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ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM INTERIOR LIGHTING 11 Code Description Height Width Min. Drop Max. Drop Finish Max. Wattage QZ/WOODHOLLOW/4P 4lt Chandelier 710mm 382mm 787mm 2647mm* 1 Rustic Black 4 x 60W E14 QZ/WOODHOLLOW/5P 5lt Pendant 625mm 524mm 702mm 2563mm* 1 Rustic Black 5 x 60W E14 QZ/WOODHOLLOW/MP 1lt Mini Pendant 305mm 229mm 416mm 1395mm* 2 Rustic Black 1 x 100W E27 QZ/WOODHOLLOW/SF 4lt Semi-Flush 304mm 425mm - - Rustic Black 4 x 60W E14 * 1 Supplied with 1830mm of chain . * 2 Supplied with 2 x 152mm & 2 x 305mm rods . Wood Hollow's mission-inspired design combines rustic black framing and metal arcs coated in textured paint to create a convincing faux wood slat effect. A dark ash finish and vintage rivet accents complete this farmhouse-ready collection. WOOD HOLLOW QZ/WOODHOLLOW/SF QZ/WOODHOLLOW/MP QZ/WOODHOLLOW/5P QZ/WOODHOLLOW/4P

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