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Section 2 The factors inhibiting marketings’ potential. During this research, shared pain points 1. Unreliable and difficult-to-find data on planned emerged. These were correlated with marketing activities heightened team stress, poor team outcomes, • 36% of marketing data is duplicated in multiple places and an inability to consistently meet goals 2. Poor collaboration with anyone outside the team, and expectations. The factors most highly which deepens siloes and disconnect correlated with negative results include: • 74% of marketing teams report that their workflow is siloed and has disconnected processes 3. Very limited time for creative collaboration and deep work • Marketing leaders spend an average of 1.25 days each week on non-core tasks 1. Too many sources of information, Their customers felt the pain. In a worst-case scenario, too many browser tabs gym members at home were seeing the wrong images on their screens. “The in-app visuals didn’t align directly When Lindsey joined Equinox, a fitness company in New with the voiceover. So the instructor would say one thing York, she was tasked with launching Equinox+, a hub of but the athlete taking the class would be seeing another,” online fitness classes in 2019. And when gyms closed at Lindsey said. the onset of Covid-19, this charge turned from creating an adjunct app, to launching a business-critical avenue for The way she solved this problem didn’t just grow reaching customers and growing the community. Equinox+, but changed the trajectory of Linsey’s career. Initially, the classes and content were manually managed in spreadsheets and docs, which led to an increasing amount of human error as Lindsey attempted to scale. Because there were multiple sources of data, and multiple places to enter or edit that data, information was updated in some places and not others, leading to confusion around which version was the most accurate. 9 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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