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DOUBLE DUTCH The Dutch Dutch Oven Try the real thing! Crafted from carbon steel for classic browning and even cooking, the Dutch Dutch Oven is an international classic with a rich history that continues to inspire chefs around the world. Powerful, durable and versatile - BK’s original Dutch Oven looks as beautiful as it functions. The unique product has become a true culinary icon since its inception in 1851. Re昀椀ned over the centuries, it is now made in Germany, still with the traditional techniques that earned it a coveted Royal Predicate - the eqivalent of a culinary knighthood - in 1951. Full of timeless quality and ground-breaking design, the Dutch Dutch Oven has been loved by generations past and is designed to be loved by generations of the future.

Launched in 1926, BK’s original Dutch Oven has become a true culinary icon. The unique royal blue interior is a subtle nod to the predicate Royal which BK received in 1951. Available in vivid colours, it is loved for its versatility and designed to last for generations. 24cm / 6.2l Dutch Oven Rrp $249 Our Price $199

吀栀e Anatomy OF A CULINARY ICON Anti-Chip Technology The carbon steel core is molecularly An eye for detail Hidden Strength fused with the Glazeguard interior The carbon steel body shares many and exterior, making the handsome Domed lids, recessed into the body of the culinary bene昀椀ts of cast iron coating less prone to chipping than of the pan, deliver greater cooking without the cumbersome weight. the enamelled surfaces of its cast capacity and guard against boil overs Heavy gauge bonded steel handles iron cousins. by providing a tight seal. The fully are sturdy and strong. stainless steel rims insure against chipping and rusting by creating a robust defence against the rigours of metal utensils. Interior Design BK’s signature royal blue interior appears with all colour exteriors and pays homage to the Dutch Royal household which has endorsed the BK brand as world class. Carbon Steel Core The professional gauge carbon steel body heats up quickly and boasts outstanding temperature control - ideal for the slow-cooked stews, ragouts, risottos and delicious soups this dutch oven can deliver. And it’s equally at home both in the oven or on any cooktop, including induction. Good Looks that last BK’s unique and durable Glazeguard technology in the interior and exterior glaze is non-porous, non-reactive and both cut and scratch resistant. The enamel surface has natural non-stick properties which make for easy cleaning.

MASON CASH In the Forest The Mason Cash ‘In the Forest’ range is intricately embossed with forest scenes inspired by folk tales of the mid-19th century. Designed in England with soft earthy colour tones the embossing brings a decorative, autumnal element to your kitchen bench and warmth to your home. 2l Bear Mixing Bowl RRP $69.95 Our Price $49.95 2.7l Owl Mixing Bowl RRP $84.95 Our Price $59.95 more sizes and patterns available

MASON CASH Centuries of Kitchen Tradition Mason Cash has been the choice of home cooks and bakers for centuries. The origins of Mason Cash can be traced back to a pottery in the heart of England’s thriving ceramics industry in the quintessential Derbyshire village of Church Gresley in 1800. Church Gresley was located close to all the raw material and fuel sources required to make ceramics and had fantastic transport links to take 昀椀nished goods all over the UK and the world. The pottery produced practical, handsome kitchen items made from ‘white and cane’ glazed earthenware sometimes known as ‘yellow ware’ due to the colour of the local clay. Pieces were also referred to a bargeware , as they were transported to markets via canal boats synonymous with the Midlands The pottery was run by a series of Master Potters of whom one colourful character was “Bossy’ Mason - so bossy in fact, that he put his name to the brand. Tom Utensil Jar RRP $22.95 Our price $14.95 Cash acquired the pottery in 1901 and became the Cash 2.5l Compost Bin RRP $39.95 Our Price $29.95 to Bossy’s Mason. Tea, Coffee or Sugar Cannister Bread Bin RRP $69.95 Our Price $49.95 RRP $22.95 Our Price $14.95ea

BAKER BLEU History in the Baking Mike & Mia Russell started Baker Bleu in 2016 wanting to create ethical and delicious sourdough bread for Melbourne to enjoy. Baker Bleu started as a small bakery in Elsternwick and was lovingly embraced by the community. In 2019 Baker Bleu moved to its larger premises in Caul昀椀eld North and they feel very privileged to be able to provide bread to the broader community and some of our favourite restaurants. This month Minimax has asked Baker Bleu for a few tips to help the home baker take their sourdough to the next level.

Baking at Home Tips and Q & A with Baker Bleu The lockdowns of 2020 saw a huge surge in people making sourdough a home. Do you have some secrets to sourdough success that you can share with our readers? It’s great to see so many people trying sourdough at home. A few of my best tips would be to use your senses, get a thermometer and emulate a really hot oven by using a dutch oven. To cultivate a good starter, make sure you feed it at regular intervals. There are lots of great guides online to do this. Use the same container/vessel to store it. This helps to keep it strong, active and healthy. A thermometer is a great tool in the kitchen, particularly for bread making. Temperature can affect how active the dough is. Too hot and you’ll potentially overproof your bread, too cold and it may not rise. Using a thermometer can help control these variables. Checking temperature along the way will help regulate your dough and bread across the process. At our bakery, we use really high temperatures to bake our bread. Home ovens won’t reach these temperatures but you can use a dutch oven to create a similar environment. Ensure it has been pre-heated in the oven before transferring your loaf. Pop the lid on and put it back in the oven. This helps to trap heat inside and will give you a great crust and end product. What’s your go-to loaf and why? My favourite loaf is our Super Country loaf. The wet dough weight is 2kg, so it is a big loaf. It’s mostly white with a touch of stoneground emmer 昀氀our giving it a slightly nutty taste. We bake it for a long time in the oven and it develops an amazing dark crust with a super moist crumb. The slice size is perfect for sandwiches and it’s just a super versatile bread. It is a popular one amongst restaurants as a table bread. For lunch, our corn, chive and chilli pizza hits the spot! Congratulations on your much anticpated new store opening in Hawksburn Village - a nice new neighbour for Minimax. What’s your vision for the new store? Thank you! Our new store is set to open in May in Hawksburn Village. It will be a retail space with on site pastry production. We will sell all of our current range but are excited to expand on it, offering more pastry, grab and go lunches and Market Lane 昀椀lter coffee. We’re moving our pastry production out of our current home in Caul昀椀eld North to aid in making more bread and pastry. We moved to our Caul昀椀eld North site in the middle of 2019 and the space is slowly feeling smaller and smaller so it was time to expand again. We’re excited to have John Paul Twomey (former Carlton Wine Room chef) join the team as our product and recipe development manager.

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Sourdough begins with the starter. 吀栀e Starter is the soul of your bread. It produces leaven and creates 昀氀avour. It is an active culture of natural yeast that can be maintained and kept for decades and it is what will make your bread uniquely yours. GET YOUR SOURDOUGH The Kilner® Sourdough Starter Set contains all tools needed to make a successful sourdough starter, which will then be used to create a fresh and delicious sourdough loaf. Pancakes, pizza, naan breads and other baked goods can also be made from a sourdough starter. Two jars are included in the set allowing a second batch to be created whilst the 昀椀rst batch is in use. The stainless steel measuring lid has been specially designed to measure out 昀氀our and water precisely, making it incredibly easy to maintain a successful starter. Included in the gift box, is a step by step booklet which includes comprehensive instructions. Set contains: 2 x 350ml Kilner® Wide Mouth Jars 1 x Stainless Steel Measuring Lid 1 x Silicone Spatula 1 x Stainless Steel Lid 2 x Rubber Bands 6 x Labels 1 x Recipe Booklet Kilner Sourdough Starter Kit Rrp $44.95 Our Price $29.95

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olio (oh-lee-oh) noun: “A miscellaneous collection of things” Olio by Barber Osgerby and Royal Doulton is a Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby bring a deep miscellaneous collection of pieces, reminiscent of understanding and respect for British craft to found objects and inspired by a sense of their work with Royal Doulton, and a wealth of craftsmanship and the handmade. Designed for experience. Their multidisciplinary portfolio, everyday use, functional tableware designs such spanning furniture, architecture and industrial as ceramic mugs and a ceramic teapot come in a design, echoes Royal Doulton’s vision to create colour palette of graphic black, timeless white collections combining both intelligence and and new celadon blue. Pick your favourite or mix function, making it the perfect partnership. and match designs for an eclectic look. Simple, yet striking, the silhouettes make a statement on any table. Start collecting these understated clay, wooden and stainless steel pieces from London designers Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby.

OUR FAVOURITE MULTICOOKER & AIR FRYER Dinner in an Instant If you’re a health-minded individual, food enthusiast or someone who just wants to save time in the kitchen – then the Instant Pot is ideal. Top of the pots in the USA for many years with a cult-like following across the world, Instant Pot has 昀椀nally found its way to Australia. Aiming to promote healthy eating and reducing the consumption of fast food, Instant Pot’s multipurpose, intuitive and space saving appliances perfectly complement the needs of consumers with active, busy, healthy and environmentally conscious lifestyles. Cook high-quality, deli- cious and nutritious meals every time, in less time with Instant Pot! 8l Duo Nova 7 in 1 Multicooker RRP $299 Our Price $199

Enjoy the rich 昀氀avours and crispy textures of all your favourite fried food without the oil thanks to the Instant Vortex Plus 5.7L Air Fryer! This easy to use, fast and compact air fryer has pre-set Smart Programs to air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat or dehydrate. From crispy sweet potato fries, to crunchy kale chips or 昀氀uffy churros – this impressive appliance is designed to support a healthy lifestyle and achieve delicious results with as little as two tablespoons of oil. This space ef昀椀cient and versatile device works by circulating super-hot air around your food to cook evenly and lock in moisture so your family can enjoy their fried favourites without the guilt. Even the mess is contained – the internal basked contains any grease splatter, and the outside surfaces can be easily and quickly wiped clean. The cooking tray is even removable and dishwasher safe for extra convenience. Instant Vortex Plus 5.7l Air Fryer Rrp $269 Our Price $199

An Instant Healthy Homemade Hit Cooked and Crisped in the Instant Pot’s Vortex Plus Airfryer CRISPY PANKO CRUMB Onion Rings Prep Time 15 minutes Method Cook Time 10 minutes Peel and cut the onion crosswise into 2cm slices, then Servings 2-4 servings separate into rings. Ingredients Place 昀氀our in a shallow dish. Combine beaten eggs and · 1 large red onion water in a second shallow dish. Place breadcrumbs in a · 1 cup 昀氀our third shallow dish. Divide the garlic salt, seasoned salt · 4 eggs lightly beaten and cayenne evenly across the 3 bowls and stir each to · 2 tbsp water combine. · 2 cups panko breadcrumbs · 3 tsp garlic salt divided Coat onions as follows: 1) egg mixture, 2) 昀氀our mixture, · 3 tsp seasoned salt divided 3) egg mixture, 4) 昀氀our mixture, 5) egg mixture, 6) · 1/8 or 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper divided breadcrumbs, pressing crumbs 昀椀rmly on all sides. (Optional for easier handling) Place coated onions in a shallow tray and place in the freezer for 30 minutes. Place the cooking tray on the bottom of the air fry bas- ket. Using the display panel, select AIR FRY, then adjust the temperature to 205°C and the time to 10 minutes, then touch START. When the display indicates “Add Food” place onion rings in a single layer on the cooking tray (you may need to work in batches). When the display indicates “Turn Food” turn the onion rings over. When the Air Fry program is complete, remove the onion rings. Serve hot.

Our Geelong store is now open in the heart of Pakington Street. 196-198 Pakington St, Geelong West VIC 3218 Phone: (03) 5234 4845

265 YEARS - 11 GENERATIONS History of Innovation 2021 marks a momentous occasion for RIEDEL: the 265th year as a family-owned glassware business, creating what we believe to be the 昀椀nest glass for wine. RIEDEL has been revolutionising the world of glassware since 1756 but in 1986, they introduced the world’s 昀椀rst collection of grape varietal speci昀椀c glassware. RIEDEL glasses are designed to work with wine’s ‘DNA’ to show more depth and better balance. The innovative stemware has evolved to translate the “message” of wine to the human senses. The 昀椀nely-tuned bowl consists of three variables – shape, size and rim diameter - expertly workshopped to elevate your wine drinking experience. We invite you to explore the enhanced 昀氀avours that expertly crafted RIEDEL glasses will deliver to your tasting experience.

The Original Stemless Glass Designed in 2004, the RIEDEL O Tumbler was the 昀椀rst varietal-speci昀椀c wine tumbler in history. O is an innovative take on the casual wine glass, based on the benchmark shapes of RIEDEL’s Vinum series. Better yet, the O Tumbler 昀椀ts into every dishwasher so broken stems are a thing of the past. Limited Edition 265 Year O Series Set of 6 Cabernet/Merlot Tumblers $99set

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