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About Our Company Our Origin Story Our story starts on a regular morning drive to work when our founder saw a small girl running down the sidewalk. The girl was barefoot, her arms wrapped around who was assumed to be the girl's little brother. Dressed in a diaper, his feet dangled just above the pavement as the girl scuffled on. The girl knew where she was going. She was running toward a school. Whatever was going on that morning, she knew that help was just ahead, inside the school. Children know that schools care. However, after working for decades in classrooms, our founder knew that the way the girl was received would depend on the stress level of the school employee or teacher who first met our heroine at the door, this big sister on her bravest day ran to a school. Our founder realized that in many cases, the system has forgotten about the human-centric purpose of education. That day she saw the child running for help, our founder decided to step out of the classroom and into the arena to support systemic educational improvement. The School Care Team provides service and care to schools so that they can provide quality learning experiences for all students. 01

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