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About Our Company Our Origin Story Our story starts on a regular morning drive to work when our founder saw a small girl running down the sidewalk. The girl was barefoot, her arms wrapped around who was assumed to be the girl's little brother. Dressed in a diaper, his feet dangled just above the pavement as the girl scuffled on. The girl knew where she was going. She was running toward a school. Whatever was going on that morning, she knew that help was just ahead, inside the school. Children know that schools care. However, after working for decades in classrooms, our founder knew that the way the girl was received would depend on the stress level of the school employee or teacher who first met our heroine at the door, this big sister on her bravest day ran to a school. Our founder realized that in many cases, the system has forgotten about the human-centric purpose of education. That day she saw the child running for help, our founder decided to step out of the classroom and into the arena to support systemic educational improvement. The School Care Team provides service and care to schools so that they can provide quality learning experiences for all students. 01

Built to Thrive Neuroscience Learning is negatively impacted by historical trauma or toxic stress. The brain actually changes; neuropathways are not optimized. Neuroplasticity allows for healing and hope. Building connections and positive relationships with people rebuild the harm in the brain caused by trauma and toxic stress. Feeling Safe and Secure People need to feel confident in their environment in order to thrive. The important point here is feeling safe. This includes physical safety along with emotional safety. Connection and Belonging Leaders who insist that teachers are cherished lay the groundwork for a thriving learning community. Teachers who are able to process stress have the emotional space to cherish students. 02

Vision We envision schools where connection, community, and hope are the norm for everyone. Mission The School Care Team works We prioritize student well- alongside schools to nurture being, educator coaching cultures of care by encouraging and development, and teachers and supporting student healthy school community well-being through responsive practices. training and strategic coaching. Our programs are strengths- based and presented through a lens of hope. Values Belonging: We are passionate Innovation: We are about promoting empathy, purposeful about acceptance, and community. anticipating needs and continuous improvement. Optimism: We are dedicated to identifying and leveraging unique Harmony: We are and collective strengths. committed to nurturing wellbeing, restoration, and Excellence: We are skilled at collaboration. providing professional, adaptable, and customized service. 03

Performance Overview Program Outcomes and Data Highpoints The School Care Team implemented five programs to support 18 strategy outcomes, five intermediate outcomes, and five regional outcomes. The School Care Team worked in elementary, middle, and high schools in northeast Indiana. 96% Teachers who said they experienced an increased ability to face challenges 98% Teachers who learned something that will help them deal positively with a challenge they are having with students 04

Performance Dashboard is an in-house created multi-session series of lesson plans that Mindset Reset: introduce four social-emotional learning modules: Regulating Big Emotions, Communication and Connection, Respecting Boundaries, and Discovering Personal Value. The learning series directly address the social-emotional learning competencies: insight, regulation, connection, collaboration, sensory-motor, and critical thinking. The program is available for kindergarten to 12th grade I have a strategy I can use to manage my big emotions. I have a strategy I can use to manage my big emotions. There is evidence that Mindset Reset helped increase feelings of self-control. Among older students (grade 2 and above), only 46% reported that they had a strategy to manage their emotions before the program, whereas 61% of students said the same after the program. The before and after program change for the first-grade students was not as large as with older students, yet it was still a seven percentage point increase from 43% before the program to 50% after the program. 1st Grade Students that realize everyone has personal boundaries: Student participants in Mindset Reset: 280 75% It is important to communicate my boundaries to those around me. 05

Performance Dashboard Wellness Recovery Action Planning WRAP is a wellness program WRAP: focused on empowering participants to taking charge of their own wellness. There were four targeted outcomes for WRAP– each focused on increasing understanding. Using a broad definition of “understanding” (i.e., not exclusively focused on learning), there is evidence that participants improved in all four outcome areas. These outcomes were measured using a before and after program questionnaire methodology. I feel a sense of personal responsibility to take care of my wellness. Respondents were asked how well the sentence, “I can identify when Student participants in WRAP: things are breaking down,” to measure of their self-awareness. There were improvements in in each response category. The most notable change in the very true response category moved from 25% before 934 the program to 37% after the program. I can identify when things are breaking down. 06

Suicide Prevention Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) Suicide 14,000 2065 Teachers prevention training Students Served with Sources of Served with Sources of 500 Strength Strength Participants 50% increased in the likelihood of connecting suicidal friends to help 75% of participants reported an increase in 25% increase in reported using Sources of seeking help Strength when needed 07

Financial Overview 100 60 97% 55% 75 40 37% 50 20 25 2.5% .2% 8% 0 0 Grants Fee for Service Donations Admin Program Staff This financial overview reflects the School Care Team's first year of independent operation. While the budget appears robust, the company has a strategy in place to diversify funding streams. Investment in WRAP and other training programs will increase fees-for-service. A new program, Kimochis, will create a new funding stream that is based on the placement of educational materials. Printed materials and textbooks will provide revenue that will replace grant funds as grant contracts potentially expire. Total Assets at close 2023 Operating of 2022 Budget $1.2M $317,910 08

Success Stories 24 "Sources of Strength has made a great impact on the school climate Teachers at Garrett Middle School. The positive culture change and increased student-adult relationships have been beneficial in creating a safe school environment for all. The diverse peer leader team is able to impact all social groups through our school, developing a strength- focused mindset in students and staff." "The wheel is important when emotions like stress, anger, and Students anxiety take over in our brains, creating a reliable set list of people, activities, and habits we can turn to when we feel so overwhelmed by these emotions. It allows us to make rational decisions before we make ones that are too late to take back. When difficult situations spring into our lives, we need to identify ahead of time a variety of options we can turn to that fit that particular moment -- whether that is stopping to talk to a [trusted adult] right away, or doing one of the healthy activities." Community The SCT was able to identify a problem in the community that involved schools, students, and adult professionals. The team developed a relationship with the Allen County Public Library that included training for adult library staff as well as summer Team Reads youth employees. When a SCT member complemented a student on their reflective abilities, the student replied, "It is because of programs like this that we are able to express ourselves." 09

"WE BELIEVE THAT ALL STUDENTS HAVE THE CAPACITY TO FLOURISH" The Board Carlos Brooks- Growing Minds LLC Marcy Hawkins- Huntington University Madeline Miller- Alyssum Montessori School DonLoray Reese- Fort Wayne Community Schools Carmen Bowser- Whitko High School Jenny Allen-Seiss- Oak Tree Guidance/Psychologist Beth Mcleish- Founder of Project Ballet The Team HOPE Heather Miller- Founder and CEO Tina Wooldridge- Program Director Gina Courtois- Program Director CHERISH Shane Presley- Program Manager Jennifer Barnes- Program Specialist Beckie Browning- Program Specialist FLOURISH 10

Thank You INVESTORS AND PARTNERS For-impact organizations rely on community and corporate support. When our missions align, we can work alongside each other to build thriving communities. LINDA LAUER private donor RANDI LINCOLN private donor 11