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A show-stopper of Indian Architecture: People around the world Lord Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar know Odisha largely for three Srinivasan major temples ....that is Lord Lingaraj temple at Bhubaneswar , Lord Jagannath temple at Puri and the abandoned Sun temple at Konark. If people will be interrogated to arrange these three temples chronologically, many of them will fumble. The Lord Lingaraj temple comes first if we consider the chronological history of all these three temples. Bhubaneswar is known as the Ekamra Kshetra as the divinity of Lingaraja was initially under a mango tree (Ekamra literally means one mango( Eka+Amra ) as verified in Ekamra Purana, a thirteenth century Sanskrit composition. The overwhelming temple of Lord Lingaraj , having a height of180 ft , strikes wonderment and regard among its guests. It was constructed during the eleventh century AD. The temple has been depicted as "Probably the best illustration of Hindu Temple in India" by noted scholar & antiquarian James Fergusson (1808-1886). The temple denotes the perfection of the temple engineering in Bhubaneswar which was the support of the Kalinga School of Temple Architecture. The rambling temple complex has hundred and fifty auxiliary sanctums . A TO Z INDIA OCTOBER 2022 PAGE 28

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