2024 Employee Benefits Market Outlook 27 Conclusion Many of the workplace challenges employers dealt with in 2023 will con琀椀nue through 2024 and beyond. While some of these challenges are familiar, others are not. Consequently, employers may need to operate more e昀昀ec琀椀vely and e昀케ciently to set themselves apart from their compe琀椀琀椀on. This will likely require employers to proac琀椀vely embrace and simultaneously respond to the evolving employee bene昀椀ts market. Cri琀椀cal to employers’ success in 2024 will be protec琀椀ng workers’ health and well-being, accommoda琀椀ng employees’ needs and desires, embracing cost-e昀昀ec琀椀ve strategies, and priori琀椀zing a琀琀rac琀椀ng and retaining skilled workers. Organiza琀椀ons that prepare and act quickly will stand out in today’s compe琀椀琀椀ve market. This may also allow them to weather the challenges this year may bring and posi琀椀on themselves for sustained growth and success. The best strategies will vary by workplace, but being aware of the trends and themes presented in this Market Outlook can guide employers as they plan and establish bene昀椀ts strategies in 2024. Contact us for more informa琀椀on about these trends and to request addi琀椀onal resources on these and other important workplace topics. This ar琀椀cle is not intended as legal or professional advice. © 2024 Zywave, Inc. All rights reserved.

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