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FROM THE EDITOR A TO Z INDIA magazine covers the Indian through his art, culture, lifestyle, religion, etc. This magazine gives an insight into the life of Indians from an angle uncovered by others. Turn to find out what it is about and to immerse yourself into an entirely 04 different culture. FROM THE EDITOR'S DESK: SHRI KRISHNA JANMASHTAMI FESTIVAL Publication Team: CELEBRATIONS 2022 EDITOR: Indira Srivatsa Observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the dark half of the month of ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Shraavana, this festival is widely celebrated across India since Shri Krishna is Dwarak, Srivatsa one of the most well recognized and worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon EDITORIAL of Gods. CONSULTANTS: Santha, Bhavani, Srinivasan REPORTING: Raghavan 05 PHOTOGRAPHY: Adithyan THANJAVUR BIG TEMPLE: THE GRAPHICS ENGINEER: ARCHITECTURAL WONDER Chandra Rajaraja-I named this temple as Rajarajesvaram and the deity inside Editorial Office: Shiva in Linga form as E002, Premier Peruvudaiyar. Grihalakshmi Apartments, A TO Z INDIA: Editorial Address Elango Nagar South, Virugambakkam, Chennai - 600092, Tamil Nadu, India. Communication Details: MOBILE: +91-7550160116 e.mail id: [email protected] Disclaimer: A TO Z INDIA Magazine has made a constant care to make sure that content is accurate on the date of publication. The views expressed in the articles reflect the author(s) opinions. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 3

From the Editor's Desk: Shri Krishna Janmashtami Festival Celebrations 2022 The editorial talks about Celebration and Significance of Janmashtami Sri Krishna Janmashtami, also known as Sri (Krishna) Jayanthi or Gokulashtami, is an annual festival that celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatara of Lord Vishnu. Devotees decorate the floor with kolams (decorative pattern drawn with rice batter). They also draw the footprints of Krishna from the threshold of the house till the pooja room, which depicts the arrival of Lord Krishna into the house. The festival is celebrated in the evening as Krishna was born at midnight. It must be noted that Srivaishnavas do not celebrate Sri (Krishna) Jayanti in Aadi, but only in the month of Aavani (Simha Masam). This year, the followers of Pancharatra Sampradayam will celebrate Sri (Krishna) Jayanthi on August 18th. According to the rules given by the Purvacharyas, the avataram day of Perumal is considered to be ‘utthamam’ when there is a combination of Ashtami and Rohini in the evening time, and even more ‘utthamam’ when it is combined with Wednesday. The Pancharatra Sampradayam gives a higher preference to the Rohini Nakshatra than the Ashtami tithi. Observed on the eighth day (Ashtami) of the dark half of the month of Shraavana, this festival is widely celebrated across India since Shri Krishna is one of the most well recognised and worshipped deities in the Hindu pantheon of Gods. Under the constellation of Rohini, the Lord incarnated to fulfil His purpose as described in the Bhagavad Srimad Gita 4.7/8: yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati bharata (7) dharma-samsthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge (8) Whenever there is a decline in Dharma and evil predominates I incarnate to vanquish evil and re-establish dharma. Often worshipped as the most glorious, beautiful and perfect incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Shri Krishna restored Dharma by killing His demonic uncle Kamsa, and by helping the Pandavas defeat the cruel Duryodhana. Shri Krishna radiates a profound and divine love so that merely chanting His name or hearing of His pastimes brings deep joy to His devotees. a s vat i r S a r di Happy reading and all Smiles! In Editor | A TO Z INDIA [email protected] +91-7550160116 A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 4

Thanjavur Big Temple, The Architectural Wonder: Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur, India Vijay Raja Raja Chola The Great: Raja Raja Chola I [ 985 to 1015 CE] was an unequalled monarch who ruled the entire Southern part of India over thousand years ago, whose greatness and glory can still witnessed by the world by his magnum opus the Brahadeswara Temple in Thanjavur. It's not an exaggeration to call Raja Raja Chola an all round genius earning him the various titles which can be found in his inscriptions. Raja Raja built the Great temple of Thanjavur and covered the two hundred feet high tower with gold to signal his contribution. The temple survives to this day in its original grandeur. It is a magnificent haven of architecture, sculpture and paintings. Raja Raja was a staunch follower of Saivism but ensured religious tolerance and patronized all religions Saivism, Vaishnavism, Saktam, Jainism and Buddhism alike. Rajaraja-I named this temple as Rajarajesvaram and the deity Shiva in Linga form as Peruvudaiyar, the temple is also known in the deity's name as Peruvudaiyarkovil [in Tamil language]. In later period, Maratta and Nayaks rulers constructed various shrines and gopurams of the temple. In later period when the Sanskrit language was more popular during the Maratha rule the temple was named in Sanskrit as Brihadisvaram and the deity as Brihadisvara. Now-a-days it is called as Thanjai Periyakovil (Tanjore Big temple). A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 5

Thanjavur Big Temple, The Architectural Wonder: Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur, India Vijay Rajarajan Gopuram: This gopuram is built by Rajaraja-I and depicts the mediaeval chola architecture where the Raja gopuram (the entrance gopuram) diminish in size and the Karpagraham (the main deity's gopuram) is significant. The two huge 15 feet monolithic Dwarapalas on either side of this entrance is seen The 15 feet huge monolithic stone sculpture of the Dwarapala revals the Thattva (concept) that God is Everywhere as shown by the upper two hands and the pose of right hand index finger denotes that God is one and only one. On keen notice one can see a Elephant is being swallowed by a snake and the Lion standing behind. This denotes, even if one faces such a big problem as of this magnitude a strong stand (a firm belief in God) similar to that of a Lion's strong standing posture will lead ways to realize God. The temple is open daily. The sanctum sanctorum opens only during Pooja times. Please check with the temple pooja timings. Considering the technology of those ancient times, it is undoubtedly a marvel of engineering. More on this Grand structure, as we celebrate a thousand years of the ‘Big Temple' in Thanjavur – Rajaraja Chola dedicated it to Brahadeeswara, Lord of the Universe in 1010 – an ode to the monument that has never ceased to amaze with its simple design, stupendous proportions and grandeur! This “Big Temple” [Peria Kovil] in Thanjavur, is one thousand years old. Rajaraja Chola I commissioned this A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 6

Thanjavur Big Temple, The Architectural Wonder: Brihadisvara Temple, Thanjavur, India Vijay greatest edifice of Tamil history and performed the sacred dedication of the temple in the year 1010, the 25th year of his reign. It was the jewel-in-the-crown of Rajaraja, an extraordinarily powerful king, a grand monarch with a style of his own, a conqueror who also understood art and architecture, and a true devotee of Siva. It is a matter of pride that a Tamil king built the finest example of Tamil architecture, stupendous in proportion, yet simple in design. Siva in this temple is known as Brihadisvara — the Lord of the Universe. A gigantic stone “lingam” fills the sanctum sanctorum, sheltered by a vimanam (towering roof) which pierces the sky at 216 feet. One can gaze with awe at this majestic structure from a distance as one drives towards Thanjavur. However many times one has seen it, one cannot help but hold one's breath in amazement. And as you enter its precincts, this temple never fails to humble you, for, such is its magnificence. It is the perfect tribute to the Almighty, ordered by a great king and executed by his subjects who contributed to its building in more ways than one. To this day, it stands tall as a reminder of who we are in the history books of culture, art, architecture, religion, language, governance and trade. Representative of Craftsmanship: The details of the stone work of this imposing vimanam are representative of the masterly craftsmanship of South Indian artisans. The shilpi [sculptor] and the sthapathi [architect] came together to create their fanciful abode for Shiva. Naturally, the shape had to echo Mount Kailash itself. In its perfect geometry and distinct clarity of lines, this tower is unbeatable. The Srivimanama, or tower over the main shrine, of the Brihadeswarar temple is 61 metres tall. Imagine that being built in 1002 CE. The foundations for it are only 2 metres deep - it is constructed in such a way that the weight of the Vimanam is evenly distributed on itself. It is hollow inside and layered to allow access for the intrepid. The top the pyramid-shaped tower holds the Vimana - a monolithic huge rock spherical in shape, weighing approximately 81 tones. Above the Vimana, the Kalasam made up of gold can just be seen - its height is 4m and it was originally presented by Rajaraja Chola 1. On the flat roofed portions of the structure, you can see many Nandi statues. Each of the 16 or so layers of the tower contain intricate carvings. The Architectural Beauty: Little is known as to who designed the Big Temple but it succeeds in projecting the grand imperial vision of a king who expanded the boundaries of the Chola empire. In 1946, after Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) took charge of the conservation of Brahadeeswara temple at Thanjavur, conservationists noticed that the jambs and lintels of all the doorways in the tower were systematically damaged by gun fire [caused in the 19 century]. The intent behind this wanton destruction, the conservationists observed, “was perhaps to let the whole structure collapse by itself”. None of that happened. Good design and sound structural logic served in good stead and for the last thousand years the structure has stood firm. The Brahadeeswara temple, completed in 1010 CE, for good reasons, is celebrated as a towering example of architectural excellence. A monument was in order after Rajaraja I (985-1014), the Chola emperor, had vastly expanded the limits of the empire and brought immense wealth. It had to be ambitious and befit the imperial vision. By that time, temple architecture in South India had significantly advanced. The Pallavas of Kanchipuarm, in the 8th century, demonstrated how multilevel functional temples could be built. There were also examples of temples with more than three tiers. These structures offered a broad template, but it was clear to the architects of Rajaraja that the temple at Thanjavur should far exceed all of them. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 7

Ardent followers of Shiavism: Chaulukyas of Anahilpataka Mithun In 10th Century CE a powerful dynasty known as Chaulukya (also called Solanki) rose in the region of present day Gujarat and Rajasthan. It was founded by Mularaja I in 940 CE after overthrowing the erstwhile Chavdas of Gujarat. The capital of this dynasty was at Anahilpataka (present day Patan). The Chaulukyas ruled till 13th Century and played an important role in shaping the early medieval history of India. The successors of Mularaja l undertook extensive military campaigns against the neighbouring rulers and greatly expanded their kingdom. At its peak the Chaulukya Empire extended from Rajasthan to Kathiawad and from western Gujarat to Malwa in Madhya Pradesh. It was during the reign of Bhimdeva l that Mahmud of Ghazni province of Afghanistan invaded the Chaulukya Kingdom and destroyed the temple of Somnath in 1025 CE. Karnadeva founded the city of Karnavati which is now known as Ahmedabad. Chaulukya power reached its zenith during the reign of Jayasimha Siddharaja and his son Kumarapala in 12th Century. Such was the military might that most of the neighbouring dynasties served as Chaulukya vassal during this period. During the reign of Mularaja ll in 1178 CE, Muhammad of Ghor in Afghanistan invaded the Chaulukya Kingdom but was badly defeated and forced to retreat. Chaulukya rulers were great patrons of art, architecture and literature. The first verifiable temple at Somnath was built by Mularaja l. After it was destroyed by Mahmud of Ghazni in 1025 CE, it was rebuilt by Bhimdeva l and Parmara ruler Bhoja of Malwa. This temple was probably made of wood which was later replaced by a massive stone temple by Kumarapala. The magnificent Sun Temple at Modhera and the exquisite Vimal Vasahi Temple in pure marble at Mount Abu, was built by Vimal Shah, a minister of Bhimdeva l in 11th Century. Queen Udayamati, wife of Bhimdeva built the marvelous step well called 'Rani ki Vav' at Patan. The Rudra Mahakal Temple at Siddhapura was built during the reign of Jayasimha Siddharaja. Chaulukyas of Gujarat were ardent followers of Shaivism. They also patronised Jainism. The celebrated Jain scholar Hemachandra adorned the court of Jayasimha Siddharaja. Jayasimha's son and successor Kumarapala had embraced Jainism. Jain accounts portray him as last great patron of Jainis A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 8

Ardent followers of Shiavism: Chaulukyas of Anahilpataka Mithun A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 9

World's oldest dockyard, India: Lothal, Southern Gujarat, India Dinesh Picture of the Month: World's oldest dockyard (or water reservoir) in Lothal, southern Gujarat, an IVC city dating back to 2400 BCE, Indus valley civilization, India. This large rectangular, water-filled structure may look like a reservoir, but is in fact an ancient dock, and one of the oldest in the world. It is located at the site of the ancient city of Lothal situated about 85 kilometers south of A hmedabad, in the state of Gujarat, in India. Lothal is one of the few sites within the Indus Valley Civilization that is accessible from India. Lothal is believed to be at least 5,000 years old and was the only port-town of the Indus Valley Civilization. Lothal’s dock connected the city to the Sabarmati river which was an important trade route between Harappan cities in Sindh (now in Pakistan) and the peninsula of Saurashtra. At that time, the surrounding Kutch desert of was a part of the Arabian Sea. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 10

Temples of Talakadu, Karnataka: Sri Keerthi Narayana temple, dedicated to the Lord Vishnu Raghavan Much like many of the ancient and remote temples in Tamil Nadu, the Keerthi Narayana temple in Talakadu too found itself under financial stress for much of the 20th century. The disciples of Vaishnavite Acharya Ramanuja have been performing the aradhana at the temple for several centuries. Srinivasa Bhattachar n TS Krishna Bhattachar, lived till the age of 97 and performed service at the temple for over 80 years. His so who passed away a few years ago at the age of 96 too served all alone at the temple for 8 decades from a very young age. They were paid salary in two digits. At the peak of his service, Krishna Bhattachar was paid a salary of Rs. 30 on the pretext that there was no income from the temple. His son 69 year old Agama Vidwan K Srinivasa Rangachariar Bhattachar has now joined the service and has been performing aradhana for the last 10 years after taking over full charge from him after he touched 90. The Pancharatra Agama based Keerthi Narayana Perumal temple in Talakadu is one of the Pancha Narayana Kshetrams installed by Indra and renovated by Ramanuja just under 1000 years ago during his 12 year stay in Melkote/Thondanur. The Legend: At the end of the Dwapara Yuga, in the Sura Sura war, Indra was afflicted with Brahmma Hathi Dosham. To liberate himself from this, he undertook penance and invoked the blessings for Lord Vishnu. He was directed to install 5 Narayana Idols in this region to liberate himself from his dosham. Renovation 1000 years ago: Hoysala King Bitta Deva’s daughter had been struck with an illness from which he could not cure here despite the best of medicinal help. When he heard of the devotional powers of Vaishnavite Saint Ramanuja, he reached out to him in Thondanur. Ramanuja directed the king to take his daughter to the huge Eri (Sarovar) known as ‘Pancha Apsara Thataka’ and asked the king’s daughter to bathe and invoke the blessings of the Lord. At the temple, the Archaka placed the Narasimha Dhanda on the daughter and to the king’s surprise she was instantly liberated from the illness. To this day, one sees Yoga Narasimha holding this magical Dhanda in his right hand at the Thondanur Yoga Narasimha temple. When the delighted king asked what he wanted, Ramanuja asked him to propagate Vishistaadvaitha. Bitta Deva became a Vaishnavite and changed his name to Vishnu Vardhan. As part of the direction, Vishnu Vardan supported and funded the entire renovation effort of Ramanuja at the Keerthi Narayana Temple in Talakadu. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 11

Temples of Talakadu, Karnataka: Sri Keerthi Narayana temple, dedicated to the Lord Vishnu Raghavan Given its architectural beauty, ASI has taken over possession of the temple. Every morning, much before the priest makes his way to the temple, an ASI staffer cleans the entire temple complex. In the 2nd half of the previous century, full time pooja had been closed at the temple for 2-3 decades with excavation work by the ASI. Only this decade, the Moolasthanam was fully renovated and devotees are now able to have darshan of the standing Moolavar Lord flanked by Sri and Bhoo Devi Thayar. Recently, the temple has been attached to the nearby Vaidhanathan temple, a Saivite temple that is quite popular in the region and whose finances are much better. With this recent development, the Bhattachar is hoping that a reasonable salary in line with the current cost of living will be paid to him. The madapalli and the utsava vahana mandapam need some improvement. There are also no toilets around the temple complex. This too has to be built. The priest is hoping that these can be undertaken with support from devotees. Vedanta Desikar is also said to have visited this temple during his trip to Karnataka. Festivals: Mesha Chitrai – Theerthavari Mesha Uthiram – Brahmma Ratham Ratha Saptami, Karthigai are celebrated in a grand way at this temple. There are festivals all through the year. Temple is open from 10am till 530pm ( till 630pm/7pm on the weekend). Contact Srinivasan Bhattar @ 99006 31011 How to reach: For long, there had been very little connectivity to this historic temple. Over the last decade, public bus services have seen an improvement in Karnataka. Almost all the historic temples are well connected by road. While the road from Mysore via T. Narasingapur was the more popular route to Talakadu, the Karnataka Government has developed the highway from Maddur to Malavalli into a top road and increased the frequency of buses. From Malavalli, there are share autos/taxis at frequent intervals to Talakadu as well as buses starting 7am. Talakadu is 50kms from Maddur via Malavalli. First bus from Maddur at 6am to Malavalli (will reach in 30mts). Bus service to Talakadu from Malavalli starts at 7am, reaches Talakadu at 730am. From Mysore, Talakadu is 50kms via T. Narasingapur. Buses ply every 15mts from Mysore to T Narasingapur. From there, one can take share auto or a town bus to Talakadu (10kms). A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 12

Temples of Talakadu, Karnataka: Sri Keerthi Narayana temple, dedicated to the Lord Vishnu Raghavan A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 13

Surya Temple, Anantnag District, Kashmir: Magnificent Martand Surya Temple Bhavani Martand Temple (‘Martand’ in Sanskrit is the name for Sun) is one of the oldest Sun temples in India and built in nagara style of temple architecture. A symbol of invaluable ancient spiritual heritage of Kashmir, this Martand Sun Temple was built much earlier to Gujarat’s Modera Sun Temple (11th Century CE) and Odisha’s Konark Sun Temple (13th century CE). The technology and manpower used to build this temple must be way ahead of its time. This temple is an exemplary of the Kashmiri style of architecture, a skilled combination the Gandharan, Gupta and Greek types of architecture. Some Historians believe the foundation of this temple was laid by Ranaditya (5th Century CE). This magnificent temple was commissioned by Emperor Lalitaditya Muktapida (724-760 CE), a fiercest and the most powerful Emperor of the Karkota dynasty of Kashmir, whose kingdom extended from today’s Afghanistan to Bengal. The temple complex includes a peristyle with columns of courtyard, main shrine in the middle and 84 smaller shrines around it, extending 220 feet in length and 142 feet wide. Temple was designed in such a way that the Sun’s rays fall on the Surya idol throughout the day. This magnificent masterpiece is now in ruins, as it was plundered and ransacked by the orders of ruler Sikandar Shah Miri (1389-1413). Place: Martand Surya Temple, Anantnag District, Kashmir Period: Emperor Lalitaditya Muktapida (724-760 CE) of Karkota dynasty of Kashmir A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 14

Surya Temple, Anantnag District, Kashmir: Magnificent Martand Surya Temple Bhavani A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 15

Gandhi Maidan in Patna, capital of Bihar state, India: Golghar (Round House) granary Padmanabhan For a dome with a view, climb the Golghar, an imposing landmark in the city of Patna, which lies to the west of the Gandhi Maidan. The monument is spherical in shape, which gives it the name ‘Golghar’, meaning ‘Round House’. The British army built this massive peculiar shaped granary in 1786, to serve as a storehouse during the times of famines. Golghar is one of the most famous landmarks of Patna, it is a huge granary which displays the Stupa style of architecture. This granary was built by Captain John Garstin in 1786. The winding stairs around the monument offer a spectacular view of the city and the Ganges flowing around it. Golghar looks like a huge hive when viewed from a distance. This old monument is a must see for anyone visiting Patna. It is one of the most important and historical monuments present in the city. Built in Stupa architecture, the building is 125 meters in width and 29 meters in height of the Golghar and is constructed on a two feet high platform. It is columnless with a wall thickness of 3.6 m at the base. You can see more of this and various places in Bihar. I request to all friends to visit this place. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 16

Om Namah Shivaya: Life Is About Using The Whole Box Of Crayons! Padmanabhan Life Is About Using The Whole Box Of Crayons! Yes all the colours .. Truly, we are creatures of habit. Quite often we'll find ourselves reaching for the same (figurative) color. Life gets kind of dull when we live it that way. We were not created to always play it safe. Don't be afraid to venture out from your normal hues. Create for yourself a bright and colorful life. And by all means, venture outside the lines every now and again with a style that is uniquely your own. You just might discover a part of yourself waiting to be revealed. Make a conscious effort to bring out the brighter colors and encourage those around you to do the same. Let’s shift our focus away from those dreary shades of grey! Together we can choose the colors that bring us joy and a little bit of hope- the colors that focus on positivity and love for one another. It’s the only way. Whatever you do to bring joy and color to your world. Hari Om Tat Sat ~ Om Namah Shivaya A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 17

Daily new travel places: Incredible Indian Places To Visit Padmanabhan Kumbhalgarh (literally "Kumbhal fort") is a Mewar fortress on the westerly range of Aravalli Hills, in the Rajsama d district near Udaipur of Rajasthan State in western India. It is a Workincluded in Hill Forts of Rajasthan. Built during the course of the 15th century by Rana Kumbha. Occupied until the late 19th century, the fort is now open to the public and is spectacularly lit for a few minutes each evening. Kumbalgarh is situated 82 km northwest of Udaipur by road. It is the most important fort in Mewar after Chittorgarh Fort. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 18

Sri Ganesh Glass & Plywoods Entire range of Plywoods, Glasses, Doors & all branded laminates. #2/1, Kambar Salai, Mugappair West, Chennai - 600 037. Mobile: 9380337886, 9566118008 e.mail: [email protected] Ph: 044 26244992. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 19

Incredible India: Images of India through Paintwork Chandra A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 20

Incredible India: Images of India through Paintwork Chandra A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 21

ெதனாலி இராமன் கைதகள் : கஞ் சத் தச் சர் ஆதித் தியன் ஒ��ைற, மன் னர் கி�ஷ் ணேதவ ராய�ம், அவர� உதவியாளரான ெதனாலி இராம�ம், கந் தல் உைடயில் இ� சி�வர்கைளக் கண் டனர். "அவர்கள் மிகவˢம் ஏைழகளா?", "அவர் களின் தந் ைத யார் ?" என மன் னர் ேகட் டார் . "அவர் களின் தந் ைத ஒ� தச்சர் " என் � அங் கி�ந் த ஒ�வர் �றினார் . “அவன் ஏைழ அல் ல, கஞ் சன் . அவன் அவர் க�க் � உணவˢ மற் �ம் உைடகைள வாங் கி த�வதில் ைல." அரசன் மிகவˢம் ேகாபமைடந் தார் . "கஞ் சத் தச் சன் தண் �க் கப் பட ேவண் �ம்!" என் றார் . "நிச் சயமாக, அரேச!" என் றார் ெதனாலி இராமன் . "நான் அவ�க் � பாடம் கற் பிப் ேபன் ." A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 22

ெதனாலி இராமன் கைதகள் : கஞ் சத் தச் சர் ஆதித் தியன் தச் சன் , இராமன் வடீ ் �ற் � அைழத்� வரப் பட் டான் . “உன் சட் ைடைய கழற் றி விட் � வி�யˢம் வைர இங் ேகேய இ�", என் � இராமன் உத் தரவிட் டார் . "நான் �ளிர் ச் சியால் இறந் �வி�ேவன் ," என் � தச் சன் அ�தான் . விளக் � ஒன் ைற அவனிடம் ெகா�த்�, “இந் த விளக் � தீ�ம்வைர உன் ைன �டாக ைவத்தி�க் �ம்" என் றார் இராமன் . “எப் ப� என் னால் இ�க் க ��யˢம்? இ� சிறிய விளக் �, அதிக ெவப் பத் ைத எப் ப� த�ம்?" என் � ேகட் டான் தச்சன் . "உன் �ைடய மகன் கள் சிறிதளவˢ உணவˢ மற் �ம் �ணியால் உயிர்வாழ்வ� எப் ப�ேயா, அப் ப�தான் " என் � இராமன் பதிலளித் தார் . தச்சன் தன� தவைற உணர் ந் � கஞ் சனாக இ�ந் ததற் காக மன் னிப் பˢ ேகட் டான் . இவ் வா� கஞ் சத் தச் சனிற் � ெதனாலிராமன் நல் ல பாடம் பˢகட் �னார் . ெதனாலிராமனின் ஞானத்ைதக் கண் � மகிழ்ந் த மன் னர் ீ மண் �ம் ஒ��ைற அவ�க்�ப் பரிசளித் தார் . A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 23

The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. The absolute consciousness creates space and When light passes through small pores of an causes a minute compression and expansion object, the resultant falling of light is observed in this space. This causes the first wave of as circular. But, during eclipses, the same energy, the first manipulation of matter and falling of light is observed as different the first particle of nature. The particles portions of a circle, which follows the pattern combine with each other in different of the covered Sun or Moon. This indicates that proportions, to produce other elements of the shape of the source is reflected on the nature. Energy is always present with matter, objects. This happens because, the light in all the processes of nature, as different coming from the source possesses certain refore, the energy is the movement amount of consciousness, which can get forms. The of primordia; particles in three rhythms. All altered on the way. Light is made up of the particles in nature are spherical in shape, particles and possess certain amount of because of these movementslestial voice. consciousness. Because energy and matter are together, light is both wave and particle. The energy is always represented as a wave. This apply to everything within the universe This is because of the movement of spherical including universe, as everything is made up particles. When there is a movement in the of the vibrations of primary particles only. As medium, the spherical particles collide with they are spherical in nature, wave is made up each other, thus causing a curved flow of of particles. energy. As we already know, low frequency causes the movement of bigger particles, and When light is reflected by different objects in high frequency causes the movement of different fashions, the objects appear in smaller particles. That is the reason, sound different colors. Without proper light, colors passes through solid objects, but it does not in the objects are not visible. In addition to this, pass through air for a long distance. Similarly, the objects appear in some other colors if seen light does not pass through solid objects, but it in di fferent colored lights. This indicates that passes through air for quite large distances. the visibility of colors is essentially dependent That is because, in air placement of particles is on the incident light’s color. If we observe the far from each other hence it looks like it is spectrum of light, we find that the colors are made up of smaller particles whereas objects formed in smooth transition. When sunlight are made up of bigger particles as they are appears after rain, the sunlight gets separated placed close to each other due to gravity by the water droplets, thus forming the which affects mass of the particles. But rainbow. In the rainbow, the color gradually everywhere, the particles are spherical and changes from red to orange to yellow to green hence the energy is always a waveform. to blue to indigo to violet, each merging on the A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 24

The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream. Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. next color. If observed carefully, transition is dynamic energy as kinetic energy. During cyclic and red color is the next transition of movement, the energy is utilized, whereas violet color only. during rest, the energy is stored, as mass itself. Hence both are interlinked with each Two colors are complementary, if they form other. Potential is Shiva and Kinetic is Shakthi. black color when mixed. Red Golden Magenta, Both are forms of the same consciousness, as Yellow Indigo, Black –– Green, Orange Cyan, Ardhanareeshwara. For same reason Vishnu White are complementary colors of each has 4 arms, indicating the additional two arms other. In rain bow, red appears first, and of Laxmi. violet appears last. There is distinct arrangement of complementary colors; the There is systematic law of energy conversion, cutoff point is lime, with each color becoming both in microcosm as well as in macrocosm, a complement of the next color. Red, Orange, perfectly planned by consciousness. To Golden and Yellow colors appear before lime; understand energy apart from conventional green, cyan, magenta and indigo follow. The material angle, it requires spritual angle. complement of lime is violet. This property of Different types of energy through light indicates the supreme intelligence philosophical angle... planning all the colors as the compositions of black and while colors. The vibrations are Law of conservation Law of mass action Law related to each other in a cyclic way, by means of reason -- Energy can neither be created nor of the medium. This all is happening because be destroyed, but can only be transformed. of the three movements of particles, in the increased frequency and in the cyclic fashion. Law of mass action -- Energy can be converted Light is just one form of energy, as certain into mass, and mass into energy. value of vibrations. Law of obstruction -- Energy while returning Any smallest or biggest task in the universe is to source, moves more through the path of a ccomplished by the utilization of energy, least resistance. which is defined as capacity to do the work. Very energy is formed due to the action of Law of conversion -- Energy when proper path consciousness upon itself. Energy can be is unavailable, gets stored converted and defined as the flow of primary particles within returned in parts. matter, in different directions. Energy is classified mainly into static and dynamic. In hydroelectric electric al energy is generated Static energy is also known as potential and by means of water or steam. In this either A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 25

The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream. Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. water or steam pressure is used to run the space. Consciousness becomes energy and turbine, which runs the generator. Water's matter, by means of vibrations. Hence mass is responsible for movement of turbine. consciousness gets stored in matter, and It means potential form of energy is converted energy causes the manipulation of into kinetic, and then converted into consciousness into different animate and mechanical energy. Inside the generator the inanimate life forms. Thus Shiva becomes combined effect of mechanical and magnetic Shakthi, and then Shanmukha and Ganapathi. energies yields electrical energy. This is distributed to all consumers. In gadgets, due This process is applicable to all sensory d forms of resistances it again organs, wherein all other energy forms get to varie converted into different forms such as light, converted into electrical form and then heat, rotation, etc. Finally, portion of the potential form, to be stored. All the mantras energy goes back to source, through the are caused due to vibrations of particles return path, by means of another wire of the within the medium, in the increasing circuit. frequencies, and hence decreasing sizes. When primordial particles move from one It means, if water molecules do not carry type of matter to another, the energy gets mass, then energy conversion is not possible. converted from one form to another. Thus, The mass is present in all molecules due to ef magnetic energy projected from outside the fect of gravity, which in turn is present due to matter becomes electrical energy inside the magnetic forces of attraction and repulsion. matter. This apply to both non living and living This magnetic energy is minute movement beings. During energetic healing, pranab being within medium, which is not empty but full of magnetic gets absorbe by the iron in the consciousness, energy and mass. Einstine hemoglobin, present in the blood. Hence, indicted this by E=mc2, where E is energy, m is inside the body, energy gets converted into mass and c is speed of light, indicates speed electrical form, and thus flows energizes the for coversion of energy. Einstine assume light cells. Inside the cells, the same energy gets as the fastest form of energy, but it is not converted into chemical form, alerting the hence equation does not get applied. Speed of functioning of the cells. Thus the will of healer energy conversion depends on particular is programmed into the cells of the patient , by process and type of energy involved. We have means of primary particles. to remember that energy and mass are together. Energy is the flow of minute Same process happens during spritual act particles within the medium. The medium can such as consecration ceremony be solid, liquid or gas, within all pervading (pranaprathisthapana), wherein particles of A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 26

The Energy: An illusion of the occurrences within the dream. Srinivasan Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. Life is born out of matter and matter is born out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang western terminology and As per Vedas Nada Bramha). This vibration is called universal mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as aspirant remains as the slave of matters and energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa samadhi. the particular object are programmed as per Hence, the basic divine vibration is called as the intention of the person. That is called as Adimaya or Mahamaya. As per Shruthi, sankalpa (sath+kalpa=capability of truth) or Nature is illusion. The great lord is the owner resolution. In solid, particles are tightly of this illusion. The world is filled by his bound; in liquid, loosely bound; in air, they are apparatus and materials. free flowing. Higher the frequency of energy, more is the resistance offered within the Matter prevailing over split, and related to it, objects for transmission. Lower the as a substance to its quality, is called Maya. frequency, the movement of energy is better. Life is born out of matter and matter is born Sound travels faster in the solid objects than out of divine vibration (As per Big Bang in the air, hence traditional spiritual western terminology and As per Vedas Nada ceremonies, water is chosen for cleansing, Bramha). This vibration is called universal energizing and resolution. The primordial mother, or as Jaganmatha. As long as particles are nothing but storehouse of aspirant remains as the slave of matters and consciousness. In sacred ceremony, the energies, one cannot attain nirvikalpa conscious contents of the particles of water as samadhi. To achieve that complete cessation well as the atmosphere are altered by the will of thoughts is required, body should be trained of the performers of the ceremony. Only then, for refining the senses and mind should be the water becomes the the..That is the real trained for controlling the senses, both Yajna! together. Therefore all this indeed is Mayajala. As per Yogavasishta, The Even though consciousness is manipulating consciousness is high, and therefore the divine the whole universe, it remains unperceived by energy is Chiththa. Hence all this indeed is the common dwellers of the world. The chiththa + Stham. Everything is within it, and it normal living beings are engaged only in the gets experienced by thr beings, as an illusion utilization of materialistic forms; they remain of the occurrences within the dream. unaware of the presence of the self within them. This is because of the continuous working of energy between matter and consciousness, with energy being transformed into different forms. Thus self concealment is called as Maya, which is due to Avidya. Maya is the result, Avidya being reason. This great illusion is happening due to vibration, with three qualities. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 27

Takshashila, north-western region of Bharat: Takshashila: The World’s oldest University Takshashila: The World’s Srinivasan oldest University. There existed a massive University at Takshashila, in the north-western region of Bharat (present day Pakistan). This was 2800 yrs ago! According to the Ramayan, King Bharat instituted the town in the name of his son, Taksha. The site initially began to develop as a loosely connected group of buildings where learned persons resided, worked & taught. Over the years, additional buildings were added, rulers made donations & more scholars migrated there. Gradually a large campus developed. Which became a celebrated seat of learning in the ancient World. Not only Indians but also students frm as far as Babylonia, Greece, Syria, Arabia, Phoenicia & China came to study. 68 different streams of study were on the syllabus. Sanskrit was the main medium of teaching. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 28

Takshashila, north-western region of Bharat: A wide range of subjects Takshashila: The World’s oldest University were taught by experienced masters: Vedas, Language, Srinivasan Grammar, Philosophy, Medicine, Surgery, Archery, Politics, Warfare, Astronomy, Astrology, Accounts, Commerce, Futurology, Documentation, Occult, Music, Dance, etc. The minimum entrance age was 16. Admission into this university was purely based on merit. And there were 10,500 students. The panel of masters included renowned names like Kautilya (author of the Arthashastra), Panini (codifier of Sanskrit into today’s form), Jivak (medicine) & Vishnu Sharma (Panchtantra). When Alexander’s armies came to the Punjab in the 4th century B.C., Takshashila had already developed a reputation as an important seat of learning. Thus on his return Alexander took many scholars from there with him to Greece. Takshashila had to face the brunt of attacks. And invasions from the north & the west. Thus the Persians, Greeks, Parthians, Shakas and Kushanas laid A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 29

Takshashila, north-western region of Bharat: Takshashila: The World’s oldest University Srinivasan their destructive marks on this institution. The final blow, however, came from the Huns. They destroyed the whole city, University, which never again recovers. During the 7th century CE. it was gradually abandoned by its inhabitants. When the Chinese Buddhist monk, scholar, traveler Huen T’sang (A.D. 603-64) visited Takshashila, the town had lost all its former grandeur & international A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 30 character.

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow Learn as if you were to live forever" - Mahatma Gandhi A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 31

கலாச்சாரம்: காளாஞ் சி ைகயளிக் �ம் நிகழ்வ� இந் திரா வரலாற் �ச் சிறப் ப� மிக் க நல் ��ர் கந் த�வாமி ஆலயத்தின் வ�டாந் தப் ெப�ந் தி�விழாைவ �ன் னிட் � ெகா�ச்சீைல வ�வைமப்பாளர்களிடம் காளாஞ் சி ைகயளிக்�ம் நிகழ்வ� 24.07.2022 காைல இடம்ெபற் ற�. வள் ளியம்ைம தி�க் கல் யாணப் ப�ப் ப�டன் பந் தற் கால் நாட் �தல் நைடெபற் � பாரம்பரிய �ைறப் ப� ெகா�ச்சீைல வழங் �ம் மரப�ைடயவர்களிற் கான காளாஞ் சி மாட் �வண் �ல் �லம் நல் ��ரிலி�ந் � கல் வியங் காட் �க் � எ�த் �ச் ெசல் லப் பட் � கலாச்சார �ைறப் ப� ெப�ந் தி�விழாவ�க் கான பத்திரிைகய�ம், காளாஞ் சிய�ம் ைகயளிக் கப் பட் டன. ஆலயத்தின் வ�டாந் தப் ெப�ந் தி�விழா எதிர் வ�ம் ஆகஸ் ட் 2 ஆம் திகதி ெசவ் வாய் க் கிழைம காைல ெகா�ேயற் றத் �டன் ஆரம்பமாகவ�ள் ளைம �றிப் பிடத் தக் க�. ஓம் நல் ��ர் ��கா!!! A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 32

ஆண் ச�கம்: ஆண் கள் இப் ப�த் தான் அ�கிறார் கள் இந் திரா �ஆண் க�க்�ம் அ�ைக வ�ம்...� தாய் தந் ைத இறந் தால் ஆண் அ�வான் ... தனக் � �ழந் ைத பிறக் கப் ேபாகிற� என் � நற் ெசய் தி ேகட் � ஆண் அ�வான் ... தன் �ழந் ைதகளில் ஒ�வர் ேநாய் வாய் ப் பட் டா�ம் ஆண் அ�வான் ... தன் மகள் தி�மணம் ஆகி பிரிய�ம் ேபா� ஆண் அ�வான் ... அவன் பிள் ைளகள் ெபற் ேறார் கைள மதிக் கா� நன் றியியில் லாமல் ஆணவத் �டன் நடக் �ம்ேபா� ெவளியில் ெசால் ல ��யாமல் அ�வான் . காதல் ெகாண் ட மைனவி தன் ைன ஏமாற் �வைத அறிந் தால் அந் த ஆண் அ�வான் ... தங் கள் �ழந் ைதக�க்கான உணவ� ேபான் றவற் ைற அவர் க�க் �த் ேதைவயானவற் ைறக் ெகா�க் க ��யாமல் ேபானால் ஆண் அ�வான் ... பிைழப் ைப ேத� கடன் �ைமக் காக தாயகத் ைதப் பிரிந் � ெசல் �ம்ேபா�, தான் ேநசிக் �ம் அன் பானவர் கள் தன் அ�ேக இல் ைலெயன ஒவ் ெவா� இரவி�ம் ஆண் அ�வான் ... ஆண் கள் அ�கிறார் கள் ஆனால் ... எப் ப�? இ�ட்�ல் ... பிறர் அறியாவண் ணம் ... தைலயைணகளில் �கத் ைதப் ப�ைதத் �... கழிவைறயில் தண் ணைீ ர திறந் �... A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 33

ஆண் ச�கம்: ஆண் கள் இப் ப�த் தான் அ�கிறார் கள் இந் திரா அவன் அ�ைகயின் கண் ணைீ ர யா�ம் பார் த் �விடக் �டா� என நிைனப் பான் ... அவன் அ�� ெகாண் � இ�க் கிறான் என் பைத அவன் சங் கடத்தில் வி�ம் ெப��ச் �, அதற் � சாட் சியா�ம் ... கண் களில் ெவளிப் ப�ம் ஏக் கம்... ந�ங் �ம் ைககள் வார் த் ைதயில் த�மாற் றம் ... ெப�ம்பாலான ஆண் கள் ��ம்ப �ழல் , ேபாதிய வ�மானம் இல் லாத�, ஏமாற் �ம் மற் �ம் ேதைவக் � ேத�வ�ம் உறவ�கள் , உறவ�களின் �ேராகம், ேபான் ற மன� சம் பந் தப் பட் ட நிகழ்வ�களில் தான் நிைறய ஆண் கள் ெவளியில் ெசால் ல ��யாமல் அ�கிறார்கள் ... இவன் �ழப் பத் தில் இ�க் கிறான் , ைபத்தியக் காரன் , என மற் றவர் நிைனக் க அ� அவ�க்� மட்�ம்தான் ெதரிய�ம் உள் �க் �ள் அவன் அ��ெகாண் � இ�க் கிறான் என... ஒ� விஷயத்தில் இந் த ஆண் வர் க் கம் மிகவ�ம் ெகட் �க் காரர் கள் உள் �க் �ள் ேள அ��ெகாண் � ெவளியில் சிரிப் ப� இந் த வித் ைதயில் ஆண் ச�கம் எப் ேபா�ேம ேதர் ச்சிப் ெபற் றைவேய... ஆண் கள் இப் ப�த் தான் அ�கிறார் கள் . A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 34

Hinduism: Shakti Peeth Mata Dhari Devi Temple Chandra Dhari Devi Temple - Legend & History: As per the legend the upper part of Goddess Kali is believed here, while lower part is in Kalimath and praised as Goddess Kali. Locals also believed that the appearance changes with time from a girl, to a woman and then to an old lady. There is a legend about the name behind the Dhari devi temple. Once the temple was washed off by floods and the idol of Goddess Kali struck against the rock. The villages of the Dharo village nearby heard the divine voice of Goddess and then fixed the idol of Goddess Kali at this spot. After then this temple is known as Dhari Devi temple. Legends also believed that the Dhari Devi idol shall not be put under any roof. So there is always an open sky above idols in Dhari Devi Temple. Taking photographs of Dhari Devi idols is strictly prohibited. Due to the Srinagar Hydel Project, Dhari Devi Temple has to relocate from its original site. Many believers connects 2013 Uttarakhand Floods to the Goddess ire as Dhari Devi is the guardian of Uttarakhand and protector of Char Dhams. Devotees visit Dhari Devi all round the year but during Navratras the number of visitors increases by manifold. Image: Incredible & Divine Misty View of Shakti Peeth Mata Dhari Devi Temple. Srinagar - Rudraprayag Highway, Uttarakhand. On the banks of Alaknanda river, the holy temple of Goddess Dhari Devi is located between Srinagar and Rudraprayag on Badrinath Road. Dhari Devi Temple diety is Maa Dhari Devi. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 35

Hinduism: Shakti Peeth Mata Dhari Devi Temple Chandra Location of Dhari Devi Temple: Dhari Devi Temple is located in Near Srinagar (On NH- 58 between Srinagar and Rudraprayag town). Location & How to Reach Dhari Devi Temple: Shivam Barthwal - Dhari Devi Temple Gate. Dhari Devi Temple is located at Kalyasaur between Srinagar and Rudraprayag. Distance between Srinagar-Dhari Devi and Dhari Devi-Rudraprayag is 16 km and 20 km respectively. One can reach here easily by bus or taxi from Srinagar and Rudraprayag. Nearest railway station is at Rishikesh railway station (119 kms) and airport at Jolly Grant airport (136 kms). Srinagar overview: Best time to visit Dhari Devi Temple Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec; Located in Rudraprayag, Garhwal; Railway Station Rishikesh Railway Station, 119 kms; Nearest Airport Jolly Grant Airport, 136 kmsFamous for Temple. A TO Z INDIA AUGUST 2022 PAGE 36


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