Matrix: Marketing Automation / Integrated Marketing

Marketing automation is a set of technologies that help the marketer manage the customer experience across online channels. The better the customer's experience, the more likely they are to buy, remain loyal, and become an ardent advocate.

Meet customers where they are: online

Buyers research websites, reach out in social media, open targeted email, listen in on chats, click interesting ads, attend virtual events, and watch videos, all for the sake of gaining intelligence about challenges and making decisions about solutions. It's become the marketer's job to discover the best digital channels in which to find their buyers, optimize those channels, and coordinate them so that the buyer's experience is consistent, positive, and engaging, no matter the channel.

What the marketer needs now is an integrated multi-channel platform that makes all the many facets of online marketing manageable and optimizable, and tracks and aggregates ongoing cross-channel customer engagement. What's needed is marketing automation.

Marketing automation includes:


Your marketing automation platform hosts database supports every feature and function of the platform, and is the home of contact data and activity histories for each lead and customer. You can:

  • Import and export lists easily, without creating duplicate records
  • Segment lists for targeting by any number of characteristics or actions
  • Import a list from a CRM, and export chosen data to a CRM, updating without overwriting data improperly
  • Manage lists for data hygiene
  • Look at individual profiles and see how that lead or contact is engaging with you: actions taken, web pages looked at, forms filled out, emails clicked on, webinars attended, media downloaded, more

Actively researching marketing automation?


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