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YOUR GUIDE FOR A CHILD 10 Outrageous 10 Outrageous Fertility Fertility Myths Myths Free t July 2022 infertility warrior Neena George rode the bumpy ride of infertility and won. Her story of the trials, tribulations and its emotional cost. Pro“le: Pro“le: Dr Jatin Shah, Dr Jatin Shah, Mumbai Mumbai

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Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 04 Embryo freezing for IVF appears linked to blood pressure problems in pregnancy A large cohort study drawn from the national IVF registry of France, which included almost 70,000 pregnancies delivered after 22 weeks gestation between 2013 and 2018, has found a higher risk of pre-eclampsia and hypertension in pregnancies derived from frozen-thawed em- bryos. This risk was found significantly greater in those treatments in which the uterus was pre- pared for implantation with hormone replace- ment therapies. The results confirm with real-life data what has been observed in sub-groups of patients in other studies. The risk of pre-eclampsia and other pregnancy- related disorders of pregnancy has been raised in a growing number of studies of freezing in IVF. However, the overall risks of maternal mor- bidity are known to be generally lower in preg- nancies resulting from frozen embryo transfer than in those from fresh transfers - except in re- lation to the risk of pre-eclampsia. Spicy breast milk? In part of a recent human study led by the Tech- nical University of Munich (TUM), it was found that after eating a curry dish containing pepper, piperine - an alkaloid responsible for the pun- gency of pepper - was present in the milk of breastfeeding women. The findings help decipher mechanisms that shape our food pref- erences from infancy. Breast milk is the first food that babies con- sume. Various studies have suggested that the "taste experience" in early childhood influences eating behavior in adults. Unlike standardized infant formula, natural milk does not taste and smell the same every day. The differences are largely due to the maternal diet.

05 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 Undescended testis: Fate of fertility predicted by blood biomarkers Testis development is a complex process that starts even before birth. Normally, the developing testes progressively migrate to reach the scrotum during the fetal stage. However, any abnormality in this developmental cascade - orchestrated by many physiological processes and interactions of various cell types -- may manifest as a disorder of sex development and subsequent male infertility. In boys with undescended testis, the risk of developing infertility is traditionally predicted based on a decrease in germ cell count ob- served using testicular biopsy samples. However, the process of tes- ticular biopsy carries the risk of injury, infection, and developing subfertility. In a new study, researchers from Japan have identified an alternative means of predicting future infertility based on serum sex hormone ratios without performing the testicular biopsy. Stress of COVID-19 pandemic caused irregular menstrual cycles Women and people who menstruate experienced irregu- larities in their menstrual cycle because of increased stress during the COVID-19 pandemic, a new Northwestern Med- icine study has found. This is the first U.S. study to evaluate the impact of stress on peoples' periods. The study surveyed more than 200 women and people who menstruate in the United States between July and August 2020 in order to better understand how stress dur- ing the COVID-19 pandemic influenced their menstrual cycles. More than half (54%) of the individuals in the study experienced changes in their menstrual cycle following the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Individuals who experienced higher levels of stress during the COVID-19 pandemic were more likely to experience heavier menstrual bleeding and a longer duration of their period, compared to individuals with moderate stress levels, the study found.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 06 Sperm switch swimming patterns to locate egg A new study reveals how sperm change their swim- ming patterns to navigate to the egg, shifting from a symmetrical motion that moves the sperm in a straight path to an asymmetrical one that promotes more circular swimming. This change in behavior, called hyperactivation, en- ables the sperm to sweep the area once in the egg's proximity, which improves the sperm's chances of finding it. For the in vitro study, the researchers designed mi- crofluidic chips with micron-sized channels so they could observe bovine sperm with a microscope and a high-speed camera. By exposing the mechanisms involved, the study not only unravels a mystery of how the sperm navi- gates to the egg, but it also has implications for human in-vitro fertilization and dairy cow reproduc- tion and provides new information for engineers to design robotic micro swimmers. Low birth weight among IVF children not linked to infertility treatments Children conceived through medically assisted reproduction are more likely to be born premature and are at greater risk of being born small than naturally con- ceived babies, according to new research. However, the study of almost 250,000 U.S. families finds that differences in birth weight and pregnancy term between medically assisted reproduction (MAR) -- including techniques such as IVF treat- ment, artificial insemination and fertility-enhancing drugs -- and naturally con- ceived children become insignificant once family circumstances are considered. The study found that children who were conceived through MAR were 10% more likely to be born premature and had 9% greater odds of being born small than naturally conceived infants. More invasive treatments -- such as assisted re- production and artificial insemination -- were more strongly associated with ad- verse birth outcomes, whereas infants conceived using fertility-enhancing drugs were more similar to those who were naturally conceived.

07 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 Third of fertility specialists still recommend a type of IVF treatment which has no clear evidence of bene“t Despite a lack of evidence that the intrusive IVF treatment process of scratching the womb (endometrial scratching) increases the chances of hav- ing a baby, a third of fertility specialists are still offering this often-painful procedure. That's the findings of a new survey of fertility clinic experts internationally -- only 10% of whom actually believe endometrial scratching improve preg- nancy and live birth rates during the first round of IVF. Published in the peer-reviewed journal Human Fertility, results from over a half (55%) of respondents suggest that endometrial scratching is only of- fered to patients for psychological reasons, rather than medical -- as it is often a 'last resort' treatment option for those who have failed with several rounds of IVF. COVID-19 vaccines do not cause infertility, study “nds COVID-19 vaccination in either partner does not appear to affect fertility, according to new re- search led by Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) investigators. Published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the prospective study of couples trying to con- ceive found no association between COVID-19 vaccination and fecundability -- the probability of conception per menstrual cycle - in female or male partners. In contrast, the findings indicate that COVID-19 infection among males may temporarily reduce fertility -- an outcome that could be avoidable through vaccination. The new data also help quell concerns about COVID-19 vaccines and fertility that arose from anecdotal reports of females experiencing men- strual cycle changes following vaccination.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 8 Protein Diet - What Does It Mean For Your Body? When we speak of your muscles, glands, and organs, they To really are mainly made up of protein. Indeed the two major com- ponents making up our bodies are water and protein. So, understand the why all the fuss about protein diet? There is definitely a link impact of a between enhancing muscle and protein since muscle is largely composed of protein. So the argument goes, pro- protein diet, it's tein diets help in muscle growth which in turn, helps to fight fat. important to Just as there are good and bad fats and carbohydrates, know how it there are different categories of proteins as well. Proteins are composed of amino acids, and the human body re- affects and quires 20 such amino acids for it's normal growth and de- interacts with velopment. When considering a protein diet, it is important to know that certain foods carry proteins containing essen- your body. tial amino acids which are NOT produced by the body itself but ARE essential to the body's processing of the other 12 non-essential amino acids. What does all this mean? Your protein diet must include foods that not only provide non-essential amino acids, but more important, must include foods that supply your body with essential amino acids. Foods you should consider for your protein diet include: broccoli, spinach, walnuts (or many other nuts), beans, lentils, pastas, and barley.

9 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 The Versatile Slice an apple into half, and it turns brown. A copper penny suddenly becomes green, or an iron nail when left outside, will rust. What do all these Antioxidant events have in common? These are examples of a process called oxidation. If the sliced apple is Vitamin dipped in a lemon juice, however, the rate at which the apple turns brown is slowed. It is be- cause the Vitamin C in the lemon juice slows the Vitamin C as an antioxidant, rate of oxidative damage. helps reduce the activity of free Since its discovery 65 years ago, vitamin C has radicals, by products of normal come to be known as a “wonder worker.” Because metabolism which nonetheless of its role in collagen formation and other life-sus- taining functions, Vitamin C serves as a key im- can damage cells and set the mune system nutrient and a potent free-radical stage for aging, degeneration, fighter. This double-duty nutrient has been shown to prevent many illnesses, from everyday ailments and cancer. This article provides such as the common cold to devastating diseases information on the many such as cancer. benefits of Vitamin C as an The water-soluble vitamin C is known in the scien- antioxidant. tific world as ascorbic acid, a term that actually means “without scurvy.” We depend on ascorbic acid for many aspects of our biochemical func- tioning; yet human beings are among only a handful of animal species that cannot produce their own supply of vitamin C. Like these other animals, including primates and guinea pigs, we have no choice but to obtain this nutrient through food or our daily diet. Vitamin C can enhance the body's resistance from different diseases, including infections and certain types of cancer. It strengthens and protects the immune system by stimulating the activity of anti- bodies and immune system cells such as phago- cytes and neutrophils. Vitamin C, as an antioxidant, helps reduce the ac- tivity of free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of normal metabolism which can damage cells and set the stage for aging, degeneration, and

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 10 cancer. It shouldn’t come as any surprise that vita- min C is being used for cancer treatment. In large doses, Vitamin C is sometimes administered in- travenously as part of cancer treatment. Vitamin C prevents free radical damage in the lungs and may even help to protect the central nervous system from such damage. Free radicals are molecules with an unpaired electron. In this state, they're highly reactive and destructive to ev- erything that gets in their way. Although free radi- cals have been implicated in many diseases, they are actually a part of the body chemistry. As an antioxidant, vitamin C's primary role is to neutralize free radicals. Since ascorbic acid is water soluble, it can work both inside and outside the cells to combat free radical damage. Vitamin C is an excellent source of electrons; therefore, it “can donate electrons to free radicals such as hydroxyl and superoxide radicals and quench their reactiv- ity.” The versatile vitamin C also works along with glu- tathione peroxidase (a major free radical-fighting enzyme) to revitalize vitamin E, a fat-soluble anti- oxidant. In addition to its work as a direct scav- enger of free radicals in fluids, then, vitamin C also contributes to the antioxidant activity in the lipids. Optimal health, however, requires a balance be- tween free radical generation and antioxidant pro- tection. One of the functions of Vitamin C is to get and quench these free radicals before they create too much damage. However, there is research to show that vitamin C may act as a pro-oxidant. In other words, vitamin C, under certain conditions anyway, may act in a manner that is opposite to its intended purpose. This has raised concern among thousands of people who supplement their diets with vitamin C...but that's another story.

3 Blunders To Avoid 3 Blunders To Avoid on Your Weight Loss on Your Weight Loss Journey Journey There are times on your weight loss journey when progress can come to a halt. Days or weeks can go by without you seeing movement on the scale, and it can get downright frustrating. After working with thousands of clients, I’ve noticed certain patterns that can cause this weight loss stoppage. Here are 3 of those patterns. There are times on your weight loss journey when progress can come to a halt. Days or weeks can go by without you seeing movement on the scale, and it can get downright frustrating. After working with thousands of clients, I’ve noticed certain patterns that can cause this weight loss stop- page. Here are 3 of those patterns. 1) Eating more than you think you are. Most of us underestimate the volume of food we eat (and consequently, un- derestimate the number of calories we consume in a day). By fixing in your head what a serving size or “portion” of food looks like, we can better estimate (and consequently, evaluate and calibrate) the amount of food we eat at each meal. Keep in mind, when it comes to weight loss, you need to take in less calories than you burn each day.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 12 Two good rules of thumb: A portion of meat (3 oz.) is the size of a deck of cards. A portion of carbohydrates (1 cup) is the size of a tennis ball. Please remember to fill up on non-starchy vegetables – they are full of nu- trients, have very little impact on blood sugar, and contain little in the way of calories. 2) Not eating frequently enough. It is a social custom to eat “three square meals” a day. While this may do for social purposes, for weight loss, you will want to aim for more frequent feed- ings. It is recommended that you consume a minimum of 5-6 small meals each day. By doing so, your body gets the signal that food is abundant, and there is no need to conserve energy. Additionally, frequent feedings maximize your metabolism, as your body is constantly busy, burning calories by digesting your meals. By not letting too much time pass between meals, you stabilize blood sugar levels since they never really get the chance to drop. By keeping your blood sugar stable, your hunger levels are minimized, decreasing the chances that you will be tempted to overeat at your next meal. 3) Choosing to drink your calories instead of eating them. This is a very common problem among those attempting weight loss, due to the abundance of “healthy” diet smoothies, protein concoctions, and weight loss shakes. There are 2 factors to keep in mind when relying on these liquid meal replacements. First, many of the liquid diet shakes on the market and all fruit smoothies have an abundance of sugar in them. This causes an immediate surge in energy followed by a huge crash due to the release of insulin to control the blood sugar rise. This dramatic shift in blood hormone levels (particularly insulin levels) is something you want to avoid, both for health reasons and for weight loss.

13 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 Secondly, most weight loss shakes are devoid of fiber. Fiber is one of your most precious allies when you are dieting. It helps you feel full and blunts the rise in insulin levels when all that sugar hits your bloodstream. While fruit smoothies do contain some of the fiber from the pulp of the fruit, a better strategy would be to eat the actual fruits contained in the smoothie. Lastly, the amount of calories that can be concentrated into a shake or smoothie is far greater than the equivalent volume of actual food. A 500 ml fruit smoothie may contain as many as 600 calories, and will not fill you up all that much! On the other hand, eating 600 calories of fruit will prove to be much more than the typical person can manage in a single sitting (at least, I personally don’t know anyone that can eat more than 1 Kg of bananas at a single sitting). Think about it- when making major dietary changes, you want to get the most out of your calories. Wouldn’t you rather fill up, rather than drink something and be hungry again soon after?

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 14 10 Outrageous Fertility Myths Young women underestimate their ability to get pregnant, while women in their 30s and 40s overestimate, and continue to wait. Whichever side of the fertility divide you fall on, there way too many myths floating around that have nothing to do with age. Here are ten of the more inscrutable ones ... MYTH 1: DAILY SEX UPS YOUR CHANCES Having sex every day, or every other day, will not increase your chances of conception, despite what your man would have you believe. (“Let’s make a baby” is my husband’s new, favor- ite come-on.) To up your chances, you should actually aim to have sex during the time in which you’re ovu- lating -- generally the 11th to 17th day of your menstrual cycle. How do you know when you’re ovulating? If your cycle is fairly regular, you can download a menstrual calendar app to your smart- phone, you can order a (pricey) ovulation kit, or for free, you can keep an eye out for the physical signs of ovulation. MYTH 2: GOING INTO HEADSTAND WILL HELP SPERM FIND THEIR WAY I hate to admit this, but I’ve become so desperate to get pregnant, I actually go into shoulderstand after sex in the hopes that more of my man’s tiny swimmers will reach the finish line. Intellectually, I know this is ridiculous. After all, sperm cells are chemically programmed to travel in the right direc- tion, no matter where your pelvis is pointing. And even if some sperm leak out post-sex, there are plenty more still in the game. Still, after two years of trying, I feel that every little bit helps. It doesn’t.

15 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 MYTH 3: YOU CAN’T GET PREG- NANT DURING YOUR PERIOD While ovulation typically doesn’t occur until after you’re done men- struating, there’s still some chance of getting pregnant while riding the crimson wave. How? Because sperm can survive for up to five or six days, there may be some hold- outs waiting for their chance at in- famy when you finally start ovulating. If you’re eager to start a family, feel free to cross that thin red line without defensive armor. MYTH 4: HAVING AN ORGASM WILL SEAL THE DEAL If you’ve been trying to get pregnant for awhile, babymaking sex has likely crossed the line from sexy into awkward. Especially if you’ve been keeping a menstrual calendar, in which case your scheduled sex probably also feels contrived. Because of this, actually ex- periencing an orgasm during the act is defi- nitely a plus (or perhaps even a miracle). Still, though the contraction of the uterus that oc- curs during orgasm does help sperm travel more quickly toward the fallopian tubes, your big O does not seal the deal. Once those sperm hit the f-tubes, the rest is up to them. MYTH 5: CAFFEINE INHIBITS YOUR PREGNANCY ODDS Though I tried to cut back on caffeine when I first started trying, I’m now back up to two cups of regular in the morning and two cups of decaf in the afternoon. Luckily, excessive caffeine intake has only been proven to have an adverse effect on fertility with those who have experienced prior fertility issues. The lesson, as always, is to indulge in moderation.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 16 MYTH 6: ALCOHOL BOOSTS YOUR CHANCE OF PREGNANCY Getting a nice buzz on can loosen your inhibitions which, in turn, can lead to greater amounts of crazy hot sex. And greater amounts of crazy hot sex during ovulation can, in- deed, lead to more baby-having. But excessive alcohol consumption has actually been shown to decrease fer- tility in women, because it affects the body’s ability to absorb zinc, a vital nutrient for healthy sperm. MYTH 7: SWALLOWING SEMEN WILL MAKE YOU MORE FERTILE Last year, a study showed that semen is actually an antidepressant. Not only that, but a man’s ejaculate also contains proteins and other nutrients. To date, there has been no study that shows swallowing semen has any effect on your ability to get pregnant. MYTH 8: EATING YAMS WILL LEAD TO MULTIPLES Back in 2001, researchers struggled to figure out why those living in the African village of Igbo-Ora had such a high rate of twin births. The only cultural difference they observed was that res- idents had a thing for yams. This correlation, however, is still con- sidered suspect. Either way, yams are good for you, and good health can contribute to higher levels of fertility. MYTH 9: BEING ON THE PILL CAN HAVE LASTING EFFECTS In reality, those who toss their birth control pills only have to wait a few weeks before they start ovulating again. And the same is true for other forms of birth control. Though the recovery time varies depending upon your previous method of birth control, it doesn’t vary by much. In fact, studies show that within one year after stopping the Pill, 80 percent of women who tried to get pregnant succeeded. MYTH 10: IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD When I confided in an acquaintance that my husband and I were trying to have a baby, he smiled, and said, “There is no try. There’s only making love.” As someone struggling with infertility, it was infuriating and insulting to be told that the problem was psycho- logical, and that I should just relax. Infertility is an actual medical condition of the re- productive system. Stress can result from struggles with infertility … not cause it.

My Story My Story THE infertility warrior Neena George rode the bumpy ride of infertility and won. She chronicled her story of the trials, tribulations and emotional cost of infertility; the long battle and success in a must read book - JUST A MIRACLE

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 18 When did you come to know you had infertility issues? You and your hus- band's reaction. We got married in July 1990. I had a gynecological issue towards the end 1991 which culminated in an emergency surgery and was on treatment thereafter. So was aware that there was something not right with me. But the diagnosis of infertility came as a rude shock because according to us, I was getting treated to get cured, to become better and not worse. My husband and I were shell shocked with the diagnosis, were in complete disbelief and denial and totally numb. I don't think that I even cried because of the shock. What was the emotional impact on you and how did it affect your rela- tionship with your spouse and family? Once I got out of the shock and the reality that I have been categorized as in- fertile started sinking in life became traumatic. The fact that I was the reason for our situation got me into a terrible state of guilt. It was like getting stuck in a traffic jam and not finding any way out rather not ready to find a way out bcos of the confusion it had created.Emotionally it was draining and life seemed so aimless.My husband was very supportive from the beginning and many a time I couldn't understand why he was so kind to me. This attitude of his made me feel even more guilty.Inspite of all the issues we had a great rap- port with each other bcos we used to communicate a lot.We were very open to each other and that really helped us have a wonderful life though we were relling through difficult situations. I had a great relation with my in laws too.They were also very supportive.Had great support from my parents too.

19 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 My mom was always my punching bag, the only person to whom I could vent out all my frustration. The fertility journey is not only physically and financially draining but also emotionally. Your com- ments and hoe did you cope with it? It was physically draining because of the hormone injections and its side effects. I wouldnt say it was really fi- nancially draining in our case because somehow we could manage the expenses. Yes, if Was so happy that we had gone in for assisted treatments it would finally I was like have been difficult. But it was our conscious deci- sion that we would go in for such expensive treat- any other lady. The ments only after all the conventional treatments elevation of status failed and after I crossed 30 years of age. Probably from infertile to the reason for this could have been the high cost of IVF treatments with a very low success rate mother was really those days. overwhelming. It was definitely emotionally draining and was dif- ficult for me too in the initial phase after my dia- gnosis. But eventually I did come out of it quite well. Accepting the reality was the first step of coping. Once acceptance came then things started falling in place. I was able to think better and in a prac- tical manner. I stopped feeling guilty and helpless. Started being more open to people about my situation. Stopped comparing myself with others. Started loving and taking care of myself. Kept myself occupied with many activities, I never allowed myself time to brood over things and most of all I started enjoying the present. I realized people were intruding into my life when I was vulnerable. Being strong was the need of the hour and the only way forward. These coping strategies helped me stay strong and tide over my life in a better way. How did it impact you as a person individually? During the initial phase I was in a state of disbelief and denial which made me feel really insecure. My self esteem was very low. I started thinking that everyone was after my life. Never wanted to speak to

Accepting the anyone about it and thought we could manage things on reality was the first our own I didn't want sympathy from anyone. So was al- ways trying hard to smile through all my hardships. Later step of coping. on when I started accepting, opening up and coping, Once acceptance things were much easier for me. I stood strong and smiled came then things through my difficult situations without much effort. My started falling in husband was the reason for me to get back my life. For place. I was able to sure this phase has really transformed me completely. think better and in Your feelings when your pregnancy was confirmed? a practical manner. I don't want to describe the whole situation as I've already I stopped feeling written it in my book. When I got to know that I was preg- guilty and nant it was disbelief at first. Something which we wanted helpless. Started to hear for many years, coming true. We cried for a long time... tears of happiness. Once we got out of the initial ex- being more open to citement we knelt down and prayed. Contacted our doc- people about my tor and shared our joy. You will understand the actual situation. Stopped pulse only if you read the book. comparing myself with others. The joy of motherhood. The moment you held your son in your arms. Please describe. Started loving and A beautiful experience which can't be described in words. taking care of I thought more than happiness, it was a feeling of relief, a myself.

21 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 When I got to know that I was pregnant it was disbelief at first. Something which we wanted to hear for many years, coming true. We cried for a long time... tears of happiness. sense of achievement. Was so happy that finally I was like any other lady. The elevation of status from infertile to mother was really overwhelming. A sense of accomplishment of being able to give a child to my husband made me feel so light. It was as if my whole world had changed. I could sense that happiness on everyones face and that made me even more happier. In retrospect was the fertility jour- ney worth the cost and would you go through it again? Definitely worth the wait for many reasons. A healthy child was born to us who is a smart 23 year old now. Gratitude for that always. This journey has made me a more empathetic and compassionate person. It has taught me patience and given me the ability to be available for the less fortunate ones. Its taught me lot of life lessons, always kept me grounded, given me a complete life transformation. Even this book is the result of my journey. I woudnt like to go through it again for sure or want anyone else to go through the pain. It is a difficult and traumatic path to tread on.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 22 Neenas 10 Commandments Your ten commandments to all women/couples going through the infer- tility journey. 1. Infertility is just one situation in your life. Its not the end. 2. Your worth is not determined by your fer- tility. 3. Have gratitude for the blessings in other spheres of your life. 4. Dont be vulnerable. 5. Be open to people about your situation. You cannot traverse this journey alone. 6. Don't brood over what happened, find out ways to move forward. 7. Practice the "Let it be" principle. Patience is the key in this journey. 8. Accept reality, thats the bedrock of suc- cess. 9. Key to your happiness should only remain with you. 10. You have every right to live life to the fullest like everyone around irrespective of the situation you are going through.

23 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 JUST A MIRACLE Book Extract Buy it at: www.justamiracle.net Page 54 Once we had gone for our vacation to Kerala. One elderly lady staying close to my husband’s house had come to visit my mother-in-law. Amma was not at home. The old lady was visibly happy — she had me all to her- self. I had seen her a few times earlier and the only communication be- tween us was a smile. When she first asked me about kids, her tone was of concern. Then she went on to suggest some doctors — by now her tone was of authority. Later on, she went on to tell me that many good propo- sals had come for my husband but due to his bad luck he had to settle for me — by then her tone had become sarcastic. I felt so miserable, didn’t even know whether to react or respond. She went on to say that I should count myself lucky that he didn’t seek a divorce from me — how auda- cious! Now she was in full flow and went on to tell stories of guys who divorced their wives because they couldn’t bear kids. It was getting a little too much for me. So I told her that edu- cated people won’t do such stupid things — didn’t know why I had to get into such futile conversation. She gave me a good lecture on that too. I was completely shaken. I was still very sure that it was that lady’s opinion and not from my in-laws. But later on, I started viewing every word my in-laws or anyone from my husband’s side spoke with a critical eye. How strange is the working of our human mind? It works the way we pro- gram it. I always thought everyone was happy with me, and all of a sudden

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 24 started feeling otherwise. Every word spoken was connected with what that lady blurted out. Her words used to echo in my ears for months. When it became too much for me to take, I discussed the lady’s visit with my mother-in-law. She was shocked and told me not to worry about what happened. That lady was a known gossipmonger in the locality. Amma made me understand that kids are a gift from God and things will happen only according to his wish. It was a great lesson for me that clarify- ing things with the person concerned is always better than doing unnec- essary guesswork and spoiling relations. Page 63 When you are desperate, it means that you have almost lost hope. In such situations, your mind can be so unreasonable, stupid, and idiotic. I never used to attend our Sunday church service at Kottayam when we were there on vacation. According to me, everyone would look at my stomach and they would ask about the good news. In my mother tongue, people who met me in the church would ask me ‘Enthundu vishesham’? It was a way of exchanging pleasantries, ‘what’s the news?’. According to me, the news meant good news and I used to get irritated with this form of talk- ing. I hated going to church. Were people looking at my stomach and ask- ing me about my good news? What was happening? It was all the stupid thoughts crossing my mind! It’s said that an idle mind is a devil’s work- shop, but an inferior mind can be even more dangerous. Did someone say that I was inferior? Not at all. It was again my mind at work. Even before someone could say something my mind was already processing and giv- ing me evidence that people would have told that. There is nothing in this world that can trouble you more than your own thoughts. Maybe as a child, I had read some stories about people without kids and what others talked about them or met someone who was childless. Whatever the case may be I had a different issue to sort out daily, I meant my mind had to. The issues were created by my mind and I was struggling to find out solu- tions.

25 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 Did the people around me make me desperate? Did people trouble me? No, not at all. They were only showing their concern and trying to give me solu- tions that they thought might work. Did my mind perceive it the right way? Never! I just added my insecurities to their suggestions and came up with my conclusion that they were after my life. After all, few of them were inten- tionally troubling and getting sadistic pleasure. Page 165 The long treatment sessions have taught me that there is no hurry for any- thing in life. Very trivial things make me happy — I started realising that ev- erything is a great blessing and there is nothing to complain or feel proud about — that’s the transformation an infertile journey can give you. I’m sure my thinking would not have been like this if life had treated me with success all the way, right from the word go. These lessons are here to stay with me till my last breath. I feel privileged for having been introduced to the world of disabilities. It makes me acknowledge the abilities that I’ve been blessed with and be ever thankful for them. Life is quite simple — we overdo and overthink and make it complicated for no rhyme or reason. It starts right from the time we are born till the time we leave this world — it’s a world of competition. Buddha had once quoted — “When you move your focus from competition to contribution, life becomes a celebration”. We are like pas- sengers running inside a moving bus. The bus will take its own time to reach the destination, encountering different types of incidents and meeting dif- ferent people. The path could meander and be a little long at times but for sure it would reach the destination but only at its stipulated time. You are al- ready on the bus and will have to go through the predetermined route, meet all the destined people and go through all the incidents. There is no point running inside the already mobile bus, then why fret? Might as well enjoy the journey at least and not miss out on the beautiful scenes on the way — it’s not worth wasting the beautiful moments en route. The ups and downs in my life and finally emerging victorious as a winner has been God’s plan for me. I’ve been continuing this fabulous journey of mine according to the path he has carved, accepting each challenge on my way.

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Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 30 Best IVF Docs in India - II Dr Jatin Shah Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Centre Mumbai On completing his MD in obstetrics and gy- necology, Dr Jatin Shah had a life vision of being able to treat infertile couples and help alleviate their intense emotional suf- fering. Over the past three decades, he has brought happiness to lives of more than 18,000 infertile couples helping them achieve their dreams of having a child/chil- dren. In the year 2014, the center estab- lished the various techniques of Assisted Reproduction such as IVF, ICSI, Vitrified and Frozen embryo transfer, Egg / Embryo / Sperm Donation and Surrogacy. Dr Jatin P Shah has the unique distinction of performing all IVF tasks including Ultra- sonography, Oocyte Retrieval Surgery, IVF Embryology and Embryo Transfer per- sonally which reflects in the exceptionally high success rates. His ability to trouble- shoot and solve problems in IVF & ICSI pro- grams in different laboratories has earned him the nickname of "IVF Commando".

31 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 The Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Center (MFC) was established in April, 1994 with a view to offering IVF, ICSI, IUI, Oocyte dona- tion, Sperm donation, Embryo donation, Ges- tational surrogacy and Social Egg freezing for the prevention & treatment of infertility. The centre performs advanced IVF & ICSI proce- dures in a comfortable, relaxed and friendly atmosphere yet implementing the most ad- vanced technology and laboratory facilities on par with the best in the world. The use of endometrial scratching, intraute- rine Granulocyte-stimulating factor &/or Platelet rich plasma (PRP) for patients with a poor endometrium, the utility of “freeze-all” (only frozen embryo transfers) vs fresh em- bryo transfer, judicious use of preimplanta- tion genetic diagnosis, blastocyst culture, laser assisted hatching and fertility preserva- tion. The clinic has helped thousands of couples to conceive with IVF related technologies over the past 30 years. The centre’s innovative re- search, personalized care / treatment proto- cols and consistently high pregnancy rates has set the benchmark for fertility treatment in India.

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 32 • Three decades of experience in IVF and re- lated technologies. • Range of ART services like In Vitro Fertiliza- ton (IVF), Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), Embryo Freezing (VITRIFICATION) and Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET), Egg (Oocyte) Donation, Sperm Donation, IUI, Embryo Do- nation, egg freezing, Transvaginal Ultraso- nography, Operative Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy • Highly qualified staff of more than 30 members including IVF Clinicians and Direc- tor, ICSI Specialist, IVF Embryologist, Vitrifica- tion and Freezing Expert, Andrologists, Endoscopic Surgeon, IVF Nurses, IVF coun- selors and others. • Ultra-modern Hi-tech IVF laboratory with air purifiers, K-system laminar air flow, Con- ventional Heracell Incubators, Modern day Desktop incubators, ICSI unit from RI with mi- cromanipulators, Vitrification unit, Liquid ni- trogen canisters and five state-of-the-art ultrasound machines for follicle studies and infertility diagnosis • Operation theatre with new Samsung R7 4- D ultrasound machine for egg retrieval and embryo transfer, Cook oocyte aspiration unit, CODA air filtration unit, anesthesia machines, defibrillators, heating blocks, endoscopy equipment, harmonic scalpel, morcellator, glycine infusion pump, light source, cautery and suction units • Technology and success on par with the best clinics in the world • The clinic has patients from countries all over the world including USA, UK, Australia, Canada, France, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Fiji, China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Phillipines, South Af- rica, Nigeria, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda Afghan- istan, Iraq, Iran, Tanzania, South Africa among others.

33 Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 Celebrity clients such as Shahrukh Khan, Karan Johar, Sohail Khan, Kashmera and Krushna and many others

Your Guide For A Child t July 2022 34 REACH US Mumbai Fertility Clinic & IVF Center Kamala Polyclinic & Nursing Home, 66-C, Motiwala Building, 1st Floor,Gowalia Tank, A.K Marg, Grant Road (West), Opposite August Kranti Maidan, Mumbai - 400 026. For Appointments / Enquiry Contact : Meena Gupta : +917021380015 Arwa Shaikh : +917021333232 Counsellor : Mala Shah : +919867430334 / +919769763860 Dr. Vidhi Shah : +919769763862 / +919325523513 Landline : +91 22 2388 7865 / 2388 5985 / 6664 2157 / 6690 8000 - 100 (100 Lines) Doctors : Dr Aparna Gangadharan : +919819804133 Dr Dharam Shah : +919820980304 Email : [email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected] Website: https://drjatinshah.com/

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