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PAGE 4 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 High priority weed discovered on Waterfall Way single, mature Tropical for seedlings as a matter or A soda apple (TSA) plant precaution. (Solanum viarum) was found Rotational paddocks, holding during vegetation maintenance paddocks, quarantine paddocks operations on Waterfall Way, or electric-fenced areas are all Dorrigo Mountain. suitable, and must be checked Th e plant was identifi ed and regularly for the presence of removed for safe disposal. seedlings. Plants can produce In NSW, cattle movements are fruit within two months of currently the major vector of germinating. spread. Bellingen Shire Councils It is illegal to knowingly Invasive Plants team will transport the seeds of this be conducting additional plant inside an animal, or inspections of High Risk to knowingly buy or sell an Pathways, High Risk Sites and animal that contains seeds. known sites in response to this Such activities can result in fi nding. prosecution and fi nes, and the Residents are asked to check movement of seed in cattle is their paddocks and help prevent traceable. this plant from taking hold in To mitigate the very high our shire. risk of introducing this plant, Its foliage is unpalatable for any new cattle coming onto livestock, and can completely any property must be held for infest a pasture in as little as a six days in an area that can be year, so ensuring its eradication closely inspected for seedlings. is a high priority. TSA seeds become ready to For TSA identifi cation and sprout when they are eaten by further control information, cattle and passed within that please visit 6-day period. Aft er this, any au/Weeds/TropicalSodaApple. seeds that are passed wont Should you discover TSA, or sprout. any other high priority weed Studies of seed viability aft er on your property or elsewhere being consumed by horses have within the Shire, please report not yet been done, and any new your fi nding to Councils horses coming onto a property Invasive Plants Offi cer on should also be held for six days 6655 7300, or email council@ in an area that can be checked Cattle grazing beside Tropical Soda Apple Two new exhibitions at Nexus Community Gallery MAIN GALLERY JANE HUTCHINS, MONICA RUNDLE, JILL HANKINSON, RUTH RANDALL-GEORGE n 2017 three artist friends, Jane, Monica and Jill decided to Iupgrade their painting skills with international artist, Ruth Randall-George. All four became soon very close friends and their individual painting styles evolved, hence this exhibition “Serendipity”. STUDIO GALLERY YVONNE KIELY he paintings of this award-winning artist have been featured Tin many solo and group exhibitions in Australian Regional Galleries including the Glasshouse Regional Gallery Port Macquarie. Yvonnes semi abstract paintings are inspired predominantly by landscape and seascape, revealing layers of transparent meanings. Misty oceans, light fi lled and  ourishing landscapes, convey tranquility, a sense of stillness to call the viewer to slow down, breath, look deeper into and resonate with the art work. Council calls for climate comment Dorrigo Plateau ecent reports by the RIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tell us global Pharmacy carbon emissions are increasing rapidly, and the window to keep global warming to below 1.5°C and to avert devastating climate v 9CNMKP%18+&CPF impacts is rapidly closing. In March 2019, Bellingen HNWXCEEKPCVKQPU Shire Council joined a global 0QCRRQKPVOGPVPGGFGF movement when it declared a climate emergency. Councils response to the emergency is set Trading hours - out in the Climate Emergency Response Framework (CERF), Monday to Friday : 8.45am to 5.30pm and Corporate Carbon Plan. Saturday : 9 to 1pm Council also made a strong commitment to work together Community Climate Action community resilience to the You can view the Bellingen 67 Hickory St with our community to develop Plan. changing climate. Shire Community Climate Dorrigo a plan to reduce our communitys Th e Plan proposes ambitious To get involved, contact the Action Plan at www.bellingen. carbon emissions and to support actions developed by our project leaders in the Plan, NSW 2453 community climate adaptation. community. It sets a clear or be in touch with Councils Sustainable-Living/ Ph. 0266572005 Th ey have been working with pathway to guide our transition Sustainability Offi cer for more Community-Climate-Action- the community to develop the to a net zero world, and to build information. Plan

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