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Los Angeles Truck accident attorney answers legal questions

West Coast Trial Lawyers are Los Angeles truck accident attorneys and we had some online questions related to trucking accidents

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West Coast Trial Lawyers are Los Angeles truck accident attorneys and we had some online questions related to trucking accidents and semi truck accidents so with that said I'm going to go to the questions that were posted truck accident attorney can answer the question the first one was from Richard. Richard said I was in an accident with a commercial truck the driver looked like he had slept in days are there rules for how long is the commercial truck driver can drive before he has to get off the road yes actually there are rules and their federal rules and typically state rules to for truck drivers. They’re actually required to keep a log of the amount of time that they've been on the road and if they cross over too much time they can be fined and it actually cited for that by the police so this is actually a big issue in truck accident cases. Because oftentimes these companies or even the employees who are driving pushed to be on the road further and longer and you know they're making the money but they're not being safe and that becomes a big issue for a claim. If Los Angeles truck accident lawyer find out that he was on the road for way too long he was sleepy caused an accident that

he could be held liable his company could be held liable his insurance company is obviously going to be looked into for a claim. So definitely that's something truck accident attorney always get the investigator working on gathering some bad evidence of truck accidents because they're very complicated cases typically. Ok next question was from bran friends says I was hit from behind by a semi trailer the truck driver said he had no choice but the but it because if he hit his brakes his load would have

smashed through the back of his cab and killing them does this mean he wasn't negligent for Fran. I don't believe he should rely on the truck driver to determine what caused the accident with any kind of truck accident the police are going to do an accident reconstruction so they're going to have someone and hopefully someone who's experienced go out there. And do measurements talk to witness’s take photographs do graphs and diagrams and determine and how this accident happened typically with a truck accident case there's you know a lot of physics and motion that's involved it can cause the accident I find the truck drivers scenario very hard to believe. So truck accident lawyer tell Franny he probably needs to hire a truck accident attorney to start helping review the reports getting their own witnesses an investigation going to establish a claim against that truck driver okay next question was from Steve. Steve says I was driving on the highway and was struck by rubble that flew off the back of a truck hauling construction

materials the debris broke my windshield and caused me to hit a guardrail is the truck the trucking company liable for the damage for Steve situation is definitely possible that the trucking company could be held liable for flying rubble off of a truck you know there's a lot of regulation. And how the trucker's are you know how their calls how big their halls are how they're secured the maintenance of the truck to make sure that it's safe if there's things falling off the back of the truck there's something wrong and this actually is a pretty common way that people are injured.

So again there's going to be a report that should look into that aspect of how it happened but there's a lot of other things that truck accident attorney could do to investigate the company to see if it's something that runs company-wide if there's safety protocols that they're failing to implement if they're not maintaining their trucks in a safe manner and replacing parts and keeping them up to date. If their drivers are you know not driving properly and causing you know maybe speeding and those kind of things can cause things to fly of acts and there's a lot of issues again that truck accident lawyer would need to investigate to determine but definitely there is a claim against that company there okay and the last question we had was from Marvin. Marvin said uh my car was hit from behind by commercial truck the driver said is great fail he also said he's an oh there's a cop from too it's possible that the driver would not be liable if his brakes failed but then he got a question of you know who is liable and you know he's going to have some kind of responsibility to maintain the vehicle.

And not rear end someone but also the company and maintaining the parts and maybe the manufacturer the parts there's a lot of different scenarios again in this case especially with a brake failure there needs to be an expert that goes and takes a look at those brakes and typically. I'll hire a truck accident attorney to go out there before that that truck has been fixed get out there and look at that part to see if it had been replaced why the brakes failed how that caused about what effect that had on the accident and you know do everything. Truck accident lawyer can to establish a claim to make sure that you know that the company if they had some failures there will be held responsible for the injuries excellent do you have any other questions for Los Angeles truck accident attorneys just call us on (888) 341-9802. Truck accident

attorney is agreed to get back with answers thanks truck accident lawyers thanks Ryan yes I can be reached at any time at my office West Coast Trial Lawyers at for thank you.

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