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Conclusion I hope you enjoyed reading our e-book. I know my team believe it is, just like every parent in the world thinks that their child is the most beautiful, and I loved writing it, in the spirit of sharing insights and creative or brightest one in the world. (I know mine are.) But we do sincerely believe that we collaborating with peers. got it out there at the right time. And the fact that you have made it up to here proves that we are on the right track. We actually tried to apply the principles of agile marketing in writing this book. I sat down with my entire team and we Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank my fellow team members for their help with decided what exactly we would add to it, enriching each this e-book as well as all of their innovative work from the inception of this agile marketing other’s perspectives and particular experiences. We tried to effort. None of this could have succeeded without you: keep it human as well and be transparent about the pitfalls and the mistakes we made, in the spirit of ‘practice what Steve Colombo, Amy Callahan, Carolyn Cerce, Jill Fitzgerald, Ellen Deutsch you preach’. Stay Agile! Is this the most perfect booklet you will find about agile David Quinn marketing? Probably not. Although we would really like to Senior Director, Corporate Marketing at EMC Corporation 45 About David Quinn has led a variety of marketing functions for EMC in both web marketing and marketing support. In prior lives he managed the David Quinn introduction of web properties into Data General Corporation at the leading edge of the internet in the business environment including one of the first ever business/sales oriented intranet sites. He is currently leading the Engagement Office within EMC’s Corporate Marketing organization with a crack team that is continually working to define, deploy and refine new methodologies for success within the marketing organization.

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