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Alex Shevelenko
Content thumbnail Guide to Breaking into the Enterprise Market

Proving Product- Market Fit Just like your business can’t run without cash, your product won’t succeed unless it genuinely ifts your target market. Product-market ift is particularly essential for enterprise-sotfware companies transitioning from an idea to a minimum viable product (MVP) and beyond. Who determines product-market ift? Customers. Enterprise sotfware customers usually feel overworked and under-resourced. They’re jerry-rigging solutions to urgent problems right and letf. A product that truly ifts this market will remove the need for so many workarounds. It’s one thing to recognize how crucial product-market ift is. Knowing that you’ve achieved it is quite another. We compared notes with Brian Crotfs, chief product officer of Pendo, a cloud- based platform that provides sotfware organizations the insight and tools they need to launch and improve digital products. We also considered the many smart articles written about this topic and relfected on our own experience at Battery. This quiz will help you determine where your startup is on the product-market ift spectrum. How do you know if you have product-market ift? Take the quiz. 20

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