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the only true conservative position, the individual right of marriage for all has been affirmed by the supreme court. it's time for consistent conservatives to come out in favor of the court's ruling. that's a conservative argument for same-sex marriage. why do you believe he's wrong? look, i think he's wrong, hillary clinton, president obama is wrong. they evolve their views because of opinion polls. they can read opinion polls like the supreme court. my view of marriage is based on my christian faith Dodging questions / Trust Carly Fiorina, Ingraham Angle [guest host Betsy McCaughey] 7/2/15 Audio: here [02:50] HRC doesn’t have a track record of accomplishment, does have lack of transparency, Benghazi, Blumenthal Sen. Lindsey Graham, DMR editorial board 7/1/15 Video: here [1:15:15] What are HRC’s biggest weaknesses -Third term of Obama. She represents a failed presidency -Never did anything big and bold -She needs to take on Sanders -She needs to show leadership -Easier to get an interview with Middle Eastern leaders than her Jeb Bush, Bloomberg 6/29/15 “During Bush’s earlier remarks in the gym, he’d said that his campaign strategy was to go everywhere, answer every question, and say the same thing in every venue, too, instead of tailoring his message to please this or that audience or staying inside what he suggested was his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s cozy, invitation-only cocoon.” Carly Fiorina, Washington Times, 6/28/15 DENVER — Ben Carson repeated Sunday as the winner of the Western Conservative Summit’s Republican presidential straw poll, but Carly Fiorina stole the show. … Nobody needed reminding that Ms. Fiorina is the only female Republican presidential candidate at a time when Hillary Rodham Clinton, the prohibitive favorite for the Democratic nomination, is casting her candidacy as a historic opportunity to put a woman in the White House. “Hillary Clinton must not be president of these United States, but not because she’s a woman,” Ms. Fiorina said. “Hillary Clinton must not be president of these United States because she lacks a track record of leadership, because she is not transparent, and because her policies are bad for the people of this nation.” Private Server / Email Gov. Bobby Jindal, KWQC-DAV (NBC), 7/1/15 Video here

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