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We have transferred this system also to the University of st. Gallen where we teach a course on design thinking where students spent more around months between two hours a week in a highly engaged environment under supervision by professors internal and other external advice icers to work on these problems and to come up with solutions and I believe that the characteristics. We see in these courses will be shaping the future of Future of education which will be more about problem-based learning about immersion and about simulation now what do these three things mean completely problem-based learning means students are challenged to apply their knowledge to real-world problems. And they need to rephrase and rethink and reframe the problems to identify new solutions and maybe even realize that they have been trying to solve the wrong problem all along that's something that we typically don't do because most exams still try and force you to come up with the one right answer. And the only one right answer shifting away from this mode where we transfer knowledge and then we examine whether you have successfully acquired this

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