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o firm ie / about us 003 As a manufacturer, we closely monitor the trends and requirements of the changing market and constantly improve the standards of our work. Taking care of the natural environment, we work within the idea of sustainable development. Aluminum, as the basic material for Elmarco products, meets all utility and pro-ecological expectations (85% energy savings through recycling). Our regularly developing offer keeps up with global trends and is a strength of our company. Due to unique technologies and technical background, we not only produce catalog products, but also carry out individual projects. The products are manufactured in our plant with a cubic capacity of 12,000 m 3 in the environment and employees friendly conditions, in accordance with implemented system of Factory Production Control (FPC) based on Polish and European standards and directives. We carry out production processes in o u r o w n l o c k s m i t h , w e l d i n g , c a r p e n t r y , p a i n t i n g a n d a s s e m b l y d e p a r t m e n t s . Consequently, we have a full control over the production process and quality as well as timely deliveries. The high quality of our products and their safety is confirmed by the external accredited labora- tories (including Zetom, ViTom) in photobiology, energy efficiency, photometry and compliance with the Elmarco PBS requirements. The certification process includes regular inspections at the production plant. It authorizes Elmarco to mark its products with the European C E mark. 2005 Rozwój oferty sprzedażowej pod logo Galeria Światła. Uruchomienie sieci sklepów firmowych oraz sprze- daży eksportowej. Poszerzenie oferty produkcyjnej o oprawy ogrodowe. Development of the sales offer under the logo Gallery of Light. Launching a chain of company stores and export sales. Extension of the production offer for garden lamps. 2010 Rozbudowa Firmy i rozszerzenie oferty produkcyjnej o słupy aluminiowe, oprawy parkowe i uliczne. Company development and extension of the pro- duction offer with aluminum poles, park and street lanterns. 2013 Wdrożenie technologii LED w produkcji opraw. Implementation of LED technology in production of fixtures. 2018 Rozpoczęcie budowy nowego zakładu w Gdyni. Dalsze poszerzanie oferty produkcyjnej i współpracy na rynku krajowym i zagranicznym. Starting building of a new factory in Gdynia. Further extension of the production offer and cooperation on the domestic and foreign market. 2020 Rozpoczęcie działalności w Gdyni, ul. Krzemowa 7. Modernizacja parku maszynowego. Starting activity in Gdynia, Krzemowa 7 Str. Modernization of the machinery park. 00_wstep_Layout 1 2022-01-09 16:47 Page 3

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