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Visit Wausau Visitors Magazine 2023

Enjoy Wisconsin's Outdoor Basecamp where nature and city life meet

227460 Shrike Avenue Wausau, WI 54401 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE WAUSAU • RIB MOUNTAIN • SCHOFIELD • WESTON • ROTHSCHILD • MOSINEE 4 SEASON ADVENTURES Paddling the Great Pinery Heritage Waterway 151523 N Mountain Rd • Rib Mountain, WI 54401 PHONE: (715) 551-1172 OPEN DAILY 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM

TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome To Wausau .......................3 THE GREAT NEARBY Spring ........................................4-5 Summer .....................................6-7 Fall.............................................8-9 Winter ....................................10-11 Brews and Booze .....................12-13 The Wonder of Water .................14-15 Arts and Culture .......................16-17 Bucket List ..............................18-21 Area Maps ......................................... 22-25 REFERENCE GUIDE Restaurants .............................26-29 Accommodations .....................30-31 Camping .......................................32 County Parks ................................33 Offroad Biking ...............................34 Rib Mountain State Park .................35 Golf ..............................................36 Disc Golf ......................................37 Fall Colors ....................................37 Winter Sports ...........................38-39 Advertisers ..............................40-52 A basecamp is the main encampment that provides supplies, shelter and communications for persons engaged in wide-ranging activities, such as exploring, reconnaissance, hunting or mountain climbing. It’s the comfort zone you come back to refresh and rejuvenate before the next adventure. The Greater Wausau area is the perfect area to start your outdoor exploration. Miles and miles of biking, hiking, skiing and paddling at your doorstep, provide challenges for any level of outdoor adventurer. In some outdoor rec destinations, you can’t enjoy comfortable lodging, excellent dining, shopping, culture and the arts! Here in Marathon County, we have a thriving arts community, family indoor fun, theater, music, farm to table dining and a myriad of cultural opportunities. Made up of Rib Mountain, Rothschild, Schofield, Wausau, Weston and many rural towns, the Greater Wausau area features big town amenities with small town hospitality. We o ff er tremendous value. You value your time. We are the Great Nearby - a shorter drive right o ff two major interstates. You value your money. We aren’t a “tourist town,” so the cost for great dining, shopping and entertainment is less than urban centers. You value options. There are day-trip adventures we encourage you to explore while you stay here! Some communities shut down in certain seasons. Our area is engaged with activities and opportunities equally Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. This magazine showcases many of these, but we feature a lot more on our website - Whether you’re looking to take a weekend trip or an extended stay (or even make it your home), the Greater Wausau area is the place to set up basecamp for your next adventure. We can give you ideas and help you “plan for spontaniety.” Plus, we do actually have a mountain - Rib Mountain. Tim White Executive Director Wausau/Central Wisconsin CVB WESTON WESTON KRONENWETTER KRONENWETTER MOSINEE MOSINEE RIB RIB MOUNTAIN MOUNTAIN W W AUSAU AUSAU WESTON ROTHSCHILD ROTHSCHILD SCHOFIELD SCHOFIELD ROTHSCHILD KRONENWETTER SCHOFIELD MOSINEE RIB MOUNTAIN WAUSAU !" !" #$ #$ %" 4 S E A S O N A D V E N T U R E S 4 S E A S O N A D V E N T U R E S

Adventure that’s Right Around the Corner As Spring emerges from Winter, hope of warmth waxes and wanes, tempting us to get outside and enjoy nature as it wakes up before our eyes. “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing,” adventurers say. ! e Great Nearby Spring in Wisconsin is amazing AND unpredictable. April showers, May flowers. How about April Snow, May Rain? (Granite Peak skiing lasts until April) We learned the secret of weatherproofing and the area is perfect for spring adventures with plenty to do both inside and outside. Our groomed trails for bikers and hikers are well maintained. Organizations like Central Wisconsin O ff Road Cycling Coalition (CWOCC) and Travel Wisconsin communicate trail status, for your adventure planning. Marathon County Parks feature over 90 parks with playgrounds, shelters, water, boat landings and historical significance. Highlights include 100 year old Marathon Park, Eau Claire Dells, Big Eau Pleine, and the 400 Block. For family fun indoors, try WOW (Wausau on Water) Family Entertainment Center with laser tag, arcade games and a restaurant with a full bar. Sawmill Adventure Park is an awesome trampoline park, mini golf course and Hologate VR. Marathon County Library features cra " s, kids events and art with 9 locations. Greater Wausau Children’s Museum o ff ers creative, interactive play, and a new STEM-based Children’s Imaginarium opens this 2023 in downtown Wausau. GiGi’s Playhouse in Weston has great programs. Our museums and the Grand Theater o ff er fun options as well! Adult fun indoors means spas, ax throwing, libations, world class bowling, dancing, concerts, dining and nightlife. Go to our events calendar at to see what’s happening. Creative outlets feature world class Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, Yawkey House Museum and our architectural tours. Hands-on creativity happens at the Center for Visual Arts (CVA), Clay Corner Studio, Bauhaus studio, and Art at Rise Up! website allows you to choose categories and preferences in order to build a unique experience! 4


The Days of Summer “It’s cooler by the lake.” - every Wisconsin resident 106 lakes, to be exact, plus 10 rivers. Our summer months average 75-80 degrees. Marathon County has a conversational summer climate. Outdoor adventure is in full swing! Paddle the Great Pinery Heritage Waterway, newly designated by the Department of Natural Resources as the 21st state waterway. The new scenic, urban, and historical water trail is 108 miles in length, the 4th longest water trail in the state. Many of the launches are ADA- accessible. For recreational users to adrenaline junkie whitewater kayaking - there are thrills for everyone. The boating, fishing and swimming opportunities are interspersed in places to grab lunch and a cra ! beverage - and then continue your adventure. 57 unique parks are maintained by the county. RV Parks and campgrounds are scattered on the water, in the woods and in the heart of the city of Wausau at 100+ year old Marathon Park. Mountain, gravel and road biking are in full swing with well maintained trails in places like Nine Mile, Sylvan, Big Eau Pleine, Ringle, Mountain Bay, Underdown, Prairie Dells. Basecamp here and take short drives to many more easy to get to trail systems! Golf on one of our nine courses, or drive a short distance to experience world-class Sand Valley or Sentryworld. Five disc golf courses o ff er fun challenges and exercise. While temps at night aren’t hot, the nightlife is. Every advantage is taken to be outside. Weekly free Wednesday night concerts at the 400 block downtown with food trucks and dining on the street. Take in a baseball game with the Wausau Woodchucks at the historic Athletic Park, or hike the River Edge Trail along the great Wisconsin River. Festivals for the rest of youse. One of the largest Hmong Festivals in the Midwest features singing and dancing competitions, sports tournaments, food and merchandise vendors, fireworks, and other cultural and arts entertainment throughout the two-day weekend. Taste N’ Glow Balloon Fest features balloonists from around the world during a weekend with food, family fun, rides and a few other surprises. The “glow” is every evening with over 40 hot air balloons of all shapes and sizes. With Pridefest, Junteenth, World Cultures Day, Wings Over Wausau, Chalkfest, Big Bull Falls Bluesfest, Colby Cheese Fest (the home of colby cheese), and the 150 year old Wisconsin Valley Fair, there are more cool fests a short drive from basecamp! You won’t experience the dog days of summer, you’ll just be dog-tired with the fresh air and fun times! ! e Great Nearby 6


Coloring Outside the Lines Boozhoo / Bozho / P ō s ō h / Aho / Shekóli / Koonamansi Greetings in the languages of Ojibwe / Potawatomi / Menominee / Ho-Chunk / Oneida / Mohican – All the nations of Wisconsin!* Autumn brings greetings filled with anticipation of changes: weather, light and that splendid gi " of color. It’s all about the color. ! e Great Nearby Greater Wausau has the best vistas for color - The top of Rib Mountain State Park! Drive, hike, bike or Comet Sky Ride! We partner with Travel Wisconsin to give you the best times to visit. Rib Mountain stands taller above the local terrain than any place in Wisconsin. Hike the Quarry trail for another outstanding view. Art and culture aficionados will enjoy ArtRageous weekend featuring four separate events: Internationally renowned artists at Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, the juried Festival of the Arts on the 400 block, Center for Visual Arts and Art in the Park. Truly something for everyone. Family friendly activities are included so color inside or outside the lines! Don’t forget one of the top ranked theaters in the world, The Grand Theater. Featuring national touring broadway shows, musicians, dance, theater and seasonal events, the Grand’s commitment to quality and variety delight patrons all year long. Explore the colors and waterfalls at Dells of the Eau Claire along the Ice Age Trail, identify migratory birds in the waterways like great blue herons at Rookery Park in Rib Mountain. Last year, radar in Marathon County recorded 9.4 million birds in one night! ATVing, horseback riding, fishing and hunting are in full swing with access and trails maintained by the county and clubs. Competitions and races run all year long, however, the Wausau Marathon and Ironbull Ultra and Red Granite Grinder are even fun to watch! Agri-business is booming here. We are the Ginseng Capital of the World! Summer farmers markets go well into Fall. Farm to table experiences like Stoney Acres pizza night or Rock Ridge Orchard events go all the way into November! It’s not just about colorful food on the farm, many area restaurants rely on local farm to table o ff erings as well. With our cra " beverage, distilleries and wine o ff erings, we got you covered. *American Indian Student Center at the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee 8


Granite Peak Ski Resort at Rib Mountain, is W i s c o n s i n’s legendary resort - one of the first created in the nation back in 1937. With state-of-the-art snowmaking and the cozy vibe of bigger resort lodges, Granite Peak ranks on everyone’s Midwest top three list. Tu b i n g at Sylvan Hill is a top destination in the state. There are over 880 miles of snowmobile trails maintained by 28 clubs with plenty of hospitality along the way. Nordic (X-country) skiing and snowshoeing trails are groomed and lighted at Nine Mile Forest Recreation Area. The chalet o ff ers rentals and instruction. Sylvan, Ringle Marsh, Big Eau Pleine, Erbach park in Athens, are all great places to Skijor (look it up). Fat Tire Biking is so much fun in groomed trails at Nine Mile, Underdown and Ringle! Greater Wausau has a fantastic Holiday Parade, Winterfest and unique shopping experiences like Makers Markets, boutiques, and local vendors who give you one-on-one attention. Check out Evolutions, The Local, and every merchant repped by the River District. If you’re into cozy, try the Igloos at Van Acre restaurant, near Granite Peak (which has its own fires going). The winter farmers market happens every Saturday at Whitewater Music Hall. The venue is a hub of the community, featuring Americana artists & bands, co ff ee in the morning, a brewery and cra " beverages, local art, and other surprises. Need a warm beverage? There are a plethora of local co ff ee shops, as well as national brands available in the area. Pick your comfortable hang spot. Get back outdoors to ice skate at the 400 block, area parks, or play some hockey and put the biscuit in the basket. Area farms and orchards o ff er sleigh rides and family fun in the snow. Our message to you: Enjoy the cold and the warmth as you experience the wonder of winter! More ideas for indoor activities are in the spring section. ! e Great Nearby Warm Your Soul “. . . w h o marvels at the beauty of the world in summer will find equal cause for wonder and admiration in winter.”- naturalist John Burroughs Ye s , we get snow. If we don’t get enough snow, we make it. WINTERFEST NINE MILE COUNTY FOREST 10


Brews & Booze Breweries, Distilleries and Coffee Shops “Who doesn’t enjoy a tasty beverage?” - David Letterman No matter what your preference, Greater Wausau is home to some finely cra ! ed beverages. Food is finely paired with drink, and many friendships are sealed with a toast. The creative arts should also include beverage making as well. “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” - not Ben Franklin, but o ! en attributed to him. You may have tasted a friend’s home brew and found it interesting. Cra ! brewers have taken the idea and created a fascinating array of splendor, like birds of paradise. Aroma, texture, flavor, visuals and the bubbles. All displayed in a flight of wonder. Bull Falls Brewery, Red Eye Brewing Company, Whitewater Music Hall & Brewery, Great Dane Brewery and Mosinee Brewing Company are right in the neighborhood. Add the many o ff erings of tap and canned cra ! beers at our area bars and restaurants, and you’ll be pretty happy. Pro tip: There are more within a short drive of your basecamp. By the way, brewers “waste” is used as feed for farm animals right here in the county. “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” - definitely Mark Twain Carrots, honey, cheese whey, beets, co ff ee, maple sap. Anything that ferments can be distilled, but not everything should be distilled. Timekeepers Distillery is located in the historic 1901 Milwaukee Road Train Station, made internationally famous as Wausau Insurance’s logo. Recently featured in Discover Wisconsin, Enjoy tours & tastings, cra ! cocktails, food and, of course Bourbon Whiskey, Rye Whiskey, Notch 8, Gin, and Vodka! They constantly refine new products! Knowlton House Distillery is new this year in Mosinee, with products distilled from Mullins’ whey! Whey cool! Cra ! beverages also include co ff ee! Co ff ee culture is alive and well in Marathon County. Wisconsin area roasters provide much of the co ff ee house buzz and each shop o ff ers their own sweet vibe. Yes, there are the national chains here, but you’re not reading this here. We started with, so let’s end with David Letterman: “If it wasn’t for the co ff ee, I’d have no identifiable personality whatsoever.” Cheers! 12 MOSINEE BREWING COMPANY UGLY MUG

BREWERIES Bull Falls Brewery 901 E Thomas St • Wausau Red Eye Brewing Company 612 Washington St • Wausau Great Dane Pub & Brewing 2305 Sherman St • Wausau Whitewater Music Hall and Brew Works 130 1st St • Wausau Mosinee Brewing Company 401 4th St • Mosinee Sawmill Brewing Company 1110 E 10th St • Merrill COFFEE SHOPS Tucknee Coffee Company 610 Washington St • Wausau www.tuckneeco ff The Pickle Jar - Grinds and Finds 4308 N 6th St • Wausau The Ugly Mug 300 N 3rd Street • Wausau In Third Street Lifestyle Center Whitewater Music Hall and Brew Works 130 1st St • Wausau Sweets on 3rd 615 N 3rd Street • Wausau Clean Slate Coffee House 1027 E Grand Ave • Rothschild Mission Coffee House 224 Main Street • Mosinee www.missionco ff Vino Latte 3309 Terrace Ct. • Wausau DISTILLERIES Timekeeper Distillery 720 Grant St • Wausau Knowlton House 204575 County Road DB • Mosinee 13 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | TIMEKEEPER DISTILLERY

The Wonder of Water The Great Pinery Heritage Waterway The Great Pinery Heritage Waterway , newly designated by the DNR as Wisconsin’s 21st water trail consisting of three rivers located in Central Wisconsin. The Wisconsin River Trail is 108 miles in length starting at the Hat Rapids Dam in Oneida County and ending in Portage County at the Lake DuBay Dam. Portions of the trail hold scenic wonders as it flows over rapids and rock outcropping, through primeval pine and hardwood forest, and along the Ice Age Trail. The trail beckons us back to a time when the Miami tribe called the great river, Meskonsing. French missionary Father Jacques Marquette entered it in his journal in June 1673 during the voyage he made by canoe with fur trader Louis Joliet across Wisconsin and down the Mississippi River. The great river is never far from our imagination, fast flowing, scenic in its northern segments to urban and industrial as it flows south through cities that once had names such as Jenny Falls, Big Bull, and Little Bull Falls. The river has always been a gateway to the north, to the “Great Pinery” the great boreal forest that blanketed the lands to the great lake, the Chippewa called, Gitchi Gami. In the 1870’s the river earned a new name as the “Hardest Working River in the World” when men with names like Stevens, McIndoe, Barker, and Stewart put the river to work sawing lumber for the cities and homes of the Midwest. In 1907 the Wisconsin Valley Improvement Company was established as a group of private interests to manage and regulate the flow of the Wisconsin River so that hydroelectric energy and the papermaking industry could develop and flourish. Today, the Wisconsin has returned to its beginnings o ff ering the paddler an adventure not soon forgotten! Tr a i l V i t a l s : 108 miles in length with 24 designated landings along its length, two state parks, state and county forests, six dam portages, primitive camping, wildlife and natural areas, hiking and biking trails that border its banks, amenities galore, historical bridges and dams, Class I-III rapids, adjoining Class I trout streams, and a Frank Lloyd Wright home that graces its banks! The Lower Big Rib River Trail starts its 17 mile journey in Marathon City at Lions Park as it flows east to join the Wisconsin River at Bluegill Bay Park on Lake Wausau. The river flows over sand and gravel bars and along heavily wooded banks that give the river an “up north” feeling of seclusion and adventure. Heron, ducks, and deer are common along its banks and the river fails to disappoint the angler for smallmouth and walleye. Tr a i l V i t a l s : 17 miles with three landings along its length ending at Bluegill Bay Park, a historical bridge, and wildlife viewing. The Lower Eau Claire River Water Trail starts its 15 mile journey at the Clubhouse Road landing on the south side of the bridge and flows through boulder fields, and scenic landscapes before entering Lake Wausau just west of the historic Brooks and Ross dam. The trail passes by historical bridges, flowing through the Eau Claire River Conservancy giving the trail an “everglade” like feeling as one paddles around cattails and reeds before exiting at the Drott Street Landing where once stood one of the first sawmills in the Northwoods and having the claim to fame of cutting one of the largest and oldest white pines in the state, germinating in or around 1500. Tr a i l V i t a l s : 15 miles in length with four landings, one dam portage, natural areas, historic bridges and ending in Lake Wausau where it joins the Great Pinery Heritage Waterway. Head to 14

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 15 Waterdeep Facts There are 15,740 acres of lakes in Marathon County. Fishing, water sports, paddling, boating are all fantastic options with ADA Accessible landings and launches throughout the county. See Marathon County Parks and for detailed info Beaches: Big Eau Pleine County Park, Dells of the Eau Claire County Park, Mission Lake County Park, Sunny Vale County Park Flowages: Lake Wausau, Lake DuBay, Eau Pleine Flowage Whitewater: Whitewater Park downtown Wausau, Wolf River, Peshtigo River Outdoor Pools: Kaiser Pool, Memorial Pool, Schulenberg Pool, Marathon Park Splash Pool, Rothschild/Schofield Aquatic Center, Weston Aquatic Center Indoor Pools: Aspirus YMCA, Greenheck Field House, Mosinee Community Center, Woodson YMCA


No visit is complete without a stop at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. The Woodson Art Museum’s international reputation for the finest collection of avian art attracts thousands of art enthusiasts a year. Inside the historic building is the permanent collection, the museum’s latest rotating exhibition and Art Park, the museum’s interactive gallery. Outdoors at the Woodson is the sculpture garden, which features temporary installations and permanent pieces. INSIDER TIP: Get insights into artworks and artists via dozens of videos on the Museum’s YouTube channel. Also, download the Museum’s free audio tour app on your smartphone or tablet. Pick up free Art Kits to inspire in-gallery and at-home art making. The Grand Theater o ff ers an extensive schedule of Broadway musicals, national acts, plays, comedy and music. This beautifully restored 1927 Greek Revival Theater is a memorable venue for enjoying live performances including ballets, concerts, orchestras and recitals. Located adjacent to The Grand, the Center for Visual Arts o ff ers regional and national art exhibits at Caroline S. Mark Gallery and the Lo " on the second level. If you’re lucky enough to be visiting during the opening of a new exhibit, attend a Gallery Night to meet the artists, sample a glass of wine and view the artwork. Even the old bank vault is a treasure. The Andrew Warren Historic District is named a " er a sawmill owner who in 1853 bought all the land now comprising the heart of the Wausau Eastside. Some splendid and some plain, the 62 buildings in the district were built between 1868 and 1934. The district has a diverse blend of styles including Greek Revival, Italianate, Queen Anne, Classic Revival, and Prairie School architecture. Frank Lloyd Wright designed two homes in the Wausau Area. The Yawkey House, now under the care of the Marathon County Historical Society, resides in the historic district and has recently undergone a multi-million-dollar renovation. Take a tour of this grand house and experience life as a lumber baron in the year 1901. Across the street is the Woodson History Center, which features several rotating exhibits that include memorabilia from bygone eras. MUSEUM LIST: I. S. Horgen Antique Farm Machinery Museum Center for the Visual Arts Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art Marathon County Historical Museums Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum From Laos to America Museum Wausau Children’s Museum Marathon City Heritage Center Wausau is known as “Arts Town, USA” due to its commitment to the arts. From live Broadway productions, ballets, or concerts at The Grand Theater, to the world class art exhibits at Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art, or the Center for Visual Arts, it’s easy to see why. If you enjoy stepping back in time, there is plenty of history to explore. Marathon County Historical Society constantly has tours and events. The largest auto museum in the state is Motorama Auto Museum in Aniwa. CENTER FOR VISUAL ARTS LEIGH YAWKEY WOODSON ART MUSEUM GRAND THEATER EXHIBITS & PERFORMANCES CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 17

Sylvan Mountain Bike Park Grand Theater Monk Botanical Gardens Bucket List So many things to do in Central Wisconsin 400 Block Check it off Wausau Curling Center 18

Ta s t e N ’ G l o w B a l l o o n F e s t i v a l 45°x 90° Geographical Marker Ice Age Trail Athletic Park Granite Peak Ski Area CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 19

White Water Kayak Course & Riverwalk Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Mead Wildlife Area Dells of Eau Claire Park Bucket List Check it off 20

Mountain Bay Trail The Quarry, Rib Mountain State Park Rib Mountain Observation Tower Great Pinery Heritage Waterway CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 21

Franklin St E Wausau Ave Camp Phillips Rd Red Bud Rd 6th St Evergreen Rd Sylvan St N 13th St Grand Ave Grand Ave Rib Mountain Dr Townline Rd McIntosh St Bridge St Merrill Ave W Campus Ave W Thomas St 17 th Ave Highland dr. Stettin Dr. Ross Ave Ross Ave Schofield Ave Northwestern Ave 72nd Ave EXIT 187 EXIT 171 EXIT 179 EXIT 173 EXIT 188 EXIT 185 EXIT 192 EXIT 193 EXIT 194 EXIT 191 !" "# "# "# !" $ % & ' ' ' ' & (( (( & & && && !) !) *# !) *# WESTON WAUSAU ROTHSCHILD KRONENWETTER MOSINEE RIB MOUNTAIN !"#$"# %&'()'* +,-*'"./!&$0)-$&-/%&'()'* SCHOFIELD B A C D E F G 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 INSET 1  EAU CLAIRE GREEN BAY  MADISON MILWAUKEE CHICAGO  12-13 5 4 1 3 2 17 18 16 15 19 20 21 11 14 6 7 8 10 9 26 27 22-25 1 2 3 19 20 21 25 26 24 12 11 15 14 23 13 7 6 8 9 10 5 4 22 34 35 30 36 1"$2"/3"'2 +,4"'/+',,2/5'"&. 6"'$78&,.4/ 6,4&0"./+,-*,' 9:.;"-/ <&../3"'2 9#--:/="., +)#-*:/3"'2 6"'"*7)-/ +)#-*:/ 3"'2 %$(&'#$/ !"#$"# <)$(&*". >.#,?&../ >":/3"'2 @,..)A/ >"-2$ 3"'2 6"07B#,..,' 3"'2 6*C/>":/5'"&. D,--,4:/3"'2 E&F,'*:/3"'2 G&F/6)#-*"&-/9*"*,/3"'2 H&-,/6&.,/ +)#-*:/I)',$* !"# !"# WAUSAU AREA MAP Madison !"#$%&'() Eau claire !##$%&'() Sturgeon bay !"*$%&'() Green Bay +,$%&'() La Crosse !"!$%&'() Minocqua -+$%&'() Ashland !-*$%&'() Superior **,$%&'() Wau s au Milwaukee !.!$%&'() !" "!" !# $% $% $% #% &# %& %& %& %' %' M A J O R C I T Y DISTANCES 204575 County Road DB Mosinee 54455

BUSINESS LOCATOR 1 Rib Mountain Inn (B-3) 2 Days Inn & Suites (D-4) 3 Quality Inn Midway (C-3) 4 Hilton Garden Inn - Wausau (C-3) 5 Courtyard by Marriot (C-3) 6 Hampton Inn (C-3) 7 Super 8 (C-2) 8 LaQuinta Inn & Suites (C-2) 9 Reliance Inn (D-2) 10 Best Western Plus (D-2) Wausau Tower Inn 11 Jefferson Street Inn (D-2) 12 Bougainvillea B&B (D-2) 13 Stewart Inn (D-2) Granite Peak 227200 Snowbird Avenue Wausau, WI 54401 Hampton Inn & Suites 615 North 24th Ave • Wausau 54401 715-848-9700 Super 8 2006 Stewart Ave • Wausau 54401 715 203-4876 LaQuinta Inn & Suites 1910 Stewart Ave • Wausau 54401 715-203-8324 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum 700 North 12th Street • Wausau 54403 715-845-7010 Day’s Inn & Suites 225520 Rib Mountain Drive • Wausau 54401 (715) 203-0459 Country Inn & Suites 1520 Metro Drive • Schofield 54476 715-359-1881 Holiday Inn & Suites 1000 Imperial Drive • Rothschild 54474 715-355-1111 Cedar Creek Grill House 1000 Imperial Drive • Rothschild 54474 715-355-1111 Knowlton Distillery 204575 County Road DB • Mosinee 54455 407-637-9506 HOTELS 14 Inn at the River (E-4) 15 Country Inn & Suites by Radisson (E-4) 16 Baymont Inn (F-4) 17 AmericInn by Wyndham (F-5) 18 Holiday Inn Express & Suites (F-5) 19 Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott (E-5) 20 Stoney Creek Inn (D-6) 21 Holiday Inn & Suites - Rothschild (D-6) 22 Econo Lodge (D-6) 23 Motel 6 (D-6) 24 Bantr (D-6) 25 Best Western Plus - Rothschild (D-6) 26 Quality Inn - Mosinee (C-9) 27 Cobblestone Hotel - Mosinee (C-9) AREA ATTRACTIONS POINTS OF INTEREST 1 Wausau 525 Race Track (A-3) 2 State Park Speedway (B-3) 3 Rib Mountain State Park (B-3) 4 Granite Peak Ski Area (C-3) 5 Robert W. Monk Public Gardens (D-1) 6 Marathon Park (D-2) 7 White Water Kayak Course & Riverwalk (D-2) 8 400 Block (D-2) 9 Grand Theater (D-2) 10 Athletic Park (D-2) 11 Peoples Sports Complex (E-3) 12 Wausau Curling Center (E-3) 13 Rothschild Pavillion (E-5) 14 Greenheck Field House (E-5) 15 Central Wisconsin Convention & Expo Center (D-6) 16 Mead Wildlife Area (See County Map) 17 Reitbrock Geographical Marker- 45x90 Marker (See County Map) 18 Dells Of The Eau Claire Park (See County Map) POOLS 19 Schulenburg Pool (D-1) 20 Kaiser Pool (E-2) 21 Memorial Pool (D-3) 22 Rothschild/Schofield Aquatic Center (D-5) 23 Weston Aquatic Center (E-4) BIKE/HIKE TRAILS 24 Nine Mile Recreation Area (B-5) 25 Sylvan Hill MTB Park (E-1) 26 Mountain Bay Trail (F-4) 27 Ringle Trails (See County Map) 28 Ice Age Trail (See County Map) 29 Big Eau Pleine (See County Map) MUSEUMS (SEE INSET 1) 30 I. S. Horgen Antique Farm Machinery Museum 31 Center for the Visual Arts (D-2) 32 Wausau Museum of Contemporary Art (D-2) 33 Marathon County Historical Museums (D-2) 34 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum (D-2) 35 From Laos to America Museum (D-2) 36 Wausau Children’s Museum (D-6) (Wausau Area Map) CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 23

!"#$%&'() !"#$%&'( )*+,-#+*# .*%/-%$ !"#$%"&'(&)"*+ ,-*-"&'./+/.0"&1$"* )2).//*3&)*$45& ,-*-"&'./+/.0"&1$"* 6.3"7)./"& 8#$"4- 9:$;*&<#*+ 8#$"4-&=3.- 9"$3&'"-/*3+ 8#$"4-&=3.- >5"$#?"" @*$? A$#3"3B"--"$ 8#$"4-&=3.- C*$$.4#37C"B.-- 8#$"4-&=3.- D"*-5"$2*;E 8#$"4-&=3.- <.3%/" 8#$"4- =3.-& F"//4�&-5" G*:&>/*.$"& @*$?& ).44.#3& D*?"&@*$?& 9.%&G*:& @/".3"&@*$?& 9.%&G*:& @/".3"&@*$?& <.H& )#:3-*.3 ,-*-"&@*$? Ice Age Trail Ice Age Trail <.H&8*//4 @*$? Big Eau Pleine River Eau Claire River Little Rib River Big Rib River Little Eau Pleine River Wisconsin River Plover River Big Eau Pleine Reservoir Big Bass Lake Pike Lake Lake DuBay Half Moon Lake ICE AGE TRAIL 13 MILE SEGMENT RINGLE TO THE EAU CLAIRE DELLS 14 MILES OF ATV TRAILS WINDING THROUGH 1,480 ACRES. I !" 53 # H 1 $ $ " % # # & & & ' ' % ( ( ' ' ) * ** ** %% ++ % $ , - ./0 ./0 ./0 /1 23 23 23 .0 .0 /1 ./0 .43 .43 ./0 05 52 !" !" #$ #$ %" SPENCER UNITY COLBY ABBOTSFORD ABBOTSFORD KRONENWETTER RINGLE NUTTERVILLE MARATHON CITY EDGAR FENWOOD STRATFORD ATHENS LITTLE CHICAGO WAUSAU ROTHSCHILD MOSINEE MARSHFIELD  EAU CLAIRE GREEN BAY  BROKAW HATLEY SHANTYTOWN WESTON SCHOLFIELD BERN RIB MOUNTAIN PONIATOWSKI BEVENT MOON ELDERON GALLOWAY HOGARTY 45° W Latitude Halfway between the noth pole and the equator. 90° W Longitude Halfway between Greenwich Meridian and the International Date Line. Lake Wausau 18 17 16 45° X 90° GEOLOGICAL MARKER CENTER OF THE NORTH HALF OF THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE. 28 27 26 24 29 MARATHON COUNTY MAP MARATHON COUNTY !"#$%&'()$* W I S C O NS I N R I VE R !"#$%# &'%("#' )*+",- ."#$ / !" Franklin St. 011-*1, ."#$ 023'%/0"'%#/."#$ 4#",-/ 52%"'%# 677/!+18$ 90&. :3;%#*3-% ."#$ MARATHON PARK !3"++*/."#$ 0"=*"=/5(1/ ?%"#'*/@1"#H/ D"823,%#I/D=*%=H A%3<2/J"($%I/ 011-*1,/F#'/D=*%=H K3"*%#/.11+ F'2+%'38/."#$ D"#"'21,/L1=,'I/ ?3*'1#38"+/D=*%=H 0"=*"=/D=*%=H/1B L1,'%HM1#"#I/F#' L%,'%#/B1#/'2%/ N3*="+/F#'* C D E 2 3 INSET 1 - DOWNTOWN WAUSAU AREA MAP REFERENCE NUMBERS ON PAGE 23

B e or H e e G ee Cir e The Green Circle is a 27-mile scenic hiking and biking trail that loops through the Stevens Point area and connects with over 45 miles of additional trails. Winding its way through forests, parks, wetlands and quiet neighborhoods, there’s even a sculpture park. W oo Zoo & Juru P r Marshfield sits on the southwest edge of Marathon county. Wildwood provides visitors a family adventure in a natural park environment featuring a wide variety of North American species. Jurustic Park has amazing metal sculptures and other surprises. Both are free. W e er R o e Wo R er An hour east of Wausau lies the Wolf River o ff ering class II, III and IV rapids. The 37-miles of upper-reach features large numbers of boulder gardens, rapids and waterfalls. Ra " , kayak or canoe to your hearts delight. Established outfitters provide everything, including shuttle and guide services. M o “Way up north” is only an hour away! Enjoy the chain of lakes, shops, biking and state forests without the hassle of staying there! The Hiawatha - Bearskin State trail starts in Tomahawk and ends in Minocqua. The Northern Highland - American Legion State Forest provides wonderfully scenic wild and remote experiences with 236,000 acres and 900 lakes. VILLAGE OF KRONENWETTER 1582 Kronenwetter Drive Kronenwetter, WI 54455 • 715-693-4200 Population: ..................................................... 8,455 Police: ................................................. 715-693-4215 Fire: ..................................................... 715-693-2315 P. O . : ...................................................... 715-693-2315 CITY OF MOSINEE 225 Main Street Mosinee, WI 54455 • 715-693-2275 Population: ..................................................... 4,498 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715-693-2000 Fire: .................................................... 715-693-2059 P.O.: ...................................................... 715-693-2315 TOWN OF RIB MOUNTAIN 227800 Snowbird Avenue Wausau, WI 54401 • 715-842-0983 Population: ...................................................... 7, 2 8 6 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715-261-1200 Fire: .................................................... 715-355-6763 P. O . : ....................................................... 715-261-4221 VILLAGE OF WESTON 4747 Camp Phillips Road Weston, WI 54476 • 715-359-6114 Population: .................................................... 15,688 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715-359-4202 Fire: ................................................... 715-359-3500 P. O . : ..................................................... 715-355-6763 CITY OF SCHOFIELD 200 Park Street Schofield, WI 54476 • 715-359-5230 Population: ...................................................... 2,143 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715-359-4202 Fire: ................................................... 715-359-3500 P. O . : .................................................... 715-359-3464 VILLAGE OF ROTHSCHILD 211 Grand Ave Rothschild, WI 54474 • 715-359-3600 Population: .................................................... 5,546 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 715-359-3879 Fire: .................................................... 715-359-5100 P. O . : .................................................... 715-359-3444 WAUSAU AREA COMMUNITY PROFILES Our area is made up of a number of municipalities that work together to provide sincere hospitality to both visitors and residents. When you drive around, you might miss the town boundaries because most flow into each other. That’s the way we like it. We are one community, striving to curate a place for people to live, work and play. We value the land, the people and our guests. Contact any municipality if you have specific needs or questions. CITY OF WAUSAU 407 Grant Street Wausau, WI 54403 • 715-261-6500 Population: ................................................................................................................................................................ 39,575 Police: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ................................. 715-261-7800 Fire: .............................................................................................................................. .................................... 715-261-7900 P. O . : .............................................................................................................................. ...................................... 715-261-4221 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | 25

REFERENCE GUIDE LOCAL FARE 17th Ave & Grill 201 North 17th Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-4341 19th Hole Tavern 1821 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-359-2343 2510 Restaurant 2510 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-2510 319 Bistro 319 Fourth Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-574-8179 6th Street Filling Station 1314 North Sixth Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-3000 6th Street Pub 2002 North Sixth Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-298-0701 A Taste of Jamaica 518 South 7th Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-261-6216 Arrow Sports Bar & Grill 6202 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-359-2363 Back When Café 606 North 3rd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-5668 Bamboo Hut Chinese & Thai Cruise 1122 East Grand Avenue Rothschild, WI 54474 715-298-4132 BB Jacks Pizza and Sandwich Lounge 900 Golf Club Road Wausau, WI 54 403 715-675-2460 Becca’s Cafe, Bistro & Catering 226409 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-9727 Becca’s Café, Bistro & Catering 4002 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 Big Dan & Space’s Kelly Club 4810 Ross Avenue Weston, WI 54476 Blue Willow Cafe 1111 North Fourth Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-675-4543 Bob and Randy’s Bar 1515 North 6th Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-9079 Brews Brothers Pub 4107 Barbican Avenue, #250 Weston, WI 54476 715-298-2231 Briq’s Multiple Locations Brokaw Corners T7550 County Road ‘W’ Wausau, WI 54 403 715-675-8770 Bunkers Bar & Grill 1001 Golf Club Road Wausau, WI 54 403 715-675-3663 Campus Pub 1110 West Campus Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-675-1960 Carmelo’s Italian Restaurant 149841 County Road NN Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-5570 Cedar Creek Grill House 1000 Imperial Avenue Rothschild, WI 54474 715-355-9200 Chang Garden 4215 Barbican Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-359-1720 Chico’s 5704 State Highway 52 Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-9851 Chop-Stix Bourbon Chicken & Sushi 2111 Stewart Avenue, #100 Wausau, WI 54 401 715-679-3071 City Grill Bistro 203 Je ff erson Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-2900 Clubhouse Bar & Grill R13085 County Road ‘N’ Ringle, WI 54471 715-842-1913 Dale’s Weston Lanes 5902 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-359-8488 Day’s Bowl-A-Dome 1715 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-2292 Day Break Bar & Grill 5307 Westfair Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-298-1046 Restaurants 26

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE Domino Bar 740 Washington Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-4539 Downtown Grocery 607 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-9800 Era Pancakes & Cafe 151523 North Mountain Road Wausau, WI 54 401 715-551-1172 Eagle’s Nest Restaurant 274 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-842-7992 El Charro 1711 Schofield Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 El Mezcal 227100 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-9100 El Tequila Salsa 151522 County Road NN Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-3277 Evelia’s 3406 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-841-0141 Fat Joe’s Pizzerria 1716 Grand Avenue Wausau, WI 54 403 715-298-0902 Great Dane Pub & Brewing 2305 Sherman Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-3000 Hi Restaurant 102 Je ff erson Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-841-1728 Hoehn’s Huddle 840 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-298-3225 Homestead Inn 162765 WI-52 Wausau, WI 54 403 715-843-5558 Hot Wok Chinese Express 829 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-241-8881 Jalapenos Mexican Restaurante & Bar 300 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-9206 Kohlman’s IGA Foodliner 735 South Third Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 Kreger’s Bakery & Cup & Cake 1506 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-3644 La Prima 529 North 3rd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-1260 La Taqueria 520 South 17th Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-0033 Lee’s Famous Recipe Chicken 2412 Grand Avenue Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-7206 Lemongrass 316 North 3rd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-870-2255 Limericks Public House 121 Scott Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-348-0578 Log Cabin Restaurant 1522 Metro Drive Schofield, WI 54476 715-359-3669 Loppnow’s Sports Bar 1502 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-3544 Lucky’s Eastside Pub & Deli 1803 East Wausau Avenue Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-5825 Malarkey’s Pub & Townies Grill 408 3rd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-819-3663 Mandarin Chinese Restaurant 150 East Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-2120 Masa Sushi Grill 1800 Stewart Avenue, #100 Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-6688 Meyer’s Landing 203031 WI-34 Mosinee, WI 54455 Mint Cafe 422 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-5879 Mortchee’s Carryout & Catering 118 South 3rd Ave Wausau, WI 54 401 7 15-7 12-8072 Mykenos Mediterranean Grill 227121 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-1410 Nancy’s Jamar’s 4011 East Wausau Avenue Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-2949 Newch’s Eatery & Bar 1810 Merrill Ave Wausau, WI 54 401 715-870-2221 Northwoods Bar & Grill 5902 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-359-8488 Nueske’s At Gulliver’s Landing 151701 Mallard Lane Wausau, WI 54 401 715-849-8409 Papa Murphy’s Take ‘N’ Bake Pizza Multiple Locations Papa’s Pizza 1027 East Grand Avenue Rothschild, WI 54474 715-355-1118 Papillon’s Pizza Ltd. 1041 East Grand Avenue Rothschild, WI 54474 715-359-9417 Patron Mexican Restaurant & Bar 4403 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 Peking Restaurant 221 Scott Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-8080 Philly’s Sub & Gyros 1280 West Campus Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-2455 Pho 76 1811 West Rosecrans Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-5301 Pinewood Supper Club 147801 Half Moon Lake Drive Mosinee, WI 54455 715-693-3180 Player’s Sports Bar and Grill 4411 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-0306 Polito’s Pizza - Rothschild 315 Kort Street Rothschild, WI 54474 715-298-4461 Polito’s Pizza - Wausau 311 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-298-9079 Pro Players Sports Bar & Grill 206 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-241-7447 Red Apple Family Restaurant 707 South Third Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-849-9030 Restaurants 27

REFERENCE GUIDE Red Eye Brewing Company 612 Washington Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-843-7334 Relocation Pub & Eatery 1801 County Road XX Rothschild, WI 54474 715-359-0810 Richard’s Restaurant and Bar 5305 North 32nd Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-675-7070 Royal Deli 1720 Merrill Ave Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-3383 Sam’s Pizza - Wausau 111 Elm Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-3165 Sam’s Pizza Palace - Schofield 5811 Business Highway 51 Schofield, WI 54476 715-355-5800 Sconni’s Ale House and Eatery 1239 Schofield Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-241-7665 Shanghai Grill 3910 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-298-9334 Sunrise Bar H12950 State Highway 52 Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-7988 Sweet Lola’s Cupcakery and Bake Shop 1015 North 6th Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-849-5698 Taqueria El Zebas 316 Sherman St. Wausau, WI 54 401 715-841-0105 Taqueria Tres Hermanos 525 Fulton Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-843-5819 The Bar of Wausau 10302 Market Street Rothschild, WI 54474 715-355-7001 The Chatterbox Bar 102 South Second Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-3059 The Domino Bar 740 Washington Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-4539 The Loading Zone 2704 East Hamilton Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-9585 The Mandarin Chinese Restaurant 150 East Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-2120 The Milk Merchant 402 2nd Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-843-0909 The Mint Café 422 3rd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-845-5879 The Palm’s Supper Club 5912 US-51 BUS Schofield, WI 54476 715-359-2200 Pho Zone 4204 Schofield Ave Schofield, WI 54476 715-298-0435 Thrive Foodery 2105 North 2nd Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-393-4040 Tine & Cellar 3806 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-841-0080 Townies Grill 412 North Third Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-819-3663 Townline Market 916 Townline Road Wausau, WI 54 403 715-842-5201 Trail Side Sports Bar & Grill 8101 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-241-8999 Trail’s End Lodge 3901 Sherman Road Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-2000 Treu’s Tic Toc Club 1201 West Thomas Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-2465 Tri-City Family Restaurant 525 Grand Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-359-9596 Urban Street Bistro 715-302-4041 Van Acre 151401 County Rd NN Wausau, 54 401 Vino Latte - Wausau 3309 Terrace Court Wausau, WI 54 401 715-849-9787 Wasabi Weston 3703 Schofield Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 715-359-2888 Wausau Mine Company 3904 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-7304 Wausau On The Water (W.O.W.) 1300 North River Drive Wausau, WI 54 403 715-298-6012 Whiskey River Bar & Grill 5512 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-1547 Wiggly Field 2005 Schofield Avenue Schofield, WI 54476 Wish Wisconsin Steakhouse 5006 East Jelinek Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-298-2903 Zhou’s Mongolian Barbecue 1122 East Grand Ave Rothschild, WI 54474 715-841-0090 CHAINS Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill & Bar 2221 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-848-1110 Arby’s Multiple Locations Buffalo Wild Wings 1819 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-9464 www.bu ff Burger King Multiple Locations Culver’s Frozen Custard Rothschild 10202 Park Plaza Rothschild, WI 54474 715-355-0909 Culver’s Frozen Custard - Wausau 219 Central Bridge Street Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-6994 Culver’s Frozen Custard - Rib Mountain 225577 Lilac Ave Wausau, WI 54 401 715-841-0131 Dairy Queen Multiple Locations Denny’s Restaurant 1500 County Road XX Rothschild, WI 54474 715-359-9953 Domino’s Pizza Multiple Locations Dunkin Donuts Multiple locations Restaurants 28

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE Erbert & Gerbert’s Subs & Clubs 329 North Fourth Street Wausau, WI 54 403 715-848-8300 Fazoli’s 226422 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-355-0801 Five Guys Burgers & Fries 226425 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-841-0415 Hardee’s Restaurant 2609 West Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-5506 HuHot Mongolian Grill 225630 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-5517 IHOP 151508 North Mountain Road Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-9744 Jimmy Johns 2205 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-8585 Kentucky Fried Chicken 222 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-842-3667 King Buffet - Wausau 358 South 18th Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-849-1808 www.kingbu ff King Buffet - Rothschild 1035 East Grand Avenue Rothschild, WI 54474 715-241-8808 Little Caesars Pizza Multiple Locations McDonald’s Multiple Locations Milwaukee Burger Company 2200 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-9371 Noodles & Company 1800 Stewart Circle Wausau, WI 54 401 715-845-5554 Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 226620 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-355-5276 Panda Express 225800 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-241-0009 Panera Bread 1700 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-261-2217 Pizza Hut Multiple Locations Pizza Ranch 2715 Schofield Avenue Weston, WI 54476 715-298-5378 QDOBA Mexican 2205 Stewart Avenue, Suite #400 Wausau, WI 54 401 715-298-1700 Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews 225548 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-301-0019 Rocky Rococo Pizza & Pasta 226408 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-359-8848 Ropa’s Chicago Style Pizza 225670 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-359-7999 Starbucks Multiple Locations Subway Multiple Locations Taco Bell Multiple Locations Taco John’s Multiple Locations Texas Roadhouse 225400 Rib Mountain Drive Wausau, WI 54 401 715-241-9800 Toppers Pizza 1700 Stewart Avenue Wausau, WI 54 401 715-261-2323 29

REFERENCE GUIDE Americinn Lodge & Suites 4115 Barbican Avenue • Weston 715-355-0077 bantr 805 Creske Avenue • Rothschild 715-241-6300 Baymont Inn & Suites 5810 Schofield Avenue • Weston 715-355-9955 $ Best Western Plus Hotel 803 West Industrial Park Ave • Rothschild 715-355-8900 Cobblestone Hotel & Suites 216 Main Street • Mosinee 877-995-1420 Country Inn & Suites 1520 Metro Drive • Schofield 7 15-359-1881 $ Courtyard by Marriot 1000 South 22nd Avenue • Wausau 715-849-2124 $ Days Inn & Suites - Rib Mountain 225520 Rib Mountain Drive • Wausau 715-355-5501 EconoLodge 1510 County Road XX • Rothschild 715-355-4449 $ Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott 7100 Stone Ridge Drive • Weston 715-241-8400 $ Hampton Inn 615 South 24th Avenue • Wausau 715-848-9700 Hilton Garden Inn Wausau 151401 County Rd NN, • Wausau 715-298-5775 $ Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites 4210 Barbican Avenue • Weston 715-359-1280 $ Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites 1000 Imperial Avenue • Rothschild 715-355-1111 $ Je ff erson Street Inn 201 Je ff erson Street • Wausau 715-845-6500 ff $ LaQuinta Inn & Suites 1910 Stewart Avenue • Wausau 715-842-0421 Motel 6 - Rothschild 904 Industrial Park Ave • Rothschild 715-355-3030 Accommodations HOTELS 30

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE Pool Whirlpool Restaurant Nearby Restaurant Onsite Free Breakfast Internet Access Business Center Loyalty Program Fitness Center $ Onora Suites 630 North 3rd Street • Wausau 715-393-4898 (ymca w/ fee) Quality Inn - Mosinee 400 Orbiting Drive • Mosinee 715-693-9000 $ Quality Inn Midway 227201 Hummingbird Ave • Wausau 715-842-1616 $ Reliance Inn 116 South 17th Avenue • Wausau 715-298-6440 Rib Mountain Inn 227305 Boulder Ridge Circle • Wausau 715-848-2802 Stoney Creek Hotel 1100 Imperial Avenue • Rothschild 715-355-6858 $ Super 8 2006 Stewart Avenue • Wausau 715-848-2888 Baymont Inn 5810 Schofield Ave • Weston 715-848-2888 BED AND BREAKFASTS Bougainvillea Bed and Breakfast 511 Franklin St • Wausau 715-581-7973 Stewart Inn 521 Grant Street • Wausau 262-639-5500 Inn at the River 2625 Northwestern Avenue • Wausau 715-449-2091 Owl Ridge Cabin 163554 Owl Ridge Road • Wausau 715-323-2010 AMENITIES KEY scan the QR code for lodging on our website @ places-to-stay 31

REFERENCE GUIDE Big Eau Pleine County Park The largest facility with 2,050 acres, this campground o ff ers 106 sites located on the 6,830-acre Big Eau Pleine Flowage. There are 3 boat landings, changing rooms, swimming beach and several picnic areas with play structures and shelters. Nine miles of winding trails are available for walking and mountain biking through this expansive, forest-like park. Camping Availability: May 1 to October 31 Location: 135695 Eau Pleine Road, Mosinee Contact: 715-261-1566 • Lake DuBay Shores Campground This campground has 40 acres with 200 RV and traditional camping sites. Additionally, you’ll find many other activities here including canoe and paddle boats for rent, recreation hall, game room, free WI-FI, camp store and gift shop. They have all the comforts of home! Camping Availability: open year-round Location: 203040 DuBay Drive, Mosinee Contact: 715-457-2484 • Dells of the Eau Claire County Park Consisting of 193 acres, 27 campsites and the adjacent Ice Age Trail, this park o ff ers visitors a number of nature trails right on the banks of the Eau Claire River along with swimming beach, spectacular waterfalls and rapids. The beautiful rock formations are a magnet for summertime nature enthusiasts. Who can resist climbing among the water-worn rocks or cooling o ff in one of the many swimming holes? Camping Availability : May 1 to October 31 Location: 235890 County Road Y, Hatley Contact: 715-261-1566 • Marathon County Park Located on 78 acres with 35 campsites just outside downtown Wausau. Conveniently situated, it is within walking distance of shopping, attractions and dining. The park feels like an oasis within the busy city, o ff ering broad picnic areas with grills, playgrounds, tennis courts and ball fields. It also has several walking trails, a children’s splash pad and Marathon Junction, with food, a miniature train and a dumping station. Camping Availability: May 1 to October 31 Location: 1201 Stewart Avenue, Wausau Contact: 715-261-1566 • Roughing it has never been so enjoyable. Especially if you have the opportunity to spend time in one of our area camping facilities. From the fantastic views of the Dells of the Eau Claire County Park to the many conveniences available at Lake DuBay Shores Campground, you’re sure to find a great site to set up camp. If you travel by RV and are looking for campground accommodations, there are also several area facilities that have parking, as well as electricity and sanitary stations. Camping 32

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE Marathon County Park System has 19 large parks with amazing natural amenities and low intensity usage, including picnicking, hiking, fishing, swimming, hiking and camping. There are parks with one-of-a-kind features like the center of the northwest hemisphere (45 x 90 marker),and the Dells of the Eau Claire. Each park o ff ers unique natural features with specialized amenities like fairgrounds, shooting range, softball complex, soccer fields and indoor ice skating. The park system also manages 10 forest units totaling over 30,000 acres with hunting & trapping, horse trails, overnight camping and hiking opportunities. County Parks 45x90 Geographical Marker Park 5651 Meridian Road • Athens Amco Park 125773 County Road L• Athens Ashley Park 153738 Sandy Creek Road • Mosinee Big Eau Pleine Park 135695 Eau Pleine Park Road • Mosinee Big Rapids Park 217116 Cruze Lane • Stratford Bluegill Bay Park 226300 Bluegill Avenue • Wausau Brokaw Park 26 County Road WW • Brokaw Cherokee Park 108042 County Road N • Colby DC Everest Park 1800 South 3 rd Avenue • Wausau Dells of the Eau Claire Park 235890 County Road Y • Aniwa Duane L. Corbin Shooting Range Park 217980 Rifle Road • Mosinee. Marathon Park 1201 Stewart Avenue • Wausau Mission Lake Park 211017 County Park Road • Hatley Peoples Sports Complex 1000 South 72 nd Avenue • Wausau Rib Falls Park 232232 County Road S • Edgar Sunny Vale Park 1000 South 72 nd Avenue • Wausau Tr a p p e R i v e r D e l l s Pa r k 1000 South 72 nd Avenue • Wausau Waterfront Boat Landing Camping Restrooms Playground Shelter Areas Baseball Diamond Basketball Court Pickleball Court Hiking/Biking Trails Disc Golf AMENITIES KEY DELLS OF THE EAU CLAIRE PARK 33

REFERENCE GUIDE The Wausau area’s o ff road cycling opportunities are abundant and o ff er a wide variety of terrain and rider levels that will appeal to the entire family. The area has great trail systems, each with its own unique terrain and builds. Flow trails, technical rides, cross country and the areas only mountain bike parks with a plethora of jump lines from blue to double black. Most trails in the area are 4 season trail systems. We are fortunate that riding can be experienced in the winter at Nine Mile County Forest, Big Eau Pleine County Park and Ringle Trails as a result of local clubs grooming segments for fatbiking. Nine Mile County Forest With over 12 miles of single track, Nine Mile County Forest is great place for all levels of mountain bikers to ride. A variety of terrain gives the rider plenty of play-in-the-dirt fun. From the flowey Yin to Yang to the technically advance expert loop, Nine Mile has it all. Big Eau Pleine County Park Big Eau Pleine Park is a sizeable park containing 1,450 acres of second-growth mixed hardwoods forming a two-mile peninsula thrust deep into the waters of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir. The majority of the park was gifted to Marathon County in 1937 by Consolidated Water Power Company. The park operates two separate campgrounds with a total of 106 sites. 8 miles of technical single track with 12 miles of developed trails allow hiking and horseback riding. Visitors can also fish and there are several fishing points near the entrance of the park and adjacent to the three boat landings in the park. Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park A one-of-a-kind mountain bike park in Wisconsin, Sylvan Hill Mountain Bike Park is the newest trail system in the Wausau area. After years for collaboration between CWOCC, the City of Wausau and Marathon County Park, Recreation and Forestry Dept., Rock Solid Trail Contracting was hired to construct this all encompassing bike park. The system is comprised of one main loop, the easiest of the trails. O ff that loop, are three jump-line/flow trails that progressively get more di ff icult all the way to double black diamond. At the trailhead is a pump track and skills area to help refine your abilities and prepare you for the big lines. Ringle Trails Located at the Marathon County Landfill, The Ringle Trail System has a total mileage of 10-11 miles. The trails are a network of smaller loops that can be combined into one larger loop. All trails, Rock the Wierzba, Ruby Ridge, Lost Forty and the Rookery are fully machine constructed through the glacial terminal moraine ridges of Marathon County. Numerous jump, gap, drop features are scattered throughout the trail with all features being optional with a ride around if you want to keep your tires on dirt. Trails are groomed for winter riding. Underdown Underdown is a legendary network of rugged and challenging single track that features 4 lakes, 5 bermed boardwalks and 64 hills through the vast Lincoln County Forest. A blend of old-school and machine-built trail overlaps a segment of the Ice Age Trail and a separate multi-use trail utilized mainly by horses. Camping is available for $15 at the Copper Lake Road trailhead or in the backcountry, especially at the Dog Lake primitive shelter and Underdown Lake. Riding the Underdown and Prairie Dells trails together can stretch the adventure beyond 30 miles. A snowshoe trail gives fat bikers a dreamy ride over frozen lakes and bogs. Prairie Dells The Prairie Dells loop is a moderate di ff iculty route built by machine through 1000 acres belonging to the City of Merrill. Parking is available at the Merrill Memorial Forest trailhead near the junction of Heineman Road and County Highway R. Riders will enjoy wildlife from the Manthei Marsh boardwalk or views on the Prairie Dells canyon. A connector trail across Heineman Road allows riders to flow over ice marginal ridges to the extensive Underdown trail system. This loop is groomed for swoopy fat biking in winter. O ff road Biking SYLVAN HILL MOUNTAIN BIKE PARK For more trail information go to 34

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE One park with an endless supply of recreational possibilities One of the oldest rock formations on earth, Rib Mountain stands proudly in the middle of Wausau/Central Wisconsin, o ff ering a place to enjoy nature and wonder at its spectacle. The name “Rib” comes from a combination of the mountain’s history and the area’s Native American heritage. There is evidence that rock formations, estimated to be a billion years old, were at one time submerged below a great inland sea. A great upheaval, caused by tremendous pressures within the earth formed Rib Mountain, as well as other hills in the area. As the fourth highest peak in Wisconsin, Rib Mountain has a lot to o ff er visitors. The view is particularly breathtaking from the observation tower, a 60-foot structure that serves as a perch for those who climb its winding stairs high above the tree tops. With 1,500-plus acres, the park boasts a well-maintained network of hiking and nature trails throughout the wooded area. The nature trails meander through the park’s rocky outcroppings, o ff ering fun places to climb or sit and enjoy the views. The park is also a wonderful place to observe deer, woodchucks and a variety of birds at close range. 149801 State Park Road, Wausau, WI 54401, 715-842-2522. Enjoy autumn in Wausau/Central Wisconsin A tradition for fall color enthusiasts is the pilgrimage to Rib Mountain State Park. Each year the faithful hike in the spectacular views from one of the highest points in the entire state. Take your time and stop at the numerous observation points or head straight for the 60-foot observation tower. At the top, miles and miles of beautiful color unravel before you. If you prefer to appreciate nature at ground level, there are several opportunities for you to crunch through fallen leaves or shoot some award-winning pictures. The photo above was taken at Rib Mountain State Park. On a clear day, the brilliant waters of Lake Wausau set against the vibrant colors of the trees create a fantastic scene, perfect to enjoy during a fall picnic. Comet Sky Ride The Comet Sky Ride features a six-seat chairlift that encloses its passengers with a safety bar. The chairs move slowly for easy loading and unloading. A roundtrip ticket allows you to start at either Granite Peak Ski Area or at Rib Mountain State Park. You can get o ff at the midway point of the round trip and walk around, then resume the ride back to your starting point. Comet Sky Ride is available mid-September through mid-October. For more information, please visit Rib Mountain State Park 35 RIB MOUNTAIN STATE PARK • CHAIRLIFT

REFERENCE GUIDE Golf Rib Mountain Golf Course 149841 County Road NN Wausau, WI 54401 • 715-845-5570 There’s always time for nine holes of golf, and the Wausau area o ff ers several picturesque courses that allow you to get a round in before your other obligations. One of these courses in Rib Mountain Golf Course, which allows you to work on your short game and enjoy the view as you golf at the base of Rib Mountain State Park. This 32-par, 1,900-yard course is nestled at the foot of Rib Mountain and is one of the more scenic around. A driving range is available for use, as are club and golf cart rentals. The clubhouse is home to Carmelo’s Restaurant—one of the area’s premier dining destinations—featuring fine Italian cuisine and a full-service lounge year-round. In the summer, relax after your round of golf with a cocktail on the outdoor patio! Pine Valley Golf Course 301 136th Ave Marathon City, WI 54448 • 715-443-2848 If you’re looking for 18 holes of golf, the area has several courses to try. One course of note, a few miles west of Wausau, is Pine Valley Golf Course in Marathon. Warm up your clubs at the driving range before trying this 71-par, 6,110-yard course, o ff ering a wooded front nine and a back nine that opens up and is a bit more forgiving. Situated amongst undulating hills and valleys, this championship course o ff ers club and golf cart rentals, a driving range, a pro-shop and lessons. A lounge and snack bar are located within the clubhouse. Greenwood Hills Country Club 2002 Poplar Lane Wausau, WI 54403 • 715-848-2204 In search of a permanent home to satisfy your golfing passion? The Wausau area is home to several distinctive private golf clubs. The Greenwood Hills Country Club enjoys a reputation as one of Wisconsin’s premier private golf courses with rolling hills, beautiful water hazards, and scenic views too numerous to count! This 72-par course is built on some of the most beautiful terrain in the area, and has multiple sets of tees ranging from 4,800 to 7,015 yards. Club and golf cart rentals are available. The clubhouse is home to The Hills Restaurant and Knickers Lounge, all of which are open to the public. Enjoy the scenic views as you dine on fantastic cuisine in a casual, comfortable atmosphere. OTHER AREA COURSES American Legion Golf Course !""!#$%&'#(&)*#+%,-.#/,)0,)# 1!2341235445# 6)*&78#93:%&;#8%)<0;# 5=#6,<>?.9""#@,<-0 Crane Meadows Golf Course 8103 Weston Avenue, Weston 715-355-1264 Public 9-hole course 36 Par/3,3137 Yards Indianhead Golf Course 944#AB-7,B:;,-#C<7D;.#E%07B;;# 1!2349534"44# 6)*&78#!F3:%&;#8%)<0;# 1?#6,<>4.!19#@,<-0 Trapp River Golf Course G7H:I,J#//.#/,)0,)# 1!2341235"==# 6)*&78#!F3:%&;#8%)<0;# 1?#6,<>4.552#@,<-0 Tribute Golf !""!#$%&-#(&)*#+%,-.#/,)0,)# 1!2341235"==# 6)*&78#!F3:%&;#8%)<0;# 1?#6,< Wausau Country Club ?"F#(%)BK4.5FF#@,<-0# JUST A LITTLE BIT FURTHER Sentry World 4"!#E78:7H,B#MD;#N.## LK;D;B0#6%7BK.#/A#2==F!# 6<7D,K;#!F3:%&;#8%)<0; Sand Valley !491#O;%P%&-#/,J# N;Q%%0,.#/7#2==21# 0,B-D,&&;JR8%S 36

CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | REFERENCE GUIDE Disc Golf Fall Colors In Mosinee, the place to visit is River Park located on the Wisconsin River. Just a few blocks from the downtown area, River Park has a new gazebo and walking trails by the water. The Big Eau Pleine County Park can be found a short drive southwest of Mosinee. At 2,050 acres, the park is a heavily wooded peninsula that runs two miles into the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir. Big Eau Pleine Park o ff ers miles of gorgeous hiking trails. Downtown Wausau has several places to enjoy the colors of fall. The River Walk, which is a paved path along the Wisconsin River, follows the whitewater course to Oak Island Park. Here you can enjoy your traditional park amenities or cross the bridge to the Fern Island Park which has a trail system along its heavily wooded shoreline. If vibrant colors are your goal, then a short drive to the Dells of the Eau Claire County Park will be a memorable addition to your autumn adventure. Take the winding hiking trail past breathtaking rock formations and the soothing babble of the rapids of the Eau Claire River. A particularly colorful area exists on the hills between Wausau and Merrill, and in Brokaw just north of Wausau on Highway 51. The hills and valleys in this area o ff er wonderful scenic driving opportunities. For a real adventure, take a mountain bike excursion on the Mountain-Bay State Trail located in Weston. You can ride for miles and see amazing autumn colors as well as several lakes and streams along the way. When to come... The fall color season generally begins in mid-September and ends in early to mid-October. It’s easy to plan a fall color getaway with color updates just a click away at You can also phone Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau at 888-WI-VISIT to get the latest area information or visit our website Disc golf is played much like traditional golf but instead of a ball and clubs, players use a flying disc. Start at the tee area and land your disc with the fewest throws possible in the baskets. The Wausau area has five course that are well kept and are playable for all skill levels. Timberwolf Run at NTC and Memorial Park are open courses with some water hazards to contend with but are great for the novice player. Big Eau Pleine, Liberty and Yellow Banks are wooded and require a bit more accuracy. Get more information on area disc golf courses at Big Eau Pleine Park 18 Holes 135695 Eau Pleine Park Road • Mosinee Yellow Banks Park 9 Holes 3511 Camp Phillips Road • Weston Liberty Park 9-Holes 223975 Lakeshore Drive • Wausau Memorial Park 9 Holes 505 Memorial Park Road • Wausau Timberwolf Run 18 Holes Northcentral Technical College 1000 W Campus Dr • Wausau 37 RIB MOUNTAIN STATE PARK DISC GOLF IN THE WAUSAU AREA

REFERENCE GUIDE Winter Sports Downhill Skiing at Granite Peak Granite Peak Ski Area has quickly become Wisconsin’s premier ski destination, and reaches new heights every year. The tallest vertical drop in Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, Granite Peak has the ability to make snow early and keep it late with superior snowmaking equipment. With the recent improvements at Granite Peak, it’s getting harder to make a distinction between skiing out West and skiing close to home. Granite Peak has the terrain variety, the long runs and the reliable snow you’d expect to find only after spending a few hours in an airplane. Luckily, it’s close to home, and easy to reach with a short drive on well-maintained interstate highways—no airport hassles, no rental car, no long travel day...just great skiing. More Terrain, More Variety, More Lifts Explore over 200 acres of terrain spread out across 60 trails serviced by the Midwest’s fastest lift system, including the only six-pack in Wisconsin! Cruise down a groomer, explore our expansive woods, or take a ride through the air on one of four progressive terrain parks. When you need a break, relive your turns over a hot chocolate or cold beer next to one of our fire pits on the newly transformed Historic Chalet Deck. Granite Peak is dedicated to keeping the terrain parks fresh and innovative. Granite Peak now has eight chairlifts and 74 runs, including several new expert chutes with 60 to 70° grades and glade skiing. Choose from steep chutes at the top or Western-style, tree-lined runs meandering through gorgeous stands of sugar maples and red oaks. There’s plenty of fun in store for younger skiers too, with the supervised children’s center and the Enchanted Forest tree skiing area. Now your ideal family ski vacation is only a short drive away! Ski Longer With 100% snowmaking capacity provided by one of the most powerful snowmaking systems in the Midwest, Granite Peak now o ff ers a five-month ski season that can last from mid-November to mid-April. Eight full-time Snowcat groomers roll seven days a week, along with 500 advanced technology snowguns. All Granite Peak trails are groomed and bu ff ed daily, and the half-pipe moguls and terrain park are groomed by their very own sta ff . Granite Peak also o ff ers night skiing from 4pm to 9pm. Mountain Music and Events In addition to great skiing and snowboarding, Granite Peak is o ff ering an exciting schedule of live music concerts featuring national and regional bands playing rock, reggae and high-energy country. The Sundance Chalet and 10th Mountain Chalet now in the upper level of the original historic chalet will be the sites for these bands as well as weekly music by local entertainers. Granite Peak has its usual long list of special events, holiday celebrations and family packages scheduled, as well as festivals and family activities. For rates, events and trail conditions, call 715-845-2846 or go to 227200 Snowbird Avenue, Wausau, WI 54401 38

REFERENCE GUIDE CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE | Snowmobiling over 880 miles of trails, every trip out is sure to be a new adventure! It stands to reason that the state’s largest county would have the most trails, over 880 miles for snowmobilers to enjoy. The trails are maintained by 29 snowmobile clubs and a fleet of 40 major pieces of grooming equipment to create one serious sledding destination. There are miles of great snowmobiling adventures that await you. Information and Licensing A trail pass issued by the Wisconsin DNR is required to operate snowmobiles on all snowmobile trails in the State of Wisconsin. Visit: for more information. Visit the Marathon County website: or call 888-WI-VISIT to request an o ff icial Marathon County Snowmobile Map. ATVs Welcome Many of the snowmobile trails are open to ATV use as long as the temperature is below 29° and snow conditions are favorable. More ATV trail information is also included in the Marathon County Snowmobile Trail Map. There are also 11 miles of ATV trails at the Burma County Forest that are open from May through September. Get on the Trails! Be sure to check locally on conditions before making any ice crossings. For trail conditions or a copy of the Marathon County Snowmobile Trail Map, call 715-261-1550, Option 6 or visit Sylvan Hill Tubing The hill o ff ers 6 great rides down and 2 wire tows to pull you back up the hill. Bring your family and friends to try out Wausau’s best winter recreation opportunity. The park also o ff ers a large chalet with fireplace and a snack bar to purchase food. Cross-Country Skiing Choose from four trail systems that accommodate all levels of expertise. Beginners will enjoy classical skiing across gently rolling terrain on the Ringle trail. The Sylvan Hill Trail has a popular in-town location and is serviced by the Wausau and Marathon County Parks, Recreation, and Forestry Department. Intermediate skiers will enjoy the remote Big Eau Pleine Park Trail, a scenic trail along the Eau Pleine Reservoir, featuring rolling and wooded terrain. The best facility in the area is at the Nine Mile County Forest and Recreation Area, o ff ering 33 km of trails to choose from and even lighted trails so you can ski at night. Visit or call 715-261-1550 for updated snow conditions and other trail information. Nine Mile County Forest and Recreation Area This is one of the top cross-country skiing facilities in Wisconsin and o ff ers: • 20 miles (33 km) of trails including loops from .5 miles to 9.6 miles • 6.3 km of lighted trails • Well-groomed trails accommodate both skaters and diagonal skiers • Spacious chalet o ff ers concessions, restrooms, changing facilities, lockers, a lounge with a wood stove and panoramic views. Chalet phone: 715-693-3001 • Lighted trails for nighttime skiing • Rental equipment • Nordic Ski Patrol on duty • Adjacent snowshoeing trails • Centrally located within minutes of lodging, dining and shopping 39 NINEMILE COUNTY FOREST SYLVAN HILL PARK

40 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS For Inspiration Franklin & 12th St. / Wausau, WI 715.845.7010 / Always FREE Admission John Miller, Super Hero (4/12), 2022, serigraph on Rives BFK paper Dive In September 9 – September 10, 2023 Festival of Arts Downtown Wausau 400 Block & Beyond Birds in Art Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Franklin & 12th Street Center for the Visual Arts Downtown Wausau 427 N. Fourth Street Art in the Park Marathon Park East Gate Hall & Historic Exhibition Building Presented by SEPTEMBER 9-10 2023 DOWNTOWN WAUSAU Fine Art Young Collector's Market Silent Auction Still Young @ Art Classes Children's Activities Live Entertainment Food Stands SATURDAY 10-5 SUNDAY 10-4 Jury on ZAPP by 4/01/2023 1800 N 1 st Avenue • Wausau, WI Photo by Bob Rogers

41 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS The Proof is in the Printing Stand apart from your competitors by representing your company with dynamic sales literature, retail product marketing tools and brand building print materials. You can buy printing from many suppliers, but when it comes to ensuring the success of your project or campaign, you’ll be happy that you chose Rotographic Printing! OUR SERVICES INCLUDE: 255 south 80th avenue wausau, wi 54401 • Customer Service • O ff set Printing • Digital Printing • Large Format Printing • Specialty Bindery Services • Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns including Printing, Inkjet, Sorting, and Variable Data. Call a customer service rep today at 715.845.4443 or toll free: 800.428.4151


43 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS K E Y TO YOUR NEXT MOVE 211072 715-212-7300 !"#$%&'()*+$,--$./01#22$3$45(6#2$7$8*52*5 9:;<$=*1>(?*-$@A#-5#$8#26&-B$8,$C99DE "(#/01#22F?&GHI*52*5I($J$D;CFKCLF;:M< AN IHG’ HOTEL %&'()*+$,--$./01#22$3$45(6#2$8*52*5$N&-A#-(#-6'+$'&?*6#)$ &O$%(P"I*+$:L$-#*1$!"#$8#26&-$Q#)(?*'$N#-6#12$*-)$R526$ G(-56#2$S1&G$!"#$8*52*5$=52(-#22$T(261(?6F For more information visit or call 715-842-0983 Visiting Central Wisconsin? Come to Rib Mountain! Enjoy recreational activities such as skiing, hiking, biking, fishing and more in Rib Mountain. POINTS OF INTEREST : • Rib Mountain State Park & Granite Peak • Nine Mile County Forest • Lake Wausau • Sandy’s Bark Park • Doepke Recreation Area • Kayak Launches at Gulliver’s Landing & Rookery Park • Liberty Park Disc Golf Course Also, take advantage of our several major retail stores and restaurants.




47 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS MARATHON COUNTY WILLOW SPRINGS GARDEN LLC !"#$%&'(()*+,-%.*'/+% 012,123%04%!""$5% 67%85!9:8!95585% ;;;7;'((<;,6*'=>,>1*?+=,7)<@% Check us out on Facebook! Check on-line for our upcoming 2023 EVENTS! Wausau’s Premier Floral and Home Store 626 N 3rd street - Historic River District Wausau’s Premier Floral and Home Store 626 N 3rd street - Historic River District Fresh Flowers Local Art Plants Seasonal Decor Home Accessories Unique gifts Delivery Services Fresh Flowers Local Art Plants Seasonal Decor Home Accessories Unique gifts Delivery Services Delivery Services Weddings Events & Coordination and much more... Delivery Services Weddings Events & Coordination and much more... 715.849.2586 715.849.2586 A shopping experience like no other... Come explore the possibilities... A shopping experience like no other... Come explore the possibilities...

48 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS THE DEPOT 209 WASHINGTON STREET, WAUSAU The Chamber recently moved into a new home at the entry to Wausau’s downtown. Drop in and say hello! WAUSAUCHAMBER.COM 715 ! 845 ! 6231 [email protected] 715 - 340-3077 Professionally Managed by Jalapenos Mexican Restaurante & Bar City Grill Bistro Jefferson Street Inn Polito’s Pizza Herbal Soap N Salves Campbell Haines Menswear Massage Reflexology Center Modern Gents Lemongrass Asian Fusion Ciao The Ugly Mug Isaac’s Fine Apparel & Accessories Fearless Fashions 101 HT Cobblery Eboni Fashions Layla’s Beauty Stop Massage Associates Downtown Wausau


50 CENTRAL WISCONSIN VISITOR’S GUIDE ADVERTISERS EXPERTS Since 1949 324 Scott St Downtown Wausau Ride n! BUILDING A A BETTER MOUNTAIN BIKING COMMUNITY IN CENTRAL WISCONSIN W A U S A U W I S C O N S I N FOR LOCAL TRAIL INFORMATION, VISIT CWOCC.ORG • FIND US ON FACEBOOK (CWOCC) DOWNTOWN WAUSAU Wednesdays & Saturdays 7am until sold out on River Drive May 1st through late October WESTON’S MARKETPLACE Tuesdays & Saturdays 8am until sold out on the corner of Camp Phillips and Schofield Ave May through October ROTHSCHILD FARMERS MARKET Wednesdays 3pm to 7pm located at the Rothschild Pavilion June through September VILLAGE OF KRONENWETTER Sundays 9am to 2pm located at Sunset Park June through October CITY OF MOSINEE Tuesdays 11am until sold out located at River Park June through October MARATHON CITY Thursdays from 2pm to 6pm June through October GREATER WAUSAU AREA FARMERS MARKET 151523 N Mountain Rd • Rib Mountain, WI 54401 PHONE: (715) 551-1172 OPEN DAILY 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM