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g Bellingen NEWS SHIRE Serving Urunga, Repton, Raleigh, Mylestom, Fernmount, Bellingen, Valery, Gleniff er,  ora, Dorrigo WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 $2 AT NEWSAGENTS EDITION 20 Changing of the guard at the HUB By ADAM NORRIS ean Besley, the well- Drespected coordinator of the Bellingen Shire Youth Centre (better known as the HUB), is stepping away from the role aft er almost a decade of service. While he has overseen a huge range of community initiatives and projects in that time, Dean is not that concerned about leaving big shoes to fi ll. “Well, Ive been really incredibly passionate about the Youth Hub, and the young people and the role in the community for years,” Dean said. “And it got to a point where it felt like it was time to hand over and give a younger person a bit of a crack. Im 60 this year, and stepping into that place where I need to think about what Im handing over.” It is Deans hope that having someone new in the role will bring a fresh perspective on how the HUB engages with the community, which echoes how Dean and his colleagues fi rst FRONT ROW: Dean Besley, ex-coordinator Bello Youth Hub; Steve Allan, mayor; Fiona Hannaford, David Neville, Management Committee; Myola Suffolk, Youth Support Worker founded the organisation. “Part of the reason why the but Ill still be involved in the Dean looking forward to further weve been doing at the Hub are supporter or a young person, and most, and the bit Im the most Hub did so well was when we community.” consultation with the Minister rolling out in one shape or other the Hub has been instrumental proud of.” started, we didnt know what Th e more Dean speaks of his for Regional Youth. all across the State. Th ats quite in them doing something bigger “Our job was to support the we were doing. We had a blank motivations and memories of his “Part of what we did at the Hub exciting, really.” and better. community and what they canvas, and a whole bunch of time at the HUB, it is clear that landed at the State government Th e HUBs range of activities “I always get inspired by needed,” Dean refl ected. us were dreamt into it and built community service has been a level, and many minsters were include the Two Way Street people who think theyve been “Whatever arose in the something along the way. calling, as much as a career. very interested in what we driving program, art and music empowered at the Hub, who feel community we were able to “And I think places like From a background in were doing. Ive got involved programs, a youth drop-in theyve been given permission to support or respond to. Because that need renewal, they need startups, to his involvement in a program called the Youth service and many more. When do something diff erent. the unspoken thing that goes passion, they need people who with corporate models of how & Community Coordinator asked to think back on the “Th e number of people who on at the Hub is that we also arent quite sure what theyre to run vibrant community Program, which is [where] highlights of his time at the bring their new kids into the deal with some tricky things doing but are willing to have a banks (and instructing some the State Government has HUB, Dean was at fi rst lost for Hub, babies, is just wonderful. as well, and its wonderful that crack. Ive seen too many good youth abseiling programs along coordinators all around regional words Th ey started as teenagers who a community likes ours has organisations go backwards the way for good measure), NSW helping community with “I think that the highlights were a bit challenged in the early somewhere that young people because people hold on too empowering local communities youth matters, and Im the for me arent necessarily the days, and now theyre mums and who are struggling can come and long. has always been key. strategic consultant for that. activities. Its the people who dads. get support. And were going to “So it will be hard leaving, Nor is the work done, with “So in one way, all of the things have come in as a volunteer or a “Th ats the bit Ill miss the continue to do that.” Discount Bulk Foods      Organic Groceries ! % ,-. !!)!!(/ %0 )++ 1 / !!"-)+/(!&  (-2/ Local Produce  (3!!4/ !!"-3% %0-2 /    Working hard to 5++%! !/'"  1 !!4/ !!"   !  % -.  / "+   keep good food    6 % 7! /% $8%&!/'"!   affordable for all     !   5 % 9:%9988! !;    since 2004 "   #   !6 % 7! )&"3 9< ! 1 Church Street, Bellingen NSW 2454    !!"#$ %&  '"# (  !)!!"*%+ | 02 6655 9299

PAGE 2 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 g Rescheduled horse show at Showground Bellingen NEWS SHIRE HOW TO CONTACT US For stories, news and letters, email our content manager at editor@ For advertising and sales inquiries email Brad McCosker at sales@ or 0411 717 555. DEADLINES(all prior to the next publication) • Advertising - Noon Wednesday • Editorial - 5pm Wednesday • Sport - 9am Monday • Letters - 5pm Wednesday CIRCULATION AND DELIVERY 3500 copies are distributed as follows: Bellingen town x 1500 home delivered. Bundle drops at IGA Bellingen, KOMBU Wholefoods and the Providore, North Bellingen, Fernmount Fire Station 50, Thora Store 100. Urunga and the seaboard receives 1200 copies at various drop off locations from Mylestom Store, North Beach Bowling Club, Urunga Golf and Bowling Club and in Urunga CBD at Spar and Foodworks supermarkets, Hickeys Shell Garage as well as BP and the Stihl Shop on the Pacific Highway. Vanessa McKinnon and the multi-ribboned Cardwell Park Carcello at the Bellingen Show Copies are available in Dorrigo at Spar and ft er relentless rain brought Agriculture Society is pleased to Australian Stock Horses, On Sunday the Hacks, Hunter IGA supermarkets as well as Pam’s Fruit and Athe 2022 Bellingen Show announce that the horse show Guy Fawkes Heritage Horses, and Riders will compete for Veggies. to an early end and saw the will return, free of charge, on Australian Riding Ponies, ultimate Supreme Hack, cancellation of equine events the 3rd and 4th of September. Shetlands and coloured horses Supreme Hunter and Supreme altogether, the Bellingen River Featuring exquisite horses just to name a few. Rider of the 2022 Show. of all diff erent breeds and Th e Champions of each You will see horses and ponies Sponsored by: immaculately turned-out Breed then compete for the of all heights being ridden by all riders, this exciting show- coveted Supreme Led Horse of age competitors. jumping competition will see the Show, winning the Pattie Th e feature event of the Show- competitors strutting their stuff Hoschke Perpetual Trophy, as jumping will be the Waterfall in the Bellingen Showground well as the Mare & Foal bronze Way Associates Grand Prix, held main arena. statue donated by local business over two rounds on Sunday. On Saturday 3rd September Realities Cold Cast Bronze. the breed classes will be paraded Local Pony Clubs will also For any further information, by their handlers to judge the compete in hacking and riding horse events can be found on champion of each individual classes. our website breed. Saturday also features fi ve You will see Th oroughbreds show-jumping events, including or contact Elaine on (including some who have just a Junior Grand Prix and the 0428 388 594. completed their racing careers), Rescue Relay GEN BELLINT KR SA PA SEPTEMBEREN 8 TH G am 102022IN - 2pm BELL @ BAREFOOT FUNERALS OVER 100 STALLS – Leaving the Earth Lightly PROVIDING A HUGE Gentle funerals, helping family and friends, DIVERSITY OF SPECIES honour, mourn and celebrate in personal ways native, rare & exotic plants, trees & more Cremations, Burials Contact : E: [email protected] M: 0419 218 800 Full funeral service/home, chapel, church presented by Bellingen Environment Centre Inc. Locals supporting Locals. MUSIC, WORKSHOPS & DELICIOUS FOOD! 0488559595 40A Hyde Street Bellingen

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 3 River Sounds festival this weekend HEADLINER: Baker Boy will be on the main stage at River Sounds this weekend at the Showgropund ft er three false starts, River THE MUSIC synonymous with the Big Day ASounds is fi nally here, Well, the lineup is mind Out in the 90s and early 2000s. taking place at the Bellingen blowing! You could hang out River Sounds is bringing it back We’ll turn Showgrounds on 19-21 August, at the main stage all day and and has enlisted some of the big the three-day event features not be disappointed. Obviously guns of Australian electronic some of Australias biggest artists the headliners Baker Boy, music to deliver the beats. and brightest emerging talent. Regurgitator, Butterfi ngers and Do not miss the godfathers that frown Lets dive in and take a look at Alex Th e Astronaut are the big of turntablism Phil Smart and the must dos at the event. ticket artists you have to see. Simon Caldwell. When: Phil WELCOME TO COUNTRY Heres a few of our other artist Smart, Friday 9.30pm. Simon Th e inaugural River Sounds picks that you dont want to Caldwell, Saturday 9.30pm upside down. festival will be opened by the miss: LOCAL STAGE highly respected Gumbaynggirr Dallas Woods: Dallas is A stage dedicated to showcase cultural leader and language widely regarded as one of the the best local talent has been Services. Meet The Team. educator, Uncle Michael best rappers in the country. added to the event and features Micklo Jarrett. A Noongar man raised in stacks of legends including Rear Late nights Dr Sharon Marinucci Micklo will deliver his Wyndham, East Kimberley, Wheel Drive, Th e Nikkis, and Open Saturdays Dr Oleg Pushkarev passionate Welcome to Dallas is the quintessential Black Pallas to name a few. Country, joined by Bellingen underdog. Aft er dropping out ON SITE CAMPING Online bookings available Dr &ODLUH*UHHU Shire local and rising Aboriginal of school at age 14, Dallas Make a weekend of it and Orthodontic treatments Wendy Summerill dance star Codi Denham and developed the uncanny ability camp on-site at the Bellingen the Bellingen High School to fi nd humour in the most Showgrounds. Head to www. Children therapist Jessica Cantrill Aboriginal Dance Group. unlikely places. Poverty, suicide, Bulk billing CDBS Susan Waldorf During their dance abuses of all kinds are a common for details. performance, Gumbaynggirr theme in his life yet its relentless FOOD & MARKETS $LUƟRZ visual artist Bernard Kelly- exposure has provided him Do not eat before you come to =220ZKLWHQLQJ Edwards will have his stunning with the mettle to cut-through River Sounds! Food is a-plenty artwork displayed on the main societys demons so he can apply at the Festival with street stage big screen. When: Main words to his tsunami of feelings vendors dishing up everything Stage, Saturday, 2.45pm. and thoughts. When: Main from paella, tacos, curries, ALL WEATHER EVENT Stage, Friday, 7.35pm Middle Eastern BBQ, pizzas River Sounds has been Th e Lazy Eyes: Sydney psy- and stacks more delicious goods. designed as an all-weather event. rockersTh e Lazy Eyes have just COOPERS BEER GARDEN Th e Main Stage is covered by a returned home aft er a sold out Th e Coopers Beer Garden massive big top tent, big enough run of shows to rave reviews is a huge space, partly covered to cover the entire crowd in the UK. Sitting somewhere off ering shade and protection attending the event. between the sounds of world from the rain, heaps of seating Th e Boiler Room stage is beaters Tame Impala and the and a big service area to avoid indoors (and air-conditioned!) more explosive rock outputs long queues. Makes one thirsty within the Showground from King Gizz, Th e Lazy just thinking about it! Pavilion. Plus, the bar area is Eyes will take you on a sonic TICKETS covered by a huge stretch tent, journey to the mystic realms of Tickets are selling fast and are to keep you goodness. When: Main Stage, likely to sell out before the event. We look forward comfortable while you keep Saturday, 4.45pm Head to the website to to hearing from Phone: 6655 5800 yourself hydrated. THE BOILER ROOM purchase tickets and for event you and seeing Email: [email protected] Rain, hail or shine, River Any of you old heads out there info. you soon. Sounds is on baby! know the Boiler Room was

PAGE 4 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 High priority weed discovered on Waterfall Way single, mature Tropical for seedlings as a matter or A soda apple (TSA) plant precaution. (Solanum viarum) was found Rotational paddocks, holding during vegetation maintenance paddocks, quarantine paddocks operations on Waterfall Way, or electric-fenced areas are all Dorrigo Mountain. suitable, and must be checked Th e plant was identifi ed and regularly for the presence of removed for safe disposal. seedlings. Plants can produce In NSW, cattle movements are fruit within two months of currently the major vector of germinating. spread. Bellingen Shire Councils It is illegal to knowingly Invasive Plants team will transport the seeds of this be conducting additional plant inside an animal, or inspections of High Risk to knowingly buy or sell an Pathways, High Risk Sites and animal that contains seeds. known sites in response to this Such activities can result in fi nding. prosecution and fi nes, and the Residents are asked to check movement of seed in cattle is their paddocks and help prevent traceable. this plant from taking hold in To mitigate the very high our shire. risk of introducing this plant, Its foliage is unpalatable for any new cattle coming onto livestock, and can completely any property must be held for infest a pasture in as little as a six days in an area that can be year, so ensuring its eradication closely inspected for seedlings. is a high priority. TSA seeds become ready to For TSA identifi cation and sprout when they are eaten by further control information, cattle and passed within that please visit 6-day period. Aft er this, any au/Weeds/TropicalSodaApple. seeds that are passed wont Should you discover TSA, or sprout. any other high priority weed Studies of seed viability aft er on your property or elsewhere being consumed by horses have within the Shire, please report not yet been done, and any new your fi nding to Councils horses coming onto a property Invasive Plants Offi cer on should also be held for six days 6655 7300, or email council@ in an area that can be checked Cattle grazing beside Tropical Soda Apple Two new exhibitions at Nexus Community Gallery MAIN GALLERY JANE HUTCHINS, MONICA RUNDLE, JILL HANKINSON, RUTH RANDALL-GEORGE n 2017 three artist friends, Jane, Monica and Jill decided to Iupgrade their painting skills with international artist, Ruth Randall-George. All four became soon very close friends and their individual painting styles evolved, hence this exhibition “Serendipity”. STUDIO GALLERY YVONNE KIELY he paintings of this award-winning artist have been featured Tin many solo and group exhibitions in Australian Regional Galleries including the Glasshouse Regional Gallery Port Macquarie. Yvonnes semi abstract paintings are inspired predominantly by landscape and seascape, revealing layers of transparent meanings. Misty oceans, light fi lled and  ourishing landscapes, convey tranquility, a sense of stillness to call the viewer to slow down, breath, look deeper into and resonate with the art work. Council calls for climate comment Dorrigo Plateau ecent reports by the RIntergovernmental Panel on Climate Change tell us global Pharmacy carbon emissions are increasing rapidly, and the window to keep global warming to below 1.5°C and to avert devastating climate v 9CNMKP%18+&CPF impacts is rapidly closing. In March 2019, Bellingen HNWXCEEKPCVKQPU Shire Council joined a global 0QCRRQKPVOGPVPGGFGF movement when it declared a climate emergency. Councils response to the emergency is set Trading hours - out in the Climate Emergency Response Framework (CERF), Monday to Friday : 8.45am to 5.30pm and Corporate Carbon Plan. Saturday : 9 to 1pm Council also made a strong commitment to work together Community Climate Action community resilience to the You can view the Bellingen 67 Hickory St with our community to develop Plan. changing climate. Shire Community Climate Dorrigo a plan to reduce our communitys Th e Plan proposes ambitious To get involved, contact the Action Plan at www.bellingen. carbon emissions and to support actions developed by our project leaders in the Plan, NSW 2453 community climate adaptation. community. It sets a clear or be in touch with Councils Sustainable-Living/ Ph. 0266572005 Th ey have been working with pathway to guide our transition Sustainability Offi cer for more Community-Climate-Action- the community to develop the to a net zero world, and to build information. Plan

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 5 Fernbrook farmer a finalist in Landcare awards By ADAM NORRIS days major awards werent rare, paving the way for Australias he three fi nalists for the winning the Natural Resource sustainable farming future,” said T2022 Bob Hawke Landcare Management competition when Minister Watt. Award were revealed on August he was just 28. While Geoff believes there 8th, with Fernbrook farmer “Ive always had this lifelong is always something new to Geoff Basset on the shortlist belief that we have to keep learn (and to teach others), for Landcares most prestigious adapting to changing conditions, the changes he has already award. and I do think farmers are highly witnessed towards agriculture Th e founder of Farm Mojo, adaptable,” Geoff explained. and sustainability over the years Geoff is a nationally recognised “Th eyre always having to has been impressive. specialist in soil health and adapt to diff erent markets, “Oh, its been enormous,” regenerative agriculture. He diff erent weather conditions, Geoff said. is widely sought-aft er for its just part of farming to accept “My journey through his incredible breadth of change. You cant fi ght it. agriculture has pretty much knowledge, honed over 40 years “Th e farmers I work with are mirrored the Landcare ethos. of innovative farm management. trying to create more resilient Landcare came into being about “I am a professional farmer, businesses, and I generally work ten years aft er I started farming, and Ive always been passionate with family farmers who are and as Ive watched Landcare about agriculture,” Geoff said. looking to get to the next level evolve, my own thoughts and “Ive always wanted to be of production. Creating better experiences have been in tune the best farmer I can be, so to environmental outcomes, giving with Landcare all the way. achieve that, Ive just studied them more resilience to changes “When I fi rst started, farmers and learned. Ive done a lot of in their business.” were being told its all a business, short courses, with anyone with Geoff has found himself in its about production and an interesting topic around strong company for the award. making money. agriculture. Also nominated is Dr Mary “But now farmers realise that “Ive got decades of doing Retallack for the ecological res- natural resources are the major short courses and learning toration of vineyards, and Bruce asset on their land, and they new methods in agriculture, Maynard who, like Geoff , is ded- have to be managed and cared trialling things, putting things icated to extending regenerative for. into practice, working out what agricultural techniques. “And if we want to be works and how to make farming Senator Murray Watt, Minister sustainable in our business, we better. I guess Ive always been a for Agriculture, Fisheries and have to be profi table and look farm innovator.” Forestry, has commended this aft er our natural resources at the Th is isnt the fi rst recognition years exceptional shortlist. same time.” Geoff has received for his “Th e work of Dr Retallack, Th e winner of the Bob work and insights, having last Mr Maynard and Mr Bassett Hawke Landcare Award will be year received the Dick Walker could not be more important. announced at the 2022 National Landcare Memorial Award. Th ese fi nalists are the Landcare Landcare Awards Gala Dinner Even in his early farming leaders and innovators that are on August 24th. Fernbrook farmer Geoff Basset Online shopping OPEN MON TO SAT 7AM - 8PM is now available! FREE HOME DELIVERY * Conditions apply Head to 71 Hyde St Bellingen and follow the links to our online Ph 6655 9500 store. Choose from free home delivery* or click and collect. *Free home delivery only available to within 5km of town. Minimum order amount $50.

PAGE 6 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 A local cradle to grave legal service here in Bellingen ne Tuesday morning at Carty & Cox aft er such a long and O10:00am, a safe weighing 307 happy association but its exciting kilos was left in the middle of the to create something new,” said carpark at the rear of the post offi ce. Linda, who is also an Accredited Th e arrival of the safe wasnt a Specialist in Family Law. surprise – but the timing and mode “Th e focus will remain on Wills of delivery certainly were. and estates work – family law People swerved around it, parked property settlements, rural land their cars and went about their sharing communities, personal business, but it couldnt stay there injury and local court work. and those present couldnt move it. “I settle 99% of the matters Im What followed was one of those involved in. If you get sensible experiences that remind you that advice early on and have realistic we live in a lovely town. expectations, most family law Th e resourceful Savannah Kelly matters are capable of settlement. texted the IGA and told them the As a community, were not problem. Ten minutes later, Dexter good at talking about death and and Jake arrived with a forklift , decline but its important. We dont picked the safe up, moved it out have a choice about these things of the way of the traffi c into the happening, but we can choose to building and by sheer force of will, do them well. into position. Problem solved. “It saves so much grief to tackle Bellingen Law – a new fi rm in these things when youre well. I fi nd town staff ed with familiar faces – draft ing wills, Powers of Attorney has benefi ted from community, and Enduring Guardianship generosity and creative thinking documents incredibly rewarding.” since it opened its doors a few As well as a solicitor, Linda is a weeks ago when, in a single celebrant and mediator. weekend, 13 volunteers turned “People laugh at the idea of the up to paint, assemble furniture same person offi ciating at weddings, and turn the back rooms of the mediating disputes, advising people post offi ce building (formerly the whose relationships end, draft ing Outpost hair salon) into private Wills and being the celebrant at offi ce spaces. funerals. Principal solicitor Linda Dalton “But I love the idea of being a one is known to many, having worked stop shop, providing a service for at Carty & Cox for the past 23 all the diff erent phases of life.” years and Savannah Kelly, the offi ce For more information, please visit manager, grew up in Bellingen. or phone “It was hard for both of us to leave (02) 7255 9672. BELLINGEN LAW: Linda Dalton and Savannah Kelly

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 7 ft er more setbacks than is really reasonable – though I suppose Afl oods and plagues will do that – River Sounds Festival is fi nally at our doorstep. Its been a wild ride for Ben Lewis and the team, and I for one cannot wait to see this smorgasbord of music at last arrive. Even better – looks like were in for some beautiful, sunny weather, so barring some unforeseen asteroid or zombie apocalypse, looks like a wild weekend of entertainment is in store! In fact, theres music aplenty in this edition. Youll hear from David Lester about the inaugural Bellingen Muse, whose ticket packs are now on sale. Were truly spoilt for choice when it comes to performance in the Shire, so once the dust has settled for River Sounds, be sure to take a moment to catch your breath before diving into Muse. Speaking of performance, youll also hear from Tamar Collier about the Dorrigo Dramatic Clubs latest production, Th e Beast. Its going to be a very timely (and somewhat bloody) aff air, involving three couples who move to the countryside in an eff ort to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Sound at all familiar? Its a play certain to elicit chuckles and more than a few gasps, so be sure to head along to the Old Gazette Th eatre to see for yourself. Th eres bittersweet news on this editions cover, with the inimitable Dean Besley deciding the time has come to grab his Stetson and ride HYDE STREET, LOOKING WEST, CIRCA 1900 – ZIGGY KONIGSEDER off into the sunset. Well. Maybe not quite that far, as hes still going to be very active in the community, but aft er spearheading a team that has done such signifi cant work with the regions youth (and our Shire community more broadly), we all wish him the very best as he explores the next chapter. We also check in with Geoff Bassett, a man who has been tirelessly learning and sharing insights about regenerative agriculture for Don’t Bite That Hand who didnt have one to choose one. For those Trevor and Vicki Cheneys tireless eff orts in decades now. Geoff has recently found himself on the shortlist of the That Feeds You who chose me I am very sorry to have not running the Covid testing facility in 2020- 2022 Bob Hawke Landcare Award – the most prestigious award that atastrophic – a gross understatement continued in this role for you. 21, thank you both very much. Landcare has to off er. Its a genuinely remarkable achievement, and Cshould foot-and-mouth disease enter My personality and doctoring style is to To Andrew and Mary-Anne Heslop, thank our fi ngers are crossed for him as the announcement of the winner this country. be very thorough to help people get to the you for the existence of BHC! Its no mean draws close ƒ It will hit everyones hip pocket big time, underlying causes of their symptoms, and feat to run a practice for 20+ years. Of course, theres plenty more for you to explore within these even that chap who said, Yes, Darcey, but it is just not a way that works well with the And lastly I would like to thank the GPs, pages. So read on, and then, go out and enjoy some of this welcome at least a thumbs up for climate change via current funding model of General Practice. RNs and all the staff who have so ably winter sunshine – Id almost forgotten what it was like! reduced emissions. Over my almost seven years at BHC I supported Bellingen Healing Centre. He then stepped into a big V8. tried very hard to fi nd a middle ground Th e last few years in particular have been Some good news as I follow the between my preferred way of working and extremely challenging for all involved due construction of two concrete bridges on the realities of the current system, and wore to the repeated natural disasters, not to Darkwood Road. Contractors funded by myself out trying. mention new soft ware somewhere in the government grants, they are a great crew In 2023 I will be looking at alternative ways middle there! Y with diverse backgrounds, some Scottish, to serve those in need. ou have all been a pleasure to work ur community has spoken, with more than 900 people Irish, and English accents. I would like to thank all my patients for alongside, and your patience and skills in Ohaving their say in the recent review of our Community Th e machinery on sight and skilled trusting me with their problems and sharing keeping the wheels turning are very much Vision. operators are an eye opener, plus those their stories (and sometimes very diffi cult appreciated. Some of the key messages that came out of those discussions 8 to10 hour days. A gift to council, no realities) with me. Many of you have inspired Best wishes to all, were about moving around our Shire, investment in roads, and maintenance for a hundred years and me to face my own challenges. Dr Adrienne Newman linking our amenities so that we can access and enjoy the great hopefully a reduction in rates (joking). I would like to express my gratitude for places in our Shire more freely. Th ey are developing a taste for Paulines Th ats why were investing in our infrastructure to ensure our pumpkin scones, a small price to pay. road and bridge network are not only enhanced, but are future- With the Greens now holding the whip, dictating policy on climate change (43% proofed for our community and visitors to enjoy beyond 2035. reduction in emissions by 2030, some saying Th e Capital Works program is an integral part of delivering on 75%), theyre pledging to ban everything our communitys vision, and with a $41.5 million investment that currently provides us with all, with no this year our staff are busier than ever. Just last week we saw a alternative. huge milestone, with the girders being lift ed into place on the No more fl oods, bush fi res, inclement new Bielsdown Bridge in Dorrigo. weather, paradise restored! Back to fi g leaves Also, Councils successful application under the NSW and hunting sticks. Having already predicted Everyone Can Play Grant recognises that play is for everyone some belt tightening, that might not be – regardless of age, ability, or cultural background. Based on necessary, if we cant aff ord trousers. the three principles of Can I get Th ere, Can I Play, and Can A question for local governments committed to reducing their emissions; can I Stay, the focus of the Program is to create a more inclusive this occur by employing outside contractors, play space for all, and this is exactly whats underway with which is taking place in recent times (at least Dangar Falls Playground recently re-opened and Connell Park locally)? upgrade currently progressing. Finishing with some fantastic news. Our Its important that we make sure that everyone in our World Heritage-listed Great Barrier reef, community feels supported, no matter what their needs may doomed yesterday via bleaching caused by be. With this investment, were making sure that everyone can mining and farm run off , suddenly today is access the same opportunities and enjoy all that our Shire has in the best condition for 35 years. to off er. Are you confused? So, I encourage you to head to our website and learn more Darcey Browning  ora about our capital program and how it will benefi t you. Or, check out the Whats around me? map to see whats happening To the good folk of Bellingen in and around where you live. Th is tool will continue to grow Healing Centre and provide more information as we deliver on these exciting am writing to let you that I think it is programs. I unlikely I will be returning to work in As part of our commitment to communication, we will General Practice. continue to push updates out to our community through I particularly want those of you who were the Council website, Facebook, and Instagram pages, so waiting to see if I would return, to know now I encourage you to follow our social media accounts and so that you can move on with another GP. regularly check in on the news section of the website. Having a usual GP is a very valuable thing, and I made a point of encouraging patients

PAGE 8 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 Perfect play is a real beast GARDEN - LANDSCAPE - SUPPLIES FOR ALL YOUR GARDENING NEEDS Rehearsals are underway for The Beast, the latest from the Dorrigo Dramatic Club. By ADAM NORRIS whats been happening here over the keep their distance. he only stage play written by last few years.” “Th e last play, [Minefi elds & Tmusician-performer Eddie With a cast of nine, its also quite Miniskirts] was us kicking off again Perfect – and yes, that is his real a large production, with many in the refurbished theatre, and we name – is a black comedy satirising moving parts and punchy dialogue. still had a few challenges there in the best-laid ethics of a group Tamar and the team are now in the terms of timing with the fl oods, of tree-changers who decide to thick of rehearsals, but as they reach which meant that the mountain was slaughter their own meat. the pointy-end of preparation, the closed during [the season]. But the Th e Beast is a razor-sharp (pun debut director is enthusiastic about Dorrigo community was fantastic intended) production, the kind how it is all coming together. so we still had audiences for all our of tale one might expect if Aaron “We hosted a play reading last year performances. Sorkin tried his hand at Grand with the membership to see what “Now, weve obviously had Guignol. they thought of the content and challenges with the latest Omicron WHERE THE LOCALS SHOPWHERE THE LOCALS SHOP Now, the Dorrigo Dramatic Club themes, and they really enjoyed it. wave, so myself and a couple of is bringing the play to the Old So the Club and committee were the actors have had Covid during Gazette Th eatre, and director Tamar very encouraging. rehearsals, so that has been challenge Collier cant wait to introduce it to “Its my directorial debut as well, with such a large cast. Nursery • Mulch • Woodchip local audiences. and its quite a big play, as Ive found “Getting everyone together when G “Its a fantastic play, a bit out since weve been getting it ready. we have fl u and Covid throwing Soils • Sands • Aggregate outrageous and I think were going Ive been realising more and more spanners is a kind of Sword of to get a few raised eyebrows from what a big undertaking it is. Damocles over us all the time. Cement products • Gravel our possibly more conservative “It has lots of parts, has very quick But weve had good momentum, members of the community who dialogue, very biting. Its one that rehearsing three times a week, and might be a little disapproving,” needs a lot of pacing and a lot of everyone is excited to get this on NEW DRIVE -TRU! Tamar laughed. energy, but were going to do it stage. Everyone wants to dig deep “But thats ok, thats what justice and have put our own spin on and put the eff ort in, and we want theatre does. I think itll be really it. Im hoping that it will be one that to make the most of that for each exciting. Its content that I think lands really well with our audiences.” other, and for the audience. is appropriate for the area, given With a strong cast and crew – not “Its going to be great.” its about three couples who make to mention the strength of the script the tree change from the city to a itself – Th e Beast will no doubt be For tickets, visit www. rural area for a new organic, ethical a cultural highlight, as long as the sustainable life. So not dissimilar to hurdles that have so far littered 2022 or call 0419 558 028 ‘Be safe, not sorry’ – FRNSW NEW NURSERY lthough winter is drawing your home with deadly smoke. keep looking when cooking; dont Ato a close, with a 10 per cent “We urge residents to take a overload power boards; keep increase in the number of house fi res few simple precautions to keep everything a metre from the heater; during the cooler months Fire and themselves and their loved ones never use wheat bags to warm your Rescue NSW (FRNSW) is urging safe.” bed; check electric blankets for communities across NSW to Be Captain Woollard said fi refi ghters frayed cords and other damage; safe, not sorry by being home fi re are committed to reducing the risk dont use outdoor heating and safe. of home fi res and to protecting the cooking equipment inside the home Captain Brian Woollard of irreplaceable. as it can be fatal, and to ensure you Bellingen Fire Station said there are “Th e best way to stay out of harm have a Home Escape Plan. traditionally more fi res in bedrooms this winter is to take measures to Most importantly, if a fi re does 111Shortcut 3oad, and loungerooms due to heaters, prevent a fi re from occurring in the occur, get out, stay out and call 3aleigh electric blankets, and the like. fi rst instance,” Captain Woollard Triple Zero (000). Ph: 0466 690 978 “Over winter, we see a spike in said. To help keep you and your loved home fi res, fi re-related fatalities and “It is vitally important for people ones safe, FRNSW recommends TUE - FRI: 7am - 4pm injuries,” Captain Woollard said. to have a working smoke alarm in using their Get Ready for Winter SAT: 8am - 1pm “It only takes three minutes for a their home and to test it regularly.” checklist, which can be found at fi re to take hold in your home, fi lling Other safety measures include:

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 9 Bellingen Muse celebrating virtuosity Ensemble Q: Set to be one of many highlights at the inaugural Belllingen Muse Festival By ADAM NORRIS challenging and requires and a safer route with this relaunch, Coff s Harbour this year. It a museum. Were not interested coming along and listening, but here has been a pantheon of delivers virtuosic performances.” but in some ways we were forced was already in our 5 year plan in having people turn up and an opportunity of interacting, Tmusical muses throughout Bellingen Muse endeavours not to. Th e old format you could to expand to Coff s. As our regurgitate their favourite pieces where the audience and the centuries – Euterpe of to continue this celebration perhaps unfairly describe as a aspiration to grow the festival from 500 years ago, and we all performers can talk, they can get Ancient Greece, Hathor of of world music, but will be series of polite concerts. and raise the quality, we needed clap and go home. feedback and share stories, that Ancient Egypt and now, from expanding its musical palette “It wasnt a festival as such, to expand the festival program “We want new people sort of thing.” the legacy of the Fine Music to incorporate other distinct and now we dont have the and revenue, and the number of to become aware of what For more information Festival, comes Bellingen Muse, genres. [Memorial Hall]. Th eres people who can buy a ticket and experiences are possible by going and to purchase ticket ready to showcase some of the “It turns out that gaming nowhere you could fi t more see things, which in turns helps to these concerts, and listening packs, please visit www. highest quality musicianship in music is the largest single source than around 100 people. us aff ord the very best musicians to this type of music. Australia. of demand for new music! A lot “So that was one of the drivers in Australia. “What I see is a players and tickets. Individual ticket As one of the organisers of of games are set in medieval and to make the decision to go to “Were not interested in being listeners festival. Its not just sales will be available soon. this new-look festival, David Gothic settings, and use music Lester cant wait for audiences to create atmosphere. to experience whats in store. “ABC Classic FM has an “For many years, the Bellingen annual Top 100 event. It might Fine Music Festival had what be Top 100 arias, or Top 100 most people would describe as Mozart pieces. a world music performance,” “Th is year it was music from David explained. the screen, which was the big “Th eres an interesting debate screen and the small. of what do you actually mean by “Meena Shamaly will be at the fi ne music, and thats why most festival, who is the host of the people think of fi ne music as gaming music show on ABC classical music. Classic FM, and thats going to “But thats valuing European be a big draw. musical tradition as having some “Ive actually met young kind of preeminence over other people who have gone out and traditions, which it doesnt. learned the piano because of “Chinese music, South the music they were listening American music, Indigenous to while they were gaming, and music, theres all sorts of genres it got them intrigued. So its of music which have a range of defi nitely turning a lot of heads.” performance qualities within Part of the Bellingen Muse them. ethos is not only celebrating “Our way of describing it is, high-quality music, but bringing fi ne music is music performed more people into this fi ne music by people with a lifetime fold. To that end, Bellingen commitment to their instrument arent the only benefi ciaries of and to their repertoire, and who this years celebrations. play repertoire that is oft en “We could have possibly gone

PAGE 10 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 Lions’ fireworks show a real crowd pleaser Thanks to the Bellingen Lions Club for putting on another amazing night – great food, fantastic raffle prizes, friendly volunteers always with a smile on their faces and spectacular fireworks. Coast 2 Coast Earthworx Bellingen Concreting BELLINGEN AG CONTRACTORS Mini Excavator & Tipper Hire Est 1991 Specializing in Excavator(1.7, 3.5 and 5t) When only the best will do! Rose Gum-Blue Gum Bobcat/Posi Track Tipper Hire House & Shed Slabs € Driveways Spotted Gum-Black Butt Experienced Operators for € Industrial/Commercial KD structured hardwood in all sizes .Site Cleans.Green Cleans Designer Concrete on Old or New Flooring .Slab Cuts /Site Cuts.Footings Glen Bradshaw Lock installations Decking Automotive locksmith Trenching (Power Water Sewer) 0413 104 840 Laminated beams Restricted key systems .Rubbish Removal.Septic Installs [email protected] Bench tops 1888471 Kiln drying service Pier Holes.Driveways.Stormwater A Locks repaired/replaced Phone (02) 6655 0086 T ears 30 Y CONTACT Call 0437 528 007 FREE QUOTES • Slashing • Clearing work rade Experience T Gold Lic. No. 58899C Roger 0427 256 140 All enquiries welcome - “No Texts” Areas Covered Coffs Harbour, Bellingen, Lee Coltman 0410 463 401 BELLINGEN VALLEY - COFFS COAST & SURROUNDS Dorrigo, Nambucca Heads and Macksville [email protected] Contact Paul Foster 0427 665 231 Bellingen Plumbing URUNGA . GLASS & GLAZING Services Windows&Glass . SHOWER SCREENS Lic. 193224C MID COAST . WINDOWS .DOORS Domestic • Commercial • Rural Phone: 6655 6044 . SCREENS . MIRRORS Our Services: 24/7 Emergency Specialist in: •Blocked Drains & Plumbing CCTVcamerainspections Service . Aluminium Windows •SepticTank Servicing & Upgrades Upfront Pricing . & Doors •Plumbing (Toilets,Taps &Water Leaks)s))) Lifetime Labour TILES •Drainage Warranty . Shower Screens •HotWaterHeaters (Service & Repairs)) Your Local . Barrier Doors & Screens AWA •Backflow Prevention &TMV Service Plumber 5291729 URUNGA A •Gastting (LPG & Natural) T . Fly Screens Always On Time •Pumps&Irrigation Pensioner . Glass cut to size •Rural Plumbing Discount Deborah Marks . Robe Doors Yes! we will be available over the holiday period . Stainless Steel Security AUSTRALIAN CALL: 0408 250 904 WINDOW EMAIL: [email protected] Unit 1/1a Marina Crescent, ASSOCIATION Trades and Services Urunga 2455 Call Danny E: [email protected] 3/1A MARINA CRS, URUNGA Advertising W: Ph. (02) 6655 6044 Calling all Tradies and Services around the Bellingen T: 02 6655 6650 Mobile 0418 666 331 Shire! M: 0410 454 561 Email: [email protected] Call or Email Brad to book your Trades and Services Advert in Website: our new Trades and Services Guide All Enquiries Welcome Security Master Lic No. 410587801 Lic No 167562C 0411 717 555 [email protected]

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS – PAGE 11 Antipodes will entertain at 5 Church St Antipodes will raise the roof this weekend in Bellingen. he trans-Tasman jazz Trio. Saxophonist Baxendale, a interactive approach to the and mixed by Richard Belkner “Both Richard and Nate Antipodes will perform at Tcollaboration is touring key force behind the burgeoning music, the strong melodies at Free Energy Device Studios are jazz musicians,” notes 5 Church Street on Saturday, Australia throughout August, Kiwi band Th e Jac, is one tying together long, open in Sydney, and features Aidan Baxendale, “And I think that August 20th. and is fi nally reaching the of the most energetic forces improvisations. Described as Lowe, who came from Berlin was really important to us, Doors open at 6pm for Bellingen Shire on Saturday the coming from the underground “a northern European aesthetic to perform on the album, and to have people who really delicious dinners and drinks, 20th. Wellington jazz scene. Having with an authentic Australasian trumpeter Ken Allars. Th e understand intimately the music starts at 7pm. Formed in 2013 aft er alto extensively toured Australia feel”, the sounds are drawn from album was mastered by Nate nature of acoustic, instrumental, Pre-booked tickets are $20 on saxophonist Jake Baxenhall met and New Zealand, Antipodes a mixture of contemporary jazz, Wood in New York City. improvised music.” (02) 6655 0873 or at the door. pianist Luke Sweeting at a jam are now on their seventh tour pop and folk, and improvised session in Berline, their musical of Australia, featuring the music. connection became immediately nationally celebrated kiwi Antipodes album, as with apparent and they began guitarist-composer Callum the group as a whole, is a writing and performing original Allardice, leading Sydney collaborative eff ort, with compositions together. With double bassist Noel Mason music written by Baxendale, Jake hailing from Wellington and the hard-grooving Sydney Allardice, and Sweeting, with and Luke based in Sydney, drummer Tim Geldens. an off ering from Sydney bassist Antipodes seemed like an apt Th e group focuses on an Max Alduca. It was recorded name for the far-fl ung trio. Since then Jake and Luke have toured Australia and New GGIG GUIDE – GIG GUIDEIG GUIDE – GIG GUIDE Zealand every year, joined by the multi- award winning Fri 19th August Wed 24th August guitarist and composer Callum • Joe Newton - 5 • Jazz on the Deck Allardice and a rotating cast of Church Street, 6pm - Federal Hotel, 8:30pm top trumpet players, drummers • River Sounds - Bellingen Fri 26th August and double bassists from both Showground, 4:00 - • Ahva + Kaya Boom Australia and New Zealand. 11:15pm, Funkatu, Harvey, - “Harmonic House Allardice and Baxendale have a The Nikkis, The Stained 2”- Federal Hotel, 8:30pm host of achievements, including Daisies, Nice Biscuit, • Wild Thyme - 5 Church winning the 2021 NZ Best Jazz Dallas Woods, The Regime, Street, 6pm Artist Award. Butterfingers + DJs Sat 27th August Th e quintet will arrive in Sat 20th August • Thora Zoo - Federal Bellingen eager to impress, as Hotel, 8:30pm Luke is keenly aware of the • Antipodes - 5 Church regions high standard for jazz Street, 6pm Sun 4th September performance. • Unison - Bellingen • Father’s Day - Ocean “Its the fi rst time Antipodes Community Markets, 10am View Hotel, 11am has toured to Bellingen, and they • River Sounds - Bellingen are really looking forward to Showground,12:00- REGULAR GIGS connecting with the enthusiastic 11:15pm, LTTLE KNG, Every  ursday jazz and art community,” Luke Tanuki, Rear Wheel Drive, • Local Musician(s) - 5 Church said. Samba Soul, Sunfruits, The Street Bellingen, 6pm “Ive personally spent some Pinheads, Jerome Farah, Some  ursdays time camping out in Dorrigo The Lazy Eyes, Resin Dogs, • Open Mic - Dorrigo Golf National Park, chasing waterfalls Biz (LIVE), Stonefield, Baker Club, 5pm - 0419156646 and visiting natures beauty Boy, Regurgitator + DJs Every Sunday within the Bellingen region. Sun 21st August For me it reminds me of times • River Sounds - Bellingen • “Sunday Session” - Ocean Antipodes has toured our Jakes Showground,1:00 - 9:30pm, View Hotel Urunga 3pm hometown, Golden Bay, in New Titan Sky, Altai, Sunset 2nd Friday of Month Zealand. So much beauty, and Strut, Black Pallas, The • Joe Newton - 5 wonderfully rich communities Good Love, The Meanies, Church Street, 6pm that enjoy the arts.” Vlossom, Teen Jesus & the Last Friday of Month Luke is a pianist known for Jean Teasers, The Terrys, • Wild Thyme - 5 Church his indelible work with jazz- Alex the Astronaut + DJs Street, 6pm improv group the Grey Wing

PAGE 12 – BELLINGEN SHIRE NEWS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2022 Bellingen UHA’s massive year supporting hospital patients LEFT TO RIGHT: Puppy Lola with Merridy Huxley, Margaret White, North Eastern Regional Representative Dee Hunter, President Deb Anderson, Patron Nancy Hobson, Life Member Irene Chesterman, Treasurer Yvonne Thomas and Gwen Vickers. ellingen Hospital and Pink to step into the position at the next eff orts of our volunteers enough,” Ms BAuxiliary has just 35 members AGM. Anderson said. but that didnt stop the volunteers Her dedicated off -sider, Yvonne “I extend a warm welcome to our from donating more than $75,000 Th omas, will also serve her last new volunteers, and thank everyone in equipment to Bellinger River year as Treasurer having fi lled the for their time, baking and bottling, District Hospital in the past year. executive committee position for the rostering, accounting, ticket selling, Th e massive donation, which past 17 years. cheerfulness and friendship.” included $55,227 for a theatre table, Nancy Hobson, a volunteer for Special guest Dee Hunter, the a $4,250 wheelchair, $2100 for a more than 40 years and United UHAs North Eastern Regional Sara Stedy patient lift er, $13,192 Hospital Auxiliaries of NSW Life Representative, also praised the in vital signs monitors and $300 in Member, continues as branch branch for its remarkable resilience, fl eecy comfort throws, was tabled at patron. cohesion and determination during the branchs recent annual general Not prepared to rest on their what has been a challenging year. meeting. laurels, the volunteers have now “I couldnt be prouder of your Th e volunteer-run café, Marys Tea turned their attention to the 2022- achievements this year,” Ms Hunter House, provided most of the funds, 23 fi nancial year, busily working said. “You continue to make a but the donation was also boosted by toward a $17,000 target for a bladder remarkable contribution to our local a Mothers Day Raffl e and recycling scanner. hospital and the health and welfare bottles. Th ey also recently donated another of our community.” President Deb Anderson will serve Sara Stedy patient lift er to the Two members were awarded 10- her eighth and fi nal year in the role, hospital. year service certifi cates – Teresa hoping to mentor one of her team “Once again, I cannot praise the McKinnon and Jo Bathgate. BELLINGEN GOLF CLUB RESULTS By RUTH HALL NTPs fell to Rod Watt, Ruth Hall, R/U Bruce Baigent 94 / 73 on a C/B Saturday 6th – A 2BBB Multiplier, Craig McMahon, Dave Mayo, Pop Lowest gross - Doug Lowe sponsored by Coastal Aluminium. Johnson and Greg Kenny. Monthly Mug - Doug Lowe Th e winning pair was John Molloy Saturday 13th – Th e August Best putter - Greg Hawke with 25 & Shane Heff ernan with 64 points, Monthly Medal and Round 1 of on a C/B. beating Nick Jenkins & Ruth Halls the Mens Club Championships all NTPs went to Brendan Alford, 61 points. Th e ball-run went to 33 rolled into one event. Rob Anderson (2), Dennis Lyon and individual points and included Pop A Grade: Craig McMahon 78 / 68 Shane Heff ernan. Johnson, Craig McMahon, Shane over R/U Rob Anderson 78 / 71 Th e ball run went to nett 73 on Heff ernan, Graeme OConnor, Lowest gross - Rob Anderson a C/B and included Pop Johnson, Cormac McMullan, Nick Jenkins, B Grade Winner: Shane Heff ernan Phil Lynch, Rob Crawford, Mike Ross Williams, Martin Turner, 88 / 70 over R/U Rod Watt 85 / 70 Raymond, Paul Lazarus, Brendan Rob Crawford, Col Osland, Marg Lowest gross - Rod Watt Alford, Graeme OConnor and Girdwood and Terry Cleary. C Grade: Doug Lowe 91 / 68 over Bruce Baigent.