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FURTHER MATHEMATICS SS I FIRST TERM SUB-THEME: PURE MATHEMATICS K TOPIC PERFORMANCE CONTENT ACTIVITIES TEACHING AND EVALUATION E OBJECTIVES LEARNING GUIDE WE TEACHER STUDENTS RESOURCES 3 Indices and Students should be (1) Law of indices x (1) Explains to the (1) Charts of the law (1) Charts on the Students to: Logarithms able to: = students the law of of indices and law of indices and (1) solve problem (1) use the law of รท = logarithm. logarithm illustrated logarithm illustrated indices. also solve indices in solving ( )n = (2) Illustrates to the with example and with examples. problem using the problem of indicial = 1 students that the law solving problem on law of logarithm. equation. = hold. it. (2) solve problem on (2) use the law of = (3) Drills the indicial equation. also logarithm with the โˆš students on problem solve the problem on positive base in (2) Application of indices, involving the law of change of base. calculation change solution of indices logarithm. the base of a equation up to quadratic (4) Introduces the logarithm. equation law of logarithm students to the rule (a) = + of change of base, illustrate to the students that the rule (b) = โˆ’ hold, drill the students on change of base. (c) = (d) =1 (e) 1 = 0 Where: a = 1 =0 โ„Ž =1 Change of base of logarithm = 127

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