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Takshashila, north-western region of Bharat: Takshashila: The World’s oldest University Takshashila: The World’s Srinivasan oldest University. There existed a massive University at Takshashila, in the north-western region of Bharat (present day Pakistan). This was 2800 yrs ago! According to the Ramayan, King Bharat instituted the town in the name of his son, Taksha. The site initially began to develop as a loosely connected group of buildings where learned persons resided, worked & taught. Over the years, additional buildings were added, rulers made donations & more scholars migrated there. Gradually a large campus developed. Which became a celebrated seat of learning in the ancient World. Not only Indians but also students frm as far as Babylonia, Greece, Syria, Arabia, Phoenicia & China came to study. 68 different streams of study were on the syllabus. Sanskrit was the main medium of teaching. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 28

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