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As this report validates, many marketing teams share Equinox’s experience—struggling to achieve a holistic view of marketing activities. This challenge not only leads to the duplication of data and information, but is also linked to heightened stress and more manual work. 0% 9 11 of marketing teams we surveyed The average number of sources The average number of sources have a single ‘source of truth’ for marketing teams consult for marketing teams consult at up-to-date information on up-to-date information on organi;ations with more than marketing activities. marketing activities. 5,000 employees. The slippery slope—from multiple sources to duplicated data and heightened stress This survey found that, on average, 36% of marketing data is duplicated in multiple places, such as spreadsheets, docs, and apps. This jumps to 45% of data in companies with more than 5,000 employees. This problem is largely caused by different teams having different points of entry for information about their campaigns, activities, and results—meaning that, throughout marketing, information and data is duplicated across different calendars and project management tools. The number of sources (dashboards, databases, apps, documents, emails, etc.) marketing teams have to consult for up-to-date information on marketing activities 1 source 0% 2 - 4 sources 13% 5 - 9 sources 44% 1G - 14 sources 30% 15 - 19 sources 10% 2G or Kore sources 3% Tttrpti tn egtrf raeikt engrltedtisrwtfritpfi r‘daple e efnrf rwfikrfirtffi ssr eastsrs itssr fir tteir team Number of sources of information to stay up-to-date 2 - 4 sources 10% 5 or more 26% 10 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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