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Section 1 The marketer’s reality in 2022. As businesses adjust their growth strategies Marketing teams’ workload jumped 52% in the face of potential economic downturn, in the last year marketing teams have a role to play in increasing efficiency, speeding digital Marketing teams are under increasing pressure to deliver transformation, reducing friction, and cutting a greater volume of content and campaigns. In this year’s obvious costs. We asked marketing leaders survey, 95% of respondents reported an increase in the if their roles have changed over the last year volume of campaign and content requests in the last year, compared to 80% in 2021. On average, workload volume and, if so, how they’re responding to these increased by more than half. changes. The results show: Increase demand and stress levels soar The rest of the org is increasingly reliant on their 86% of marketing leaders reported the current workload marketing partners is causing stress for their team—the same percentage • 95% of respondents reported an increase in the we saw in 2021. Contributing factors include the increase volume of campaign and content requests in the in request volume, and an onslaught of additional or last year changing responsibilities. This consistent pain point suggests that, while managers can see their teams are Marketing leaders still aren’t sure how they’re struggling, and can even identify major stress factors contributing to growth affecting their teams, they are failing to implement • 81% of marketing leaders report that their team is meaningful changes. responsible for contributing to organizational revenue goals, but fewer than 1 in 3 marketing leaders have Marketing teams can’t keep up moderately high visibility into the ROI of campaigns In the face of growing demands from the rest of the company, only 1 in 5 marketing teams meet their deadlines ‘almost always’; this drops to fewer than 1 in 7 at organizations with more than 5,000 employees. A similar proportion (22%) of marketing leaders report meeting their objectives and goals at least 75% of the time. And almost 3 in 4 marketing leaders are frustrated by how long it takes to ship campaigns 5 Airtable 2022 Marketing trends report

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