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Solent Handbook & Directory Ratecard


INSPIRED MEDIA WELCOME BE SEEN AND MAKE A BIGGER IMPACT Inspired Media’s products and your brand to a high spending services are tailored to the needs audience and get results. These of the marine market and are include our growing online widely distributed around the community SolentHandbook. Solent, one of the busiest stretches com which attracts thousands of of water in the UK. visitors each week, and in print our high quality annual publication, Photo by Paul Wyeth The UK marine market is worth a The Solent Handbook & Directory, staggering £2.9 billion* and over which is loved by its readers 30% of that comes from the Solent and distributed free in over 200 region. After listening to our clients locations in the Solent area. and readers we have developed INSPIRED MEDIA solutions and a mix of tried and We look forward to working with DELIVERS ACCESS TO: tested products to enable you you to help you achieve your to promote your products and marketing goals. services to this core market. • The Solent’s favourite website The Inspired Media Team We offer a unique mix of marketing • 100,000+ Solent Handbook tools at budget prices to promote readers * Source: British Marine Federation - UK Leisure, Superyacht and Small Commercial Marine Industry Key Performance Indicators 2010/2011. Contact Yasmin Attrill T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

INSPIRED MEDIA SOLENT HANDBOOK & DIRECTORY THE SOLENT’S FAVOURITE HANDBOOK | 20,000 PRINT-RUN | SOLENT, SOUTH COAST & IOW DISTRIBUTION The annual publication of the Solent Handbook & Directory, with a print-run of 20,000, heralds the start of each new sailing season. The handbook will be available at established, and many new, pick-up points from Easter onwards, along the Solent from Poole to Brighton and on the Isle of Wight. It will also be distributed through top regattas including Cowes Week and Panerai British Classic Cowes Week. Distribution, through marinas, yacht clubs and numerous marine facing businesses, is designed to ensure that the book reaches the Solent leisure marine audience. The content is tried and tested and is invaluable to boat owners and sailors who spend time on the Solent’s historic waters, whether it be from a leisure or sporting perspective. With valuable information in Solent Ports and Harbours, Cowes and Portsmouth Tides, an Events Diary and Calendar, a Directory and up-to-date Racing Marks, the Solent Handbook & Directory is a popular and much appreciated information resource for the Solent community. WHAT ARE THE STUNNING BENEFITS? PHOTOGRAPHY • Brand exposure at the heart of the UK’s largest and most influential leisure marine market segment. • The largest distribution and highest visibility of the regions handbooks with an unrivalled power to inform and influence potential customers. • You will reach influential ABC1 Solent stakeholders with real spending power. • Your advert will have a full 12 months shelf-life giving you the benefits associated with a long-term advertising presence. Photo by Paul Wyeth T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

INSPIRED MEDIA SOLENT HANDBOOK & DIRECTORY THE SOLENT’S FAVOURITE HANDBOOK | 20,000 PRINT-RUN | SOLENT, SOUTH COAST & IOW DISTRIBUTION DIRECTORY LISTINGS & DISPLAY ADVERTS DIRECTORY LISTINGS Double Line Listing (includes handbook & .com) £75.00 Enhanced Listing £225.00 (contact details and up to 50 words) Great value directory listings DISPLAY ADVERTS (SEE BELOW FOR ADVERT SIZES) Banner £225.00 A Quarter Page £425.00 B Half Page £725.00 C Full Page £1225.00 D Double page spread £1925.00 E Free handbook & online directory entries High impact (double line listings) with all display adverts display advertising PREMIUM DISPLAY AND SPONSORSHIP Outside Back Cover £1995.00 PREMIUM DISPLAY AND SPONSORSHIP Inside Front Cover £1495.00 Inside Back Cover £1495.00 Full Page Opposite Contents £1495.00 Advertorial Page £1325.00 Sponsored Feature Article £1595.00 Sponsored Solent Locations Map £1225.00 Sponsored Solent Racing Marks Map £1595.00 Sponsored Cowes Tide Tables £1595.00 Sponsored Portsmouth Tide Tables £1595.00 Sponsored Solent Events Diary £1495.00 Sponsored Solent Events Calendar £1495.00 Maximum impact positions available Logo on Front Cover & Spine £1200.00 A 82 x 21mm Artwork: We can Please contact us to discuss Marine Advertising create artwork for B 82 x 51mm D E you in house and Portfolio cross platform packages which can will do this free of include the Solent Handbook & Directory and 100 x 200 x charge whenever 235mm 235mm possible - If you + 3mm + 3mm would like more C82 x 106mm bleed bleed information please Call us now 07773 276215 call 07773 276215. T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

INSPIRED MEDIA SOLENTHANDBOOK.COM THE SOLENT’S FAVOURITE WEBSITE - VISITED BY THE UK’s LARGEST LEISURE MARINE AUDIENCE incorporates all the information contained in the Solent Handbook & Directory, with Solent weather & tides, daily sailing news bulletins and events information. It is positioned as an information resource for the Solent community and the region’s visitors. Solent wide and local directories provide contact details for marine and general service providers, including moorings and berths, yacht clubs, restaurants and accommodation. is visited by the UK’s largest and most influential leisure marine audience, making it an important channel, not only for marine market advertisers, but all businesses with products and services used by the Solent community. We are committed to increasing traffic and building the popularity of as an online resource and to improving the visitor experience. Increasingly we have embraced social media and we currently boast over 1000 Facebook friends and 6300 Twitter followers. FREE ONLINE DOUBLE LINE DIRECTORY LISTINGS WITH ALL PRINT AND DIGITAL DISPLAY ADVERTISEMENT BOOKINGS Photo by Paul Wyeth T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

INSPIRED MEDIA SOLENTHANDBOOK.COM THE SOLENT’S FAVOURITE WEBSITE - VISITED BY THE UK’s LARGEST LEISURE MARINE AUDIENCE DIRECTORY LISTINGS Great value Double Line Listing £75.00 banner adverts Enhanced Listing £150.00 Enhanced Listing with Image £295.00 Great value button adverts DISPLAY ADVERTS • All pages carry advertising. • Each page features one Banner, a Skyscraper and three buttons. • Minimum booking period 4 months DIRECTORY DISPLAY ADVERTS Directory category pages can feature a Category Banner Advert which will show all the time at the top of the page. Minimum booking period 6 months. High impact Prices per month skyscraper adverts Off-Peak: October - March Button £35.00 Skyscraper £60.00 Banner £80.00 Directory Category Banner £30.00 Peak: April - September Button £60.00 Skyscraper £95.00 Banner £140.00 Directory Banner £50.00 Artwork: We can create Please contact us to discuss Marine B artwork for you in house Advertising Portfolio cross platform A and will do this free of 150 x 150 pixels charge whenever possible packages which can include the 150 x 600 - If you would like more pixels Solent Handbook & Directory and information please call 07773 276215. C 572 X 75 pixels Call us now 07773 276215 T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

T 07773 276215 E [email protected]

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