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29 ELSTEADLIGHTING.COM FAUX-SILKS Black (B) DL-020PLN044 Liberty (B) DL-020PLN054 Pesto (B) DL-020PLN047 Irish Cream (B) DL-020PLN039 Origami (B) DL-020PLN033 Titanium (B) DL-020PLN041 Love (B) DL-020PLN062 Shale Green (B) DL-020PLN052 Celandine (B) DL-020PLN049 Scallop (B) DL-020PLN037 Navy (B) DL-020PLN057 Bloom (B) DL-020PLN063 Clementine (B) DL-020PLN059 Chateau (B) DL-020PLN050 Sour Green (B) DL-020PLN048 Reindeer (B) DL-020PLN038 Light Ivory (B) DL-020PLN034 Hepplewhite (B) DL-020PLN040 Calla Lily (B) DL-020PLN064 Pumpkin (B) DL-020PLN058 Voyage (B) DL-020PLN055 Botanic (B) DL-020PLN051 Loaf (B) DL-020PLN046 Eider Down (B) DL-020PLN035 Whale (B) DL-020PLN042 Cardinal (B) DL-020PLN061 Breton (B) DL-020PLN056 Surf Spray (B) DL-020PLN053 Grapefruit (B) DL-020PLN045 Coconut (B) DL-020PLN036 Olive (A) DL-030PLN066 Mint (B) DL-040PLN070 Aubergine (A) DL-030PLN065 Ivory (A) DL-030PLN067 Bone (B) DL-040PLN069 Dove (B) DL-040PLN068 Larkspur (B) DL-020PLN043 Medieval (B) DL-020PLN060 Our faux silk collection is made of 100% polyester but still includes a slub in the weave. These 38 stock colours are perfect for hard or soft pleated shades. Printed swatches are for guide purposes only and may vary from the true colour. Please request a fabric swatch from [email protected]

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