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ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM INTERIOR LIGHTING 9 Cayden brings sculpture to your ceiling, enhancing your room décor by featuring a prominent box-shape, arched curves and optical crystal accents. To create a striking effect, Cayden offers a natural brass finish. Code Description Height Width Min. Drop Max. Drop Depth Finish Max. Wattage KL/CAYDEN/P/S 4lt Small Pendant 406mm 305mm 551mm 1465mm* 1 305mm Natural Brass 4 x 60W E14 KL/CAYDEN/P/L 4lt Large Pendant 660mm 432mm 807mm 1721mm* 1 432mm Natural Brass 4 x 60W E14 KL/CAYDEN/ISLE 6lt Linear Chandelier 378mm 914mm 522mm 1437mm* 2 305mm Natural Brass 6 x 60W E14 * 1 Supplied with 2 x 152mm & 2 x 305mm rods . * 2 Supplied with 4 x 152mm & 4 x 305mm rods . CAYDEN KL/CAYDEN/P/L KL/CAYDEN/P/S KL/CAYDEN/ISLE

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