What I learned about UX design

UI UX Design

I learned a lot during my journey. I hope you find these useful.

It includes everything, from building a strong design foundation to receiving feedback and sharing your online work.

If you integrate the practices into your workflow, and create visually appealing and effective design, then you can improve UI Design.

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1. Building a strong design foundation

I had some experience in graphic design when I started my career as a UI designer. I quickly realized, however, that I needed to learn even more to create stunning designs.


I learned to create hierarchy using typography.

I discovered that grids play a key role in creating visual harmony.

By mastering design theory, you can create designs that are visually appealing and user-friendly.

2. Attention to the question

They are usually set to automatic mode.


I started to wonder why this component was used instead of another.

Appshorts can be a useful tool to learn how to create apps.

After analyzing the success of other products, I looked at design principles such as typography, color theory, and layout.


By using these principles, I was able to create interfaces that had a better visual appeal and coherence.


Paying attention to the details can elevate your design and provide a better user experience.

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3. Daily UI

My design skills have improved by stepping out of my comfort zones. I dedicated time to a UI every day.

I built an online portfolio to showcase my design skills.

I improved my UI skills with daily design habits.

I was able to create a portfolio to show off my design skills.

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