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marketing teams were completely overbooked and over- Like taking Simplicity. That is one of the core features of agile marketing, worked, a lot of the projects did not get out on time and candy from one of the 12 principles of the Agile Manifesto, and one of quality suffered. a baby our favorite ones. The framework and processes we use for our engagements are deliberately kept simple. We Business in general and marketing specifically are all about always use the same steps, as described above. This kind choices. You cannot opt for a quantitative (focus on price of ‘automates’ the collaboration and makes it into a habit. You can only break bad habits– and efficiency) AND a qualitative (customer experience) like working in silos and following the same pattern without ever innovating–by ‘overwriting’ value proposition for your business model. It is also impos- them with good ones. sible to have one product or one message that speaks to the entire world. 16-year-old girls who love Taylor Swift and In a way we do this by repeating the simple processes, as described above. This well-oiled live with their parents in a two bedroom condo do not want ‘automation’ of collaboration, offers our specialists the room and the time to be at their (to hear) the same thing as 59-year-old COOs who listen to best: copywriters have more time to write better texts, graphic designers supply the most Miles Davis in their Aspen Mansion while sipping on a cup surprising visuals and social media gurus develop the most spectacular campaigns. Agile of Kopi Luwak coffee. So we carefully choose how we will marketing specifically enables all parties to focus on the activities they do best. package our product and what message we will send out to whom. Life is really simple, but we insist Choices are what define us. And that is why we help on making it complicated. Confucius business owners and marketing experts choose and prior- Chinese itize 20 projects over the maybe 60 projects they might philosopher have done before. That makes each project all the more 31 outstanding and innovative. Agile marketing, you see, is about quality, not quantity. But this simplicity is not only ingrained in our agile marketing processes. It is also how we decide about the priorities. We make sure that Corporate Marketing does “fewer things better”. As we noted, our culture used to be very “the more, the better” driven. But if our

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