, but you have to do it manually. Most likely, this can be a problem when there are a lot of clients. You will rarely have time to focus on other activities because you will be mostly engaged in the redundant work of providing your customer details. You can solve this problem by using the Address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps extension. It will automatically populate customers’ details and addresses for the Leads, Contacts, and Accounts modules of your CRM. As a result, it will reduce your keystrokes since you don’t have to manually type in customers’ details each time. So, you will have plenty of time to focus on other activities. Key Features - ● Completes address information automatically in a few keystrokes ● Enables the addition of multiple office locations dynamically ● Dynamic field mapping, including custom fields (text and numerals) ● Distance and duration information (driving mode) Pricing - It cost $7 USD/month/organization.

We provide a 10% discount on yearly subscriptions, it only comes with $75 for the whole year. You can test out the plugin with a FREE 10-day trial. Install & Setup - Click here to find out how to install and set up the Address checker for Zoho CRM using Google Maps. For more information, please contact us. SaasPlugin Address: Unit 3, 62 Owen Street, Glendenning NSW – 2761, Phone: +61 2800 54967, Web: