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26 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM CHOOSE THE GIMBLE Code Size SHADE CARRIER 4 4" SHADE CARRIER 5 5" SHADE CARRIER 6 6" SHADE CARRIER 7 7" SHADE CARRIER 8 8" SHADE CARRIER 9 9" 4 The Gimble is the hanging or support frame inside of the lampshade. Our standard shades are supplied with a 42mm holed gimble, suiting E27 sized lamp-holders. Each gimble comes with a reducer ring which can be used with the Bayonet cap (B22) format lamp-holders. The standard Pendant or Table/Floor Lamp Gimble will be selected once the purpose is identified, but there are additional options available on special request. SPECIAL ORDER GIMBLE OPTIONS A. Reversible Gimble (which can be converted from a Table Lamp style to a Ceiling Pendant style by a simple click and move mechanism). B. Harp and Finial (typically USA styled Table/Floor Lamps that have a finial to secure the Gimble). C. Duplex Fittings are used in tandem with Shade Carriers which are available in 6 height sizes. They are typically used on traditional shades so that you can choose the amount of stem that you show at the top of your vase or statuette. NB. Soft pleated shades (between 12-22”) come supplied with the Duplex type arrangement as standard. We have a range of shade carriers that start at 4 inches up to 9 inches. All are made for standard E27 lamp holders, but again, you will be issued with shade reducers if you require them for an older light that has an E14 or bayonet cap (B22) lamp holder. D. CANDLE CLIP SHADES - You can request 5 inch shades to be made for your wall lights or chandeliers. These can be fitted with a candle bulb clip at the top to sit over the E14 bulbs. Standard Hanging Gimble Reversible Gimble Pendant Reversible Gimble Table Lamp Harp and Finial Duplex Candle Clip Shade Shade Carriers

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