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To develop a hospital management system, you should know what it includes. We have gathered the main sections to consider during hospital management system software engineering: Doctors Any hospital management system should have a list of doctors and all detailed information (full name, phone number, mailing address, number of patients, etc.). It is also essential to include information about each doctor’s medical field, their experience, office hours, primary responsibilities, schedule of surgeries, etc. Staff The hospital management system should contain information about staff. It is necessary to add data about each hospital employee, their duties, working hours/shifts, the area of their work, etc. The more information you add, the easier it will be for hospitals to manage and control them. Patients It is imperative to add a section to the hospital management system that will contain information about each patient. The patient list should contain information about each patient, such as the date and time of admission to the hospital, symptoms upon admission, diagnosis, attending doctor, room number, medical history, history of surgeries, date and time of discharge, etc. Laboratory results This section should include a list of patients and the results of all laboratory analyses carried out for each of them. Supplies

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