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2022 Annual Report 17 30% Club France Investor Group We engaged with the Global Chief Diversity Equity Inclusion Officer to better understand how to address this very sensitive topic. This was one of the first French companies to put in place a Code of Ethics, back in the year 2000. More than twenty years later, the Code of Conduct is undergoing only its fourth edition which shows how comprehensive it was since the beginning. Being able to quickly identify ethical gaps is key to ensuring a quick response and implementation of corrective measures. As such, they have implemented in 2008 a policy and in 2018 a website where employees can report cases of bullying, sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, and transphobia (among others) called “Speak-Up”. Interestingly, this policy and platform allow employees (since 2008) and other stakeholders (since 2018, external staff, suppliers, subcontractors, clients, consumers, shareholders) to raise serious, ethical concerns so that the company can address them (e.g. a supplier being harassed by an employee). The reports made via this platform are directly received by the Ethics Department and this website is hosted by an external provider to ensure independence and is bound by a strict confidentiality obligation. Since speaking up is not always easy, the company has implemented a process that is strictly confidential and offers equal treatment and protection against any form of retaliation. In their Speak Up report, the concerned person will describe their concern as objectively as possible and in detail. Among several steps, they should: • Indicate when and how they became aware of the matter • To the extent of possible, provide all facts, information, or documents (regardless of format or support) that help substantiate the Speak Up report. If they are not sure that a particular element is true, they specify that it is an alleged element • Indicate how they can be contacted • indicate if, to their knowledge, internal or legal proceedings or equivalent (grievance, arbitration, injunction, mediation, complaint) are impending or ongoing. There is an internal communication led by the Chief Ethics Officer and the Chief Human Relations Officer and shared with all employees every year on 1st March, commemorating the “Zero Discrimination Day.” This internal communication is intended to bring attention not only to the reasons but also to demonstrate that the complaints are indeed taken into account and that remedial actions were taken (e.g. people leaving the company) so it makes clear that they are not only listening but also acting. The company also reports the number of potential non- compliant cases as well as the split (cause-related) and the actions taken in their annual report, a sign of transparency and accountability. Sexual Harassment (L’Oréal, Households & Personal Products) Case Study 4

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