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THE 101 TOP B2B MARKETING INFLUENCERS OF 2022 Dean Nicolls Olga Noha Martin O’Leary CMO | Oosto CMO | SplitMetrics Group Head Of Marketing CMO Super Power CMO Super Power | Tap Payments Driving demand. Analyst relations. CMO Super Power Global marketing. Dean is a marketing executive Olga is a highly motivated and with 20+ years of B2B experience outcome-driven executive with Martin is an experienced helping tech and cloud companies over 16 years of experience in international marketer working move from strategy to “GSD” developing successful marketing across Europe & the Middle execution. His specialties strategies and programs. She is East. He has over 15 years of include; demand generation, accountable for building global experience in digital banking, content marketing, SEO, SEM, marketing functions from the fintech, and online payments. His account based marketing, event ground up, launching new efforts combines digital strategy, management, and channel products on the US and global marketing technology & data marketing. Dean is fluent in markets, developing marketing analytics to create differentiated, marketing strategies and plans to fuel fast- customer experiences that drive automation (Pardot), marketing paced growth, building and scaling commercial growth and retention. metrics, sales/marketing lead generation to thousands of While being able to dig into the collaboration and analyst/public MQLs per month, consistently details, Martin also demonstrates relations. growing brand awareness, an uncanny ability to understand building comprehensive analyst the big picture surrounding each relations programs, and achieving and every marketing activity he leadership positions in important engages with. industry research reports. Olga is skilled in all facets of B2B marketing. Her abilities have led to revenue growth and increased brand recognition. 26

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