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many weeks following that, that this was a demonstration, that we couldn’t have predicted this. And later, of course, Mrs. Clinton said to a Congressional hearing, what possible difference could it make why or how these Americans were murdered. It’s stunning. And yet we also know, Hugh, I will remind you and all of your listeners we really thought in 2012 that Benghazi was going to be Obama’s great Achilles’ heel in the 2012 election. It turned out not to be the case. And it wasn’t the case, because unfortunately, our nominee, a good man, he would have made a fine president, but our nominee wouldn’t drive the point home, which is why no matter how bad Benghazi looks now, we’d better have a nominee next summer who will drive this point home over and over and over in the debates, because otherwise, I fear Mrs. Clinton will get away with Benghazi just as President Obama did.” Economy Gov. Bobby Jindal, Fox Special Report, 6/29/15 Video: here [00:35] What can we do to avoid becoming Greece? – We're going to be on the same path with president Obama and Hillary Clinton in this country. We have no plan to pay off the debt or balance the budget. Gov. Bobby Jindal, Press Release (Greek Economy) 6/29/15 Governor Jindal said, “Every American should pay close attention to the economic collapse that is occurring in Greece. People’s savings are wiped out, banks are shuttered, ATM’s are out of mone y, and there is nowhere to turn. “T his is the American future if we continue going down the road that President Obama has us on, and that Hillary Clinton wants to continue and even accelerate. … “Greece is now coming to the pot of gold that awaits at the end of the socialist rainbow, and Hillary Clinton pledges to take America further down the road to socialism. Marriage Equality Mike Huckabee, YouTube Campaign Video, 6/30/15 Video here Criticized President Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton, for changing their minds and embracing same-sex marriage. “Do you want a president who follows? Or do you want a president who leads?” Gov. Bobby Jindal, Fox Special Report, 6/29/15 Video here [beginning] Reaction to SCOTUS -HRC said those of us, who are pro-life, need to change our beliefs, my beliefs are between me and god -I'm a Christian and a conservative. We have a bigger issue in terms of where the culture is moving. Unlike Hillary Clinton and president Obama, my beliefs aren't evolving with the polls when it comes to marriage. Gov. Bobby Jindal, NBC Meet the Press 6/28/15 Video: here >> i want you to respond because you bring up a couple of debate points that are familiar. rick grinell, long time conservative foreign policy voice, worked in the bush administration. and he makes a conservative case for safe him sex marriage writing this, the debate on marriage within the republican party has been hijacked by those who wish to dictate their beliefs onto others.

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