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2 Ch better I’m doing”: that was pretty much the mindset of our internal workforce. And most of apt er tw the time this drive to achieve is a good thing – but not in every situation. In reaction to this o continuously strained workload, the Corporate Marketing teams often prioritized in a less EMC than scientifi c manner – because it was their only choice and sole way to survive. If you C orpor were a very well connected colleague—or maybe just a really nice one—your project naturally at e M landed near the top of the pile. But if you were too pushy or failed to follow through in past ark encounters you were likely to be in for a signifi cant wait. This is not a condemnation of anyone etin …this is just human nature. And we will bet that we are not the only ones dealing with this g g oe kind of situation. s agi l e: our sThe second challenge that we had to tackle was that our business owners–those requiring t Participative or the services of (multiple) Corporate Marketing functions—were pretty much left to their y own devices. They often had to guess which of the Corporate Marketing groups they had evaluation to engage, possibly forgetting rather important ones through no fault of their own. And if they did become aware that they needed additional help and capabilities, it often came to light at the very end of a project or effort. Such oversight is not surprising when working with 17 different functions (website, creative, social media, video…) and about 180 different In corporate culture change, specialists. As an example our dedicated SEO experts, were constantly being overlooked at always involve all your the outset and were often asked to participate when it was already too late and copy had to stakeholders at a very early stage be adapted to set things right. The result? ... Wasted time, rework and project delays. 26 Agile marketing is very big on collaboration. So the fi rst Because of the rather stovepiped working model of Corporate Marketing, these business thing we did when we undertook the task of investigating owners had to address all the different functions separately, ending up repeating the same the problem, was to get together a team (of volunteers) to story numerous times. This was not only ineffi cient from a time management point of view; defi ne how we were going to address these issues within an extra danger was that their content and requests were often partially lost in translation. our organization. And, in the spirit of working as a collabo-

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