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233 TIPS Graphics and Visu De al sign 233 TIPS ON GRAPHICS AND VISUAL DESIGN Twenty-Three Tips on Starting Out as a New Graphic or Visual Designer If the choice is yours, choose good tools. For me, that would be those that are industry standards with the most functionality. This gives you endless possibilities and not only builds your skill set for your current job, but also builds experience and abilities attractive to future employers. Examples are Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. They are both complex and have a long learning curve, but they are fun to use. Approach them as you would a 10-speed bike. You can get a lot of places using just one speed, and most people never use more than five. Learn techniques one by one. There are many good books and countless tutorials online. Rather than learn a laundry list of functions, try to learn how to create specific things and effects. You’ll learn a lot about various tools and functions you can apply to real, immediate output. And once you know how those tools work, you can apply them in endless ways. Grow your skills like a tree—slowly, surely, day by day. Save all the files you make in a single folder, even the bad ones. Look back on your progress as time passes. David Perry, Ford Motor Company Starting out, it may be difficult to decide if your visual design should be graphics, illustration, or some combination. The first recommendation is to stick with one or the other. Jumping back and forth between graphics and illustration interrupts fluid design. Second, take a minute to think of all the photography you’re exposed to in a day: Facebook, Snapchat, selfies, billboards, and more. We are bombarded with photography every day. For that reason, consider using illustration. It can be especially effective in creating neutral characters that reflect greater diversity in your work. Try it. Have fun with it. You might be surprised at the engaging difference illustration can make. Lisa Von Bargen, TEKsystems Use as many of the free resources on LinkedIn and YouTube as you can. You’ll be surprised at what you can learn. Roberta Liverman, Landstar System 3

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