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The percentage of marketing data that is duplicated in multiple places, such as spreadsheets, docs, and apps. Number of sources of information to stay up-to-date 2 - 4 sources 29% 5 or more 37% The percentage of the work week marketing leaders spend in internal meetings (not customer-facing) Number of sources of information needed to stay up-to-date 9% 2 - 4 sources 5 or more sources 12% How did Lindsey change the way her team works? Lindsey onboarded the team to Airtable and established what she calls ‘core values’ of the ecosystem—meaning there is only one point of entry for any piece of information, and that data now flows endlessly to other locations. This created a single source of truth, and the team went from publishing 50 classes in six months to publishing 50 new classes a week. Lindsey has been promoted three times since she started at Equinox. Lindsey Puccio, Product Manager at Equinox Take action: Take Lindsey’s lead and consolidate sources wherever you can. Refreshingly, you don’t need to pull everything into one place overnight; you can take a more iterative approach. This report shows that even consolidating to fewer than five sources will reduce data duplication, stress, and time in redundant meetings by at least a quarter. 11 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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