Emeralds, the Birthstone of May: 7 Stunning Jewelry Pieces to Celebrate Their Special Day

Looking for the perfect gift for someone born in May? Look no further than our gorgeous emerald birthstone jewelry collection! Our carefully curated selection includes 7 standout pieces that are both stylish and meaningful. Whether you're looking for something elegant and understated or bold and eye-catching, we've got you covered.

AGift Of Love: Celebrating May Birthdays with Emerald Birthstone Jewelry Amidst the flowering spring and greenery all over, May is the month of celebrating nature and the lush greens, so to complement them is the stunning emerald birthstone for those born in May. The deep green hues of this mesmerizing gemstone are believed to bewitch every eye that captures its vibrant aura. For millions of years, the enticing gemstone continues to captivate the hearts of whosoever cherishes it for its timeless authenticity and beauty. Emerald Hues: A Story of Existence and Acceptance Discussing how the May birthstone got its royal name, the word “Emerald” has been derived from an ancient Greek term “smaragdus” implying a “green gem”. Extracted in the form of the beryl mineral, its shades may vary from light to dark green, with the rich green ones considered more valuable. The earliest known emeralds were discovered in ancient Egypt which remained an abundant source of supply till the sixteenth century. Post that, the explorers from Spain are credited with exporting the precious gemstones from

Colombia to Europe from where the word of its popularity spread across other continents including Asia. For its richness and classy resemblance, this royal gemstone studded the jewelry worn by the members of royal families across the globe for ages, from Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen to the royal Victorian queens and the royal emperors. Emerald Reserves: Abundance of Lush Greens Across the Planet The emerald birthstone mines are located almost everywhere in the world, however, the stones of high quality are rare to spot, hence, they undergo regular treatments to improve the gemstone’s clarity. The Colombian emerald gems are said to be the finest breed for more than 500 years now, with mines situated at Coscuez, Muzo, and Chivor. Brazil is another country with abundant emerald mining sites in Minas Gerais and Capoeirana. Other countries with a rich supply of this May birthstone include Africa, Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, Russia, Norway, and Canada among a few others. Curating the Brightest among the Greens: The King of Jewels Though it is known for its green color, there exists yet some variety of the May birthstone displaying both yellowish as well as bluish tint when viewed from varied directions. Also, the saturation as well as the tone of the gemstone serve as strong indicators of its quality as those exhibiting lighter tones and/or saturation are rather tagged green beryl than emeralds. Hence, the finest quality emerald birthstone is one incorporating prominent green or somewhere bluish-green shades in addition to displaying medium to dark tones and stark saturation, dispersed evenly across the gem, devoid of any visible patches.

Emerald Gemstone: Lores of lavish beliefs The color “green” is praised as an emblem of mother nature and hence is connected to traits such as abundance, safety, love, loyalty, wisdom, and comfort. While the emerald birthstone symbolizes reincarnation and is believed to positively impact the healing of body and mind, it is known for bestowing its wearer with youth, vitality, fortune, and foresight. Also, it is scientifically proven that the gemstone’s vibrant green color is a stress reliever and freshens up one’s eyes from straining. If claims are to be accepted, the May birthstone is believed to possess mystical powers. Some suggest that it could expose disloyal lovers while others would say that a person could foresee things when the gemstone is placed under one’s tongue. Yet others affirm that those in its possession turn out to be persuasive speakers and wise. The ancient belief is that the stone also holds the capability to cure fatal ailments such as malaria and cholera along with promoting fertility. This is why the ancient Romans and Greeks would associate the emerald birthstone with the deity of fertility, beauty, and love, the goddess Venus. Parting Words: So, in this lavish month of May, celebrate the spring and collaborate with the breathtaking greens by curating your emerald birthstone. Congratulate your dear ones with the green gemstone, universally known to be gifted to couples celebrating their 20th or 35th wedding anniversary. We vouch to bring you the most exquisite collection of emerald jewelry: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc. at GemsNY. So, shuffle between your favorite size and the design of this enchanting May birthstone and offer an immemorable keepsake to your beloved.

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