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viewed favorably to say the least. You will be held fully responsible for wasting the other team members’ – who were counting on you to be ready – time. So you are compelled to tell the It’s on others “I will not make it”. Some of you might wonder if such a structured and process-driven approach to marketing you! will stifle creativity. We firmly believe the opposite. Agile marketing’s efficient way of working and communicating frees up time to be more inventive. It allows different personalities to fertilize each other’s ideas into something even more original. It grants the right to try out ‘crazy’ things, fail fast, adapt and learn from them. If you do it right, it will drive imagination and innovation. That concludes the more general and conceptual part of our story. Now, let’s all go to the lobby. Bear with me, here. There is a valid reason why we should begin there. All will be revealed in chapter 2. One of the best benefits of the emphasis of agile marketing on close collaboration, comes in the form of greater trans- parency and accountability. When a project team talks so openly about their achievements, the to do’s and the challenges they are facing, you create a certain kind of 23 peer pressure-induced state of accountability. When you promised everyone “My website copy will be ready in 2 weeks” but never told them, at any of the standup meet- ings between then and the deadline, that there was no way you would be ready in time, you know that you will not be

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