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32 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM VELVET DISTRESSED VELVET For a more retro feel, select from this range of 9 distressed velvet fabrics. Duckegg (B) DL-080PLN117 Pewter (B) DL-080PLN122 Terracotta (B) DL-080PLN114 Black (B) DL-080PLN115 Navy (B) DL-070PLN120 Claret (B) DL-080PLN116 Olive (B) DL-080PLN121 Gold (B) DL-080PLN118 Grigio (C) DL-070PLN113 Violetto (C) DL-070PLN109 Orizzonte (C) DL-070PLN110 Cremisi (C) DL-070PLN111 Verde (C) DL-070PLN107 Grape (B) DL-080PLN119 Rosa (C) DL-070PLN106 Vino (C) DL-070PLN105 Bruno (C) DL-070PLN112 Celeste (C) DL-070PLN108 Once the chosen fabric of royalty and nobleman, velvet is a plush and luxurious weave which we offer in 9 rich colour tones. Printed swatches are for guide purposes only and may vary from the true colour. Please request a fabric swatch from [email protected]

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