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WAEC Further Mathematics Scheme of Work

Download Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for Nigeria Senior Secondary School SS1-3 1st, 2nd & 3rd Term with Activities& Teaching Materials

Further Mathematics Scheme of Work for SS1-3

Lagos State Further Mathematics Scheme of Work

Scheme of Work for Further Mathematics

FURTHER MATHEMATICS SS I FIRST TERM SUB-THEME:PURE MATHEMATICS K TOPIC PERFORMANCE CONTENT ACTIVITIES TEACHING AND EVALUATION E OBJECTIVES LEARNING GUIDE WE TEACHER STUDENTS RESOURCES 1 Sets Students should be able (1) Definition of set (1) Helps the (1) Study the object (1) Charts of Students to: & to: (2) Set notation method. students to build set around and then different element of (1) define represent 2 (1) define a set (3) Types of set. using common build sets from them sets. set using the different (2) represent given (a) Null set objects around the use different method (2) Charts of set. methods. items in set notation (b) Single on set finite students, illustrate to to represent set. (3) Chart of sets (2) solve real life (3) write out the types and infinite set the students the (2) Gives example using the different problem using Venn of sets. -Subset different method of of types of set. method of notation diagram. (4) carry out set -Universal set representing set. (3) Solve problem (4) Chart of types of operation. -Power set (2) Guides students which involves the set. (5) draw and use Venn -Set operation to define the types operation. (5) Chart of diagram in solving real (a) Union of set and their (4) Draw Venn different operation. life problem. (b) Intersection notation illustrate to diagram of given (6) Chart of 2 set (c) Complement number the student on how problem. and 3 set Vann of element in a set to carry out the diagram. (2) Venn diagram and operation. application up to 3 set (3) Guides students problem. to draw Venn diagram and how to use them in solving problem. 126

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