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Table of Contents 3 Introduction: Making the Right Match 4 How to Navigate Enterprise Organizations: A Primer for Startups 9 The Lion and the Mouse: What Makes Startup-Large Company Partnerships Thrive 12 How Startups Can Land a Big-Fish Client—Without Missing the Other Fish in the Sea 16 How (and Why) to Build an Authentic Community Around Your Product 20 Proving Product-Market Fit 25 How Startups Should Think About Partnerships and Channels DISCLAIMER: hTe information provided is solely intended for the use of entrepreneurs, corporate CEOs and founders regarding Battery Ventures’ potential ifnancing capabilities for prospective portfolio companies. hTe information is current as of the date it was published. hTe contents are not intended to be used in the investment decision-making process related to any product or fund managed by Battery Ventures. No assumption should be made that the investments identiifed above were or will be proiftable. It should also not be assumed that recommendations made in the future will be proiftable or equal the performance of the companies identiifed above. Content obtained from third-party sources, although believed to be reliable, has not been independently veriifed as to its accuracy or completeness and cannot be guaranteed. Battery Ventures has no obligation to update, modify or amend the content of this article nor notify its readers in the event that any information, opinion, projection, forecast or estimate included changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate. *For a complete list of portfolio companies, please click here .

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