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commonplace and designed steam rotary engines and turbine generator sets. 3. Our product, with the superior technology and engineering, are at the forefront of the steam business for over 3 decades and contributed to creating energy competitive compared to standard power sources. 4. NCON Back pressure steam turbine manufacturers provide turbine maintaining service for its product likewise as turbines and generators created by its competitors. 5. Extending the service on review and check recommendation to the turbine purchasers shopping for from Back pressure turbine manufacturers of Steam turbine power plant. What is Single Stage Steam Turbine? Single stage turbines are typically wanted to defend the plant against power outages that might pack up essential pump or fan services. In a turbine impulse stage, energy is extracted at constant pressure whereas the rate of the steam falls because it flows across the blades. The steam is then distended through a stationary management stage to extend its rate once more before energy is extracted from another set of impulse blades. Application od Single Stage Steam Turbines - NCON Turbines • Steam Turbines notice application in co-generation of power (electricity) likewise as for meeting the stress of driving method instrumentation like fiberize, cane device mill, cutters, etc.,

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